Reply Thu 7 May, 2015 11:06 pm
Good / bad? Is President Obama right in trying to secure trade deals?

I think Obama is right. If we do not secure these deals our enemies will instead.

Do we expect president Obama to secure "civil rights" deals, then take America for a nose dive? Really?

Is capitalism getting out of control on a global scale?
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Reply Sun 10 May, 2015 06:14 pm
Robert Reich's perspective on the trade deal

I am not sure I agree with Robert, but I do agree the trade deals should be open 100% for public scrutiny.
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Reply Sun 10 May, 2015 06:41 pm
I don't know what I think yet but I'll be following the thread.
Reply Mon 11 May, 2015 04:14 pm
Is capitalism getting out of control on a global scale?

This is one truism that I dont think anyone can truthfully deny leaving out the is.
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Reply Mon 11 May, 2015 09:35 pm
Elizabeth Warren is against it, because of the corporate courts it would establish, courts that would allow corporations to sue governments over whatever national laws (like minimum wage laws) went against those corporations' interests.

Warren wrote:
I have serious concerns about ISDS – a policy in the new TPP trade agreement that would let foreign companies challenge American laws outside of American courts.

I’ll give you a recent example of how it works: A big mining company wanted to do some blasting off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Canadian government refused to provide permits because it thought the blasting would harm the local environment and scare off fish that local fishermen needed to make a living.

Thanks to an ISDS provision in a past trade agreement, that mining company didn’t have to go to a Canadian court to challenge the permit decision – they went right to a special ISDS panel of corporate lawyers. Last month, the international panel ruled in favor of the mining company, and the decision cannot be challenged in Canadian courts.

Now the Canadian taxpayers may be on the hook for up to $300 million in “damages” to the mining company – all because their government had the gall to stand up for its environment and the economic livelihood of its local fishermen. And the next time a foreign company wants a blasting permit, what will the Canadian government do?
Reply Mon 11 May, 2015 09:41 pm
I read this today.. and agreed:

Reply Fri 15 May, 2015 08:59 am
I agree too Osso.

Fighting to give American's higher minimum wage only further widens the gap between our laborers and that of slave labor countries.

Although it is said that Americans have one of the lowest minimum wages of the developed nations I am not sure how much I believe this.

Will slave labor countries be able to sue the US because we pay our laborers more? Because we do not treat people like they do not have any rights?

I really want our country to be able to trade with pacific rim countries but do we not already get our fruit from Chile?

That is what the stickers on the fruit say. We are already trading with Chile and Japan.

I will not personally endorse this agreement until it is open for our economists, unions and civil rights advocates to scrutinize.

Since when is a trade deal kept secret from the people involved in the trade? These trade deals are ludicrous!
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Reply Fri 15 May, 2015 11:07 am
I do not believe the majority of US corporations have a conscience and I do not think they deserve open and unfettered world trade without first showing they care about environmental and civil rights issues including paying taxes and evening the playing field of global middle class. Kicking indigenous people from their homes so a corporation can devastate the Amazon and build a dam is a perfect example of unscrupulous US corporations overstepping ethical bounds.

It comes back to the idea that profit is not the only concern here but returning back to the earth and its occupants something of equal value such that natural resources are sustained and preserved and not simply exploited for a higher profit line...

Since when do the earth's resources belong to government bureaucrats? Government bureaucrats are public servants of the people and I see that time and again corporations trump people and this is not only against our US constitution but it is against conscience and the sacred idea of fair trade.

Results of current trade in China... Do we really want more of the same?

Deals done in secret by greedy corporations with only profit in mind?

No more deals until this whole trade syndicate is exposed and made transparent for all concerned parties.
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