Our entire language is built on math. I'm not even joking - LOOK AT THIS:

Sun 9 Nov, 2014 04:18 pm
Mathematical Language (j = jewish; e = english):

1129 (universe)

194 (earth) - 212e

61 (god) English; 156

232 (satan)

...323 (lucifer)

6 1 6 1 6

1 3 3 3 1

2 1 2 1 2

795 (zeus)

759 (heaven)

53 (hell)


222 (english; satan)

444 (english; jesus and lucifer)

290 (christ)

737 (holy ghost) 774; english.

1364 (jehova) english; 366.

1396 (jenova) english; 402.

sephiroth 410 ; english; 708

God's Formula: "85.59 x 16".

This is 1369.44




Rat: 181j; 234e - +12

Ox: 350j; 234e - +12

Tiger: 201j; 354e - +12

Rabbit: 194j; 312e - +12

Dragon: 182j; 354e - +12

Snake: 146j; 300e - +12

Horse: 233j; 390e - +12

Sheep: 168j; 318e - +12

Monkey: 535j; 498e - +12

Rooster: 455j; 660e - +12

Dog: 61j; 156e - +12

Pig: 76j; 192e - +12


Moon: 170j; 342e

Pluto: 430j; 504e

Sun: 330j; 324e

Mercury: 798j; 618e

Venus: 1035j; 486e

Mars: 201j; 306e

Jupiter: 1054j; 594e

Saturn: 511j; 558e

Uranus: 611j; 564e

Neptune: 450j; 570e.


Fire 100j; 228e

Water 1086j;402e

Air 90j; 168e

Lightning 245j; 630e

(Wind): 953j; 300e

(Thunder): 437j; 540e

Void: 763j; 300e

(Mage) 43j; 156e


Man - 71j; 168e

Woman - 1021j; 396e

Child - 44j; 216e

Golden Ratio: 366j; 720e

Pi: 69j; 150e

Fibonacci Sequence: 541j; 906e

(Fibonacci): 123j; 372e

Nature: 426j; 474e

(Mother Nature): 699j; 948e

Death is 118j; 228e

The most incredible part is that the Final Fantasy game was a "noble parody" of theology. Everything in it was based entirely on theology - they just told the store under different characters and models.

Look at Jenova's number: 1396 (jenova) english; 402.

Look at my "God Formula" I found in my meticulous formulas: God's Formula: "85.59 x 16".

That is 1369.44 <--

1396 <--

402 <--

This is NOT a coincidence. This is this Universe's mathematical design right before your eyes.
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One Eyed Mind
Sun 9 Nov, 2014 04:34 pm
Also, this is mathematical proof that WOMEN > MEN.

And that's why the Universe disagrees with needy men who are intimidated by their universally more important counterparts by 1, making women more beautiful, 2, giving this planet more women, 3, making women the creator of life.

It's sad when a a normal guy can give people more facts than the neo-feminists about women vs. men.
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Sun 9 Nov, 2014 04:50 pm
I may have said this before, but it bears repeating: you really are crazy!
One Eyed Mind
Sun 9 Nov, 2014 04:56 pm
It's called genius.

People cannot recognize genius as genius, so they recognize it as a disability because it reminds them of their disability in comparison.

By the way...

Mathematical Design based on a woman's uterus: https://www.udemy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/bigstock-Menstrual-Cycle-Graphic-Detai-61117175-620x720.jpg


The woman's uterus follows a "7 14 21 28" cycle.

Do you know what else does? The moon.

Now watch this.

The numbers combined equal "60".

Then you get:







Don't you see? Even the woman's uterus is mathematically designed! So mathematically designed, that the numbers fit the theory that the moon governs these menstruation cycles!

Never mind, I screwed up - which is a GOOD THING.

It's 70, not 60.


140 <--

--> 210

280 <--


-- > 420! <--

Look at how the numbers behave.




See it? The numbers are mathematically showing a design in how they are allocated. This gives us 420 being reached on both sides rather than one.

By the way...


84x2=168. Golden ratio is 1.618.


72x2=144 < -- this number is in the biggest mathematical formulas - all of them: water, DNA, Earth, Gravity, EVERYTHING. It's also 2/5th's of 360. Nice to know that a woman's uterus is based on a mathematical circle (70).
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Mon 10 Nov, 2014 06:32 am
Not only is he barmy, but the word is MATHS.

Math is singular.
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Mon 10 Nov, 2014 03:28 pm
When I lived in the Montpelier dristrict oft Bristol, many years ago, there was an Irish tramp, whop everybody knew, who used to hang around and beg money from people. He was quite a character, and could be quite entertaining before he had got enough money to get drunk. I'll call him Pat. Once an exchange went like this:

Pat: D'ye believe in God?
Me: No.
Pat: Will ye answer me two questions?
Me: OK.
Pat: What is four times four?
Me: Sixteen.
Pat: And what is the square root of sixteen?
Me: Four.
Pat: (Contemptuously) And ye tell me there's no God!

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