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I tried to find entries about this phenomenon, but the search function turned up nil.

My interest in the fan film phenomenon started with the Finnish film "Star Wreck, in the Pirkinning" , a Finnish fan film product produced by five friends in the apartment of one of them. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the contributors and the CGI skills of the makers this was quite an amusing scifi spoof (available for free on the Net) despite its obvious shortcomings.

The makers of Star Wreck profited from the success of their on-line release to obtain crowd-funding for their next release, a professional comedy about Nazis on the Moon, Iron Sky If you haven't seen it and you like ridiculous humour, this is a title to watch (I hope Lightwizard reads this).

Now the fan film concept is very alive and pretty good products are coming out of it, like Project London, but the film I am waiting for is the sequel to Iron Sky, Iron Sky the coming race They had a funding drive in which contributors could buy a role as extras in the movie. Too bad all spots were taken, for I would have offered quite a bundle for the privilege to be eaten on-screen by a dinosaur! (I mean, come on, who does not dream of that!?)

In my humble opinion, these films, by the sheer enthusiasm of their makers often surpass the dreary products of such production companies as the Asylum... What say you?
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Neat to see Lightwizard's name, but I'm afraid he's been gone for a few years.

The Star Trek unofficial production community is thriving. A lot of these productions (like Renegades) boast professional actors. This seems to make sense as Trek pretty much invented slash and other fanfiction subgenres. The leap to films is a natural progression.

Possibly the best way to learn about fan films is via conventions or podcasts (in the interests of full disclosure, I am the Social Media Director for a Star Trek podcast and, yes, we cover the unofficial productions).
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I did not know that, have been away too long. It is a real loss for the board. I highly valued his opinion on film.
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If the type of over-the-top humour in the Iron Sky films appeals to you then you will surely like Kung Fury
It's a kickstarter-funded 1980s spoof created by a Swede in UmeƄ, not so very far from where I live.
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