Synthroid Dosage - What should I do?

Reply Thu 30 Apr, 2015 04:13 pm
So I was recently diagnosed with "hypo"-thyroid. My TSH level came out to be 12 while the normal range is 0 to 5. My doctor prescribed me 75 mcg "Synthroid", one tablet every day. After taking this medicine for 2 months, I had my labs done and the TSH level went down to 8.5. While it was coming down, the improvement wasn't as good as the doctor had expected.

He upped my dosage to 88 mcg, twice a day Wednesday and Sunday, and once a day rest of the days. I started taking it and after two months had my labs done. The TSH level came out to be 3.5, which is a perfectly normal range.

My doctor says you should continue to take 88 mcg, twice a day Wed and Sun, and once a day rest of the days (basically the same dosage that I'm taking now). He said this dosage brought me to the normal level. I told him that even a lower dosage of 75 mcg was bringing my TSH level down, so why he is keeping the dosage same as I currently take. This will keep on bringing my TSH level down and would push me to "hyper"-thryoid.

FYI, a TSH level below 0 means you are hyper-thyoid. You neither want to be hypo, nor hyper. Infact, similar kind of thing happened with me before. I was diagnosed with "hyper"-thyroid so he prescibed me a medicine called "Methamezole". After I got my labs done, he found out that the quantity was too much and it pushed me to "hypo"-thyroid with a TSH of 29.

Do you think I shouldn't listen to him and take a smaller dosage? Well, I can't write my own prescription but at least what I can do is rather than taking two tablets on Wed and Sun, I can just take one.

Thank you so much in advance.
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Listen to your doctor, or get a second opinion from another medical professional, well-versed in your case. Please don't cherry-pick medical solutions on the Internet.
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Yup. Otherwise he could expect thyromania.
Or thyrophobia.
All bad, I'll bet.
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Reply Sat 2 May, 2015 11:38 am
Eh this is iffy. Normally, I would advice to speak with your Doctor. However, I had a similar experience. I'll share my experience to see if it helps you but keep in mind that every-one's body chemistry is different. What works for you might not work for me and vise versa.

I was on Armour Thyroid several years ago for approx one year. It helped but it also hurt. Eventually I got sick of of feeling sick and tired. I stumbled across a book one day our of desperation that sparked the beginning of healthier times to come. The book is called GREENS FOR LIFE BY VICTORIA BOUTENKO.

I started by incorporating dark leafy greens into my diet daily for five consecutive days a week and taking a multi vitamin every day to ensure I was getting all the vitamins I needed. A salad to be precise. Within three months my Thyroid apparently began to work. The doctor was alarmed and asked me to completely discontinue my thyroid meds. How could I ??? I had been on it for one full year. I did some research and decided to gradually ween off. While gradually weening off I started drinking the green smoothies daily. Within another 3 months I was completely off of Armour Thyroid. and within about one year I felt normal. The same medication the doctor said I would be on for life I haven't taken in well over three years! I feel GREAT all thanks to a drastic change in food habits an life style changes.

So what I do now to maintain it is .....
-Get adequate sleep
-effectively manage stress
-Daily consumption of raw vegetables and green and little fruit
-Watch my diet!! (eating complex carbs versus white carbs, no sugar, raw veggies daily, adequate protein from plants and some animal not too much, etc
-Juice five days a week
-physical excersice but not intense
-balance life style
-positive psycholoy
-Conciously choosing to be happy
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