The religious right bothers me.

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Moment-in-Time wrote:
If the Dems had bothered to turn out in full force, there would not be a Republican majority in the Congress today. In 2016, when the majority of mainstream Americans turn out to vote, they will most likely take back the Congress.

We might have held the Senate, but GOP gerrymandering would still have allowed them to keep the House, and it will do so in 2016 as well.

I agree we might have held the Senate, and the new junior Senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst, would not have been elected. The House will almost for the foreseeable future remain in GOP hands because of gerrymandering, but I contend if the same statistical representation of voters had participated in 2014 as in the Presidential election, there would not be a Republican-controlled Congress today.

Because of Republican political apathy towards the average American, their policies will be rejected by the majority who place more importance on voting in a presidential year than midterm elections. If the Republicans were to do an about face and produce a favorable immigration bill for undocumented persons in the US they would have at least a chance at the presidential level. The way it stands now, the GOP might as well write the Latino vote off. Now the Republican Party may very easily write off the black vote....only a handful of African-Americans vote GOP..... but Gays and Latinos, along with a significant number of Jewish-Americans, women, Asians, college students, well there is no amount of gerrymandering that will assure the Republicans of the highest position in the land, the US Presidency in 2016.
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The problem: This entire thing with I-Slam is probably coming to such a point, and soon, that every nation on Earth will have to face the same stark choice, i.e. submit to I-Slam, or ban it and deal with the consequences and, at the same time, every individual on Earth will have to choose a side or a team to play on.

It's very obvious to me that when that day comes, secular humanism and evoloserism will not be a viable side.
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Reply Thu 5 Feb, 2015 06:49 am
I mean, you can talk about the "religious right(TM)" all you want but, of the religions on Earth OTHER than I-Slam, Christianity strikes me as the obvious choice.
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