Are there any peaceful muslim nations?

Reply Fri 9 Mar, 2018 12:27 am
@cicerone imposter,
Again I wonder at the point you are making. Is it safety? Or just that you felt safe? And how does that relate to my post? I can guess, but that often only achieves misunderstanding.
cicerone imposter
Reply Fri 9 Mar, 2018 10:27 am
I felt safe. It’s a personal experience and obsevation. I’m sure other people experienced differently, and I’m not here to argue with them. All I know is that I have had the opportunity to visit those places.
Reply Fri 9 Mar, 2018 04:28 pm
@cicerone imposter,
Ah. As mentioned previously then, I'm glad you've felt safe, and had the opportunity to travel so widely.
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