How Obama Care is affecting seniors

Reply Thu 6 Mar, 2014 01:33 pm
We are Kaiser members, in Jan. our labs went from $15 to $45...in Feb. a biopsy went from $50 to $250..Yikes! We picked up our taxes yesterday and our Medicare tax went from 7 1/2% to 10%... our Taxable in come doubled from last year! This is what Obama is doing to the people who worked their whole life, my husband worked 2 jobs in his youth just to get ahead. We paid into Social Security and Medicare so we would have a little piece of mind in your "GOLDEN YEARS" and now we have been "Down Graded" to our "Silver Years" and we are only into this Government Control program 3 months! If you are a Senior or if you have Parents or Grandparent who are Seniors this program is hurting them as well. If you are over 18 and under 63 your aren't helping the Seniors you are helping the people who don't want to work or don't want to work hard! Think about it! The Seniors have "ALWAYS" paid their way that's why they have Social Security and Medicare!
Joe Nation
Reply Thu 6 Mar, 2014 05:59 pm
Are you a Fox News Watcher?
If you don't like the rate hikes from Kaiser Permanente, a private insurance company, find another plan from another private insurance company. Use your State Exchange if your State has one or, if you are in a State governed by idiots, use the Healthcare.gov site.
Your insurance through Kaiser doesn't affect your Medicare coverage or your Social Security.
And I call bullshit on your claim that you are paying a 10% Medicare Tax on your income, the tax for Medicare in 2013 would 3.8% plus an additional .9% IF your income as a couple exceeded $250,000.00 a year.

Stop watching Fox News.

Go get the insurance you want for less money, the ACA gives you the ability to change your PRIVATE insurance company without penalty or loss of coverage.

I've worked with several Fox viewers who were absolutely sure the ACA was having a bad effect on them. (One of them had had their Catastrophic Policy cancelled~it would have only covered her in the most extreme circumstances ~but she thought it was the only insurance she could afford because of something she had heard on FOXNEWS. GAH) We took about an hour on two separate days to find her better coverage for ......wait for it....less than half of what she had been paying.

Joe(FoxNews lies)Nation
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