Hello & Have A Fine Summer!

Reply Sun 31 May, 2015 07:52 am
I do hope y'all are having a superb year and that things continue to go your way. I have not had much time over the last few years to post so I'll quickly recount: seven years fulltime teaching, I'm on holidays but we are completely renovating the main kitchen, main bathroom and summer kitchen, as well as a whack of landscaping, and I am taking care of the electrical, plumbing and general contracting.

I have no immediate plans to retire as teaching keeps me alert and my non-teaching interests have been focused on my new microscope and telescope, media by Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, home music studio (lots of new gears!), RC car and helicopter, motorcycles, etc.

I am also spending my commute time (via audiobooks) getting a bit more up to speed on the mathematics of Newton and James Clerk Maxwell as it helps my perspectives on teaching.

Still married (eighteen years strong) still happy and still an atheist (no surprise). Well that's it for now and I truly hope all you fine people have a spectacular summer!

Cheers, Chum
Reply Sun 31 May, 2015 08:00 am
How cool!

I'm still contemplating and collecting navel lint in a big jar!
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Reply Sun 31 May, 2015 08:06 am
Thanks for posting this fine report, Chumly.

I too am sequestering any naval lint I run across, or would if I ever found any. Life here is a bit rocky, but I'm hangin' in.

Keep having fun with your remod (I love remod, most of the time).
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Reply Sun 31 May, 2015 07:09 pm
This will be a busy summer for us. July 4th we fly to Miami to see grandma, then from Miami we will head to Disney World in Orlando.

Late July we have a court date for the adoption, we still don’t have a definite date when the adoption will be finalized but our attorney says all is good and we have nothing at all to worry about. These kids are here to stay!
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Reply Sun 31 May, 2015 07:31 pm
I have several deadlines to meet this summer, Ive got several deposits to estimate and Ive gotta see the closure of about 50 gas wells, and Mrs F is going to accompany me but then we will be able to take some time at the Del shore with family and we will (hopefully) be going to Eastport Me and off to the bay of Fundy

Holy ****-tomorrow is June, an my first outing is on the 4th into next week. I thteatened to buy a burro and charge my client on the "expendables and exppenses budget"
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Reply Mon 1 Jun, 2015 06:25 pm
Sounds really fine A2K'ers, everything from navel lint to adoption to gas wells; while I was working around the house today I tried to figure out something poignant yet humorous to say that might tie in those disparate themes, but it seems beyond mere mortals.
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