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If you have a problem with seeing same sex partners kiss, please detour this thread, otherwise, comments and likes are much appreciated. I really do not have a thread for posting these LGBT music video artworks of mine and others. Instead of placing these videos abjectly all over the place here on A2K, I thought I would create this discussion for them. Others are welcome to also post LGBT cultural artworks here.

I made this video no more than two days ago. I watched 35 episodes in Portuguese in order to make this 3 minute video.

Today I drew the Four Of Wands tarot card and it talks of a wedding, well, here it is! The cards have spoken and they inspired me to make this thread. Smile

RexRed - Paulo & Miguel - For All We Know - The Carpenters

The Portuguese soap opera, Paulo & Miguel (O Beijo Do Escorpiao) edited by RexRed to The Carpenters song, "For All We Know".

I feel so melancholy these days and my mind wanders to a place where lover lays beside my yearning soul... rr

Please keep this thread decent and respectful.

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RexRed - Tipping The Velvet - The Priest - Constant Craving - K.D. Lang

I am not sure why I split this video up with both, Tipping the Velvet and The Priest. I sometimes think maybe the video might have been better all being for the ladies but oh well, it is what it is. Halfway through it switches from the lesbian lovers to the gay lovers.

I only have a very few avid fans who make their presence known to me.

Lately one of them called me on the phone for the first time and got all excited when I began to explain some of my workings and methods behind the scenes of some of their favorite works of mine. So I have decided to chat a bit here about my approach to making these videos.

How do I come up with these ideas for videos? Sometimes I will be watching a movie and a song will pop into my head.

Sometimes I will be listening to a song and a video will pop into my head.

I don't think this is normal for most people, it is like my song and visual parts of my brain are somehow connected.

I do still own 2000 vinyl records and the collection was trimmed down from a once 4000 vinyl collection. It was taking up so much room, I went through it and sold half of them.

Once the two (song and movie) are merged in my brain I am strongly compelled to explore the parallels. I usually immediately begin work on it.

I will sometimes (rarely) have two and three song candidates for a movie and have to choose which one is best.

Once I sit down and begin to actually edit the videos I am always overwhelmed by an incredibly powerful emotion. This happens with most all of my art. Art must have passion.

I usually have a few scenes that I am sure will work with certain lyrics but I really have no idea how it is ultimately going to fit. I wonder if my subconscious mind knows, though I doubt it. It is too complex for my brain to know the outcome, it is linear in the way it comes together.

Most often I will re-watch the movie and "not take my eyes from the screen" and pause the movie while taking notes and having the lyrics of the song accompanying my notes.

Some videos have taken me a week to make and rework. Some have taken me a couple hours. When I made the X-Files video I had to watch three seasons (I believe it was) before I hand enough material to fit with the lyric of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

I picked the X-Files because the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody are full of many divergent images and needed a great body of video like the X-Files to make it work. I searched for about a year for a movie that would fit with Bohemian Rhapsody before the X-Files occurred to me. My mind kept trying to fit everything into the Bohemian Rhapsody before it found a match.

So that video took me at least a week of taking notes and "not taking eyes from the screen". I might miss that one clip that makes it all work. I thought I would need all nine seasons but when I got to the end of season three (I think it was) my brain and my notes told me I had all the clips I needed. The line, "Mamma, just killed a man, put a gun against his head..." was the hardest line to find a video clip to fit with.

Then I had to go back and find all the particular video clips and assemble three seasons into a seven minute video, a complete story (not at movie trailer). Most all of my videos are complete stories with the exception of only a few.

Sometimes I will get so far into the video and something, usually in the song lyric, simply does not fit. I have been able to force it at times and make it work.

Some of my videos fit so horribly there is no climax so I never have released them to the public and some of them are too mature and bizarre. They do neither the song or the video clips justice. I made an atomic bomb video to an Ozzy Osbourne song that I have never released because it is simply too depressing. It is hit or miss trying to line up an arbitrary song with video content.

Timing of video clips is one of the most important factors in my techniques. Sometimes even a slit second delay of a clip will cause the video to lose its climax.

Sometimes clips get reversed and I have to think and think and think before I realize they need to be reversed. My stomach will get nauseous and a feeling of fright will come over me until I revers the clips. Then the video works again.

When I release the video to the world I am often angered by their lack luster appeal to the masses. Maybe it is just the let down of finishing the project, adrenalin let down. These videos and my original songs are like my children.

But there are those very few emails and comments I get where people say they saw my video and were brought to tears. I have come to believe that my art is actually "shocking" to people and they are so overwhelmed they are at a complete loss of words and greatly confounded. And me being "RexRed" kind of adds a scary, creepy element. I often think I might have been more successful had I come up with a friendlier name for my artistic personification.

I have had certain people watch my videos with me and I looked over and they were crying.

It is okay to to have feelings and to express them in tears and raw emotion, I sure did while making these videos.

Sometimes the emotion is unbearable. I think it is because of the beauty I see in the video/song stories. These to me are like operettas.

If you have an emotional response I feel I succeeded in doing my job. If you do not have an emotional response, you are probably inhibited by something and may need to get in touch with your "softer, more delicate side". Smile

Above all, please enjoy!
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