Can someone be addicted to movies & series?

Reply Mon 19 May, 2014 10:54 am
Hi:] I am 15 and i think i may be addicted to Tv series & movies. MY everyday will be a little like that: Wake up - Go to school- Come back from school- Eat- open my computer and watch any kind of series and/or movies till the night falls.

I see movie titles everywhere and i have seen them all, my friends and I every now and then visit a videoclub to rent a movie to watch over the weekend and everytime i make it too difficult as i have seen pretty much everything. I am trying to keep up with my series episodes and seasons but if and when i have finihed a season and i am waiting i'm gonna start looking for other series, then i'll start watching that till no other season left and no single episode is up that i can not describe. That can happen over and over and over agian.

For example: Last Friday my friend Ellena told me that "Teen Wolf" has a season 3 that i haven't seen yet. I freaked out! Today is monday and i have seen all season 3 over those 4 days! (24 episodes x 40 mins each) And that's not the only thing. I didn't forgot my movies i saw two over the last 2 days.

It's like i have nothing to do in my life. School is almost over and i need to study for my Jun exams but i can't seem to focus when i know that i might miss an episode.

Is there anyone with the same or a similar situation? Is there anything you would point out for me to do?

Thanks for your time:3
Reply Mon 19 May, 2014 11:11 am
You're obsessed. You're also procrastinating about studying for your exams. Bottom line: doing well on your tests is considerably more important than watching a show. I'm sure you realize that, but it bears repeating.

This avoidance behavior is also rather troubling as it sounds like you don't exercise or socialize - you just seem to watch stuff on TV. This is really not good for your physical or mental health.

Consider this. How many times have you watched something and it turned out to really suck? After all, not everything is compelling, wonderful television. There is a lot of junk out there, both past and present. If you are giving up study time, time with friends, or exercise time, and it's to watch something awful - and you can't seem to help yourself even when you know it sucks - then this definitely an addictive/obsessive behavior, and probably one that would need a professional's intervention.
Reply Mon 2 Jun, 2014 01:12 pm
Well, that sounds right. But i'm don't really need extra exersise or such and i spend seven hours at school everyday socializing. Also i am very careful and i pick everything i watch amazingly good, so nothing turns out awful!

Where i live tv is terribly bad:P So i focus on online tv. It's not like my computer has chanels so i watch no junk, i mean i pick what i see.
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Reply Tue 10 Jun, 2014 05:37 am
Yup! It's true someone can be addicted to movies & series, which is not good. It will create so many types of problems.
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Reply Tue 4 Nov, 2014 02:38 am
i guess it;s not that bad, well it's an addiction, it's obvious. but as long you can do all the important part/choir in a day before the lights out, it's not that bad. after all you mention that you're not forgetting to socialize everyday, which is the most important thing you need to do in a day. maybe try to change your habit. after school, try to hangout with your friends or do something interest you with your family.

for me, i think i'm developing a strange addiction right now. i feel obsessed from classic rocks. from Queen to Nirvana. From "We will rock you" to "Smells Like teen spirit" i kept listening to them all day long even though i'm in work or home XD
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