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Reply Tue 16 Sep, 2014 07:22 pm
@Ding an Sich,
Life is a vacuum that is meaningless at one point, but like a blank slate beneath every picture, its creatures paint a meaningless point into a meaningful state.

As above, so below; from form, to faculty; to, and fro ~ Things come; things go; things vacuum; things blow. - A poem I wrote

Everything that is "human" is just another creation made by this Universe. Our entire body was shaped by everything that already exists in this world, hence why our body contains both heat and water, much like a volcano (which creates life and sustains life) can exist underwater and on land. If you took a moment to look at the brain's neurons and the matter of space, you will see that our neurons are evolving and patterned in the same manner as space matter. If you look into our eye, you will see the nebula's pattern. If you do research on the human eye, you will see that it creates gamma rays under certain conditions - the human eye has what is called a photo receptor; this property of the Universe existed billions of years ago, before stars existed, thus it is not insanity to state that our eyes are the Universe's eyes looking back at itself, much like how our reflection stares back at us. I have forever been passionate about this Universe living its own story through us, since the moment I saw humans touch this world in this curiosity from being born into this world with absolutely no knowledge, in the same way the jelly fish touches space - furthermore, the human's fingers and the jellyfish's tools both can create sparks of electricity when you trigger the function.

At that moment, I knew the "human experience" was not limited to this body - it was created in many different forms before this body ever existed.

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