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Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2014 06:37 am
Oaracyclas is the earliest pelecypod with that style and ring structure on the shell. It, if not a modern specimen, would be fully petrified. Instead, its still an aragonite shell . (That's too recent)
The hammer is poorly encased in a iron oxyhydroxide mix. One can see the limonite structure.
Ive seen real encased hammers in iron efflorescent "casts" from deep mines less than 100 years old. (Water and humid air will deposit the crap round the hammer easily).
However, Im not sure that the entire hunk of rock hasn't been "Gouged out" with Dremel and the hammer placed in the cavity. It looks like the "hammers fit" in the cavity is more carved than deposited.

Also, Id really like to know how they "dated the hammer. Wht technique did they use? Ca deposition? alpha track? some kind of radioisotope? What?

Im always amazed at how quickly you accept any kind of **** if it jut happns to agree with your worldview

bobsal u1553115
Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2014 06:42 am
You gotta admit, Gunga is a connoisseur of ****.
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Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2014 07:21 am
Basically, there's no real way that any of these items are more than a few thousand years old. All that's being shown here is the questionability of standard dating schemes.
Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2014 08:21 am
What is a "standard" dating technique they used on that hammer?
the phrase "Creationist bullshit" comes to mind no?

Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2014 08:29 am
Those"Klerksdorp spheres" look a lot like "Moqui Marbles" from the Navajo Sandstone in Uth. We can pull the Moqui marbles out of loose sediments and one can see they are concretions. Ill bet these Klerksdorp ones are also.

The Paluxy "footprints" have already been debunked about 30 years ago hen 2 farm dudes admitted that they carved the human footprints from the dinosaur tracks already on the river bed.
These Creationist frauds get "Recycled" every ten years or so Ive noticed

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