i would like to become an actress?

Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2014 08:04 am
i'm 15 and i'm super shy. i tend to end conversations not because i don't enjoy talking, but because i got no topic left and I'm afraid that they'll hate me. (dramatic, i know)
anyway, i started got into designing clothes yet my parents think its just one of those sad jobs. so i moved on. yet, i can't get over the fact that i love art, and soon i realised i would really really enjoy acting once my uncle wanted to offer me a part, yet i couldn't join because i wasn't home that day and it really hit me. i joined a drama class, yet we only do a show once, now that i'm in the 9th grade and i have to quit that drama class and focused on national exam.
my problem is that again, no one supported me. to make it even worse, i don't sing or dance, i don't take acting classes plus, i live in the middle of no where and the best thing i could do is imagining stuff since it is impossible. i feel like this is just a dream that won't be coming true. can you give me suggestions?
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Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2014 08:27 am

The boring option, but one that many of us who are now old farts would love to go back and do all over again.....is to work and study as hard as you can while you have the time, freedom and opportunity.

That's the boring option, you're 15 and that will go in one ear and straight out the other, as it did with me when I was 15.

The only thing I will say in favour of study, is the more academically 'rounded' you are when you hit that job market, the much better chance of getting the job that you want, and that includes getting into something like drama school.
In the meantime, go and talk to your drama teacher at school, if you have one. Show your interest, and volunteer yourself for anything going in that department.

When you are a famous actress, you can thank me by getting me a part in one of your films.

I've always wanted to play the grumpy old Concierge in a posh hotel.
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Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2014 08:44 am
Go ahead and study and finish school and then see what happens.
Now you are 15, when you are sweet 16 you might like to do something else.
Being shy is not unusual at the age of 15. Some people are shy the rest of their lives. An actor can easily be shy as long as s/he can act another type.
Many authors are shy but expresses themselves very well writing.
Having a daughter in the field of theatre - not acting - I can tell you that in GB as well as USA about 90% of actors are without work most of the time and 1en % get most of the jobs.
Get a down to earth job before you start acting -
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Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2014 09:15 am
You have to come out of your shell! You have to be able to mix with all kinds of people.

Plan for those wanna-be Teen actresses NOT living in L.A. or New York City: 1. Watch You Tube videos that are popular and produced by teens your age. 2. Study what elements make them popular (over 3 million hits) The key is going to be grabbing interest right away and holding interest. 3. Get a video camera. 4. Start producing your own videos . DO NOT POST THESE until you have them reviewed and critiqued by those you trust. 4. Keep producing until your critics love your content. 5. Now you might be ready to post your videos. 6. Do Not Get side tracked by negative comments by Trolls. 7. Find local Theater companies and voluteer to do anything just to be around actors and directors. 8. Don't give up on your dreams.
You have to become your own Producer, Director and Writer. IF you have any talent and you are very lucky, you might just get noticed. It takes about 10,000,000 you tube hits to get noticed by the Pros. Hard work and dedication will assist the Luck you need.
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Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2014 11:54 am
May I warn you for putting videos on internet.If you also start adding information where you can be found you might be in real trouble. There are too many crooks out there wanting to take advantage of a young person like you.
Also your family and close friends might not be the most neutral persons to judge if you are a good actor. Only contac serious people like teacher at your school, an amateur theater group in your area and later on a theatre school.
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