How Would the USA be Had Al Gore Won in 2000?

Reply Thu 3 Apr, 2014 07:06 pm
As everyone knows, Al Gore missed being elected president in a close race in 2000. George W. Bush won the presidency.

Please tell us your views on what would have happened, or not happened, in the country had Al Gore won.
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Reply Thu 3 Apr, 2014 07:48 pm
Jeb Bush (the lesser's smarter brother) would be in his second term. Teapublicans would be around but not as numerous or ill informed, as Sarah Palin would have remained (at best) state level, Gay Marriage would have been settled a decade ago. The ACA would have been sponsored by the former Mass Governor and present Senator Romney.

911 would have been avoided as the Clinton White House security team would have continued in-place with Gore. They would have intercepted the 911 terrorist cell in June 2001. Consequently no homeland security, no Patriot Act and no militarization of urban police forces. Not to mention no Wars in Iran and Afghanistan.

Saddam Hussain may be still alive--but trapped like a rat in an ever hostile Iran. Osama Bin Laden is dead--it seems he slipped in the shower. Putin is still Putin.

Hillary Clinton is running for POTUS and George W Bush would have his dream job--Commissioner of the NLB--and he'll be a good one. Pete Rose will be in the Hall of Fame.

Reply Thu 3 Apr, 2014 08:30 pm
How Exceptional Are You ?
ByScooter Rockets2,960 views


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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 10:27 am
Thanks for the thoughtful reply. BTW, you are transp;osing Iraq and Iran.
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 10:33 am
in the country had Al Gore won.

More of that famous self absorption that USians are famous for. Not a mention of how many innocent lives would have been saved.
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 01:38 pm
In regard to Saddam Hussein, he would have been toppled by way of the Arab Spring. The US would have had an active hand in it much like it did in Libya.
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 03:28 pm
I don't think there would have been a chance in hell that, had he won, Gore would have gone into Iraq. Just think of all the casualties, on both sides, that would have been avoided. Just think of the treasury that would have been saved.

Further, Bush received strong warnings that al Qaida might be hitting USA targets with airliners. Bush did nothing -- he didn't even warn the FAA to be on the lookout for this. Gore would have acted to prevent the attacks. This, in turn, would make the invasion of Afghanistan unnecessary.

Also, Bush was the first two-term president who had a net job loss during his tenure. I cannot imagine this being the case with Gore.
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 03:31 pm
This would almost certainly not exist.


A Brief Hate statement...

by Layla Anwar
March 14, 2008

I really hate America, Americans, their culture, their ways, their accent, their politics, their arrogance, their stupidity, their ignorance...
I really can't stand Americans. I can't stand their men, their women, their country, everything they represent...

I truly, deeply, sincerly hate them.

I will elevate this hatred to an Art form.

What colors do you think I should use ? I love colors and I find them to be a colorless people...

So what colors should I use ? Gray, Black or Red ?
Or maybe just White ?

I have this idea of taking an old sheet, a dirty sheet...burn the edges, stab it with knifes and make holes in it, over a million holes, then throw in some bright red, like rain drops...

At other times, I fantasize about using the Abu Ghraib excrements and smudging the sheet with it, then collectively wipe your faces with it. Wipe your faces with the **** of the detainees you tortured.

Sometimes, my fantasy takes on a perverted twist, you must be a contagious lot with your perversity.

So I imagine a dirty sheet, covered with semen from forced masturbation, and have a few penises dangle on the corners, the penises you castrated, have them dangle there...and then give it a few brushes and strokes of hemorrhaging blood from the wombs of the women you raped. And this will be your new American flag.

Then you can all gather under that flag and we will take pictures of you. Don't forget to say cheese, will you ?

You know something, all the Americans I come across, the ones who are polluting the Middle East like some bacterial disease, they all know how much we hate you deep down...

They invariably start their sentences with "I'm an American, I hope you don't hate me"...And we give you the same stuff over and over..." No of course not, we have nothing against the American people"..."It's your government."

A lie...

Can you really blame any of us? What is so likeable about you ? After all you are nothing but a bunch of cold, indifferent, murderers...murderers of an innocent people. A people you have totally destroyed, destroyed right down to its fibers...

Your Bush, your Clinton, your senile Congress, your Senate...and you....All to be flushed down the toilet. But then, even the sewages of the world will vomit you out.

Of course if you are eager to hear words of praise, you really should not be visiting this blog. You can go to other Iraqi bloggers who have developed the expertise of kissing your ass for a "symbolic fee". Inside and outside the Green Zone.

But then deep down, you have contempt for these bloggers...They are too slave like. What you really secretly long for, is someone to tell you the Truth about you, about your moral degenerateness. And I shall not spare you. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever...

The most fascinating part of it all, is that I am very comfortable with this feeling I harbour towards you. It does not bother me, does not eat me up, does not cause me any guilt trips...It is so natural, so free flowing...

So what do you think ? What is the most appropriate expression for me to show you how much I really hate you ?

P.S: Brits may apply too. But you may get the leftovers...After all you have become a leftover yourselves. Layla Anwar
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