Oh, will the bullshyt never end?

Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 04:16 pm
You haven't lived your whole life yet, so be careful how you judge people.

You haven't either, yet it doesn't stop you.

I can't believe you are telling someone not to be judgmental.
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Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 06:17 pm
glitterbag wrote:

Shame on you. I'm not a defense lawyer trying to get a great deal for his client who was frightened by loud music. And suddenly it occurred to drunk, hey, I can shoot those guys because "stand your ground" gives permission to every asshole who likes to carry around a gun can shoot mouthy teens, but a woman who fired a warning shoot over her husbands head, to prevent him from beating the living crap out of her again, gets 10 years for firing a gun????? Here's my take, I'm a woman who has had her lights punched out by a violent first husband, and a mother of sons and aunt of nephews who is grateful they made it to adulthood. Not all mothers are forced to bury their sons, and then listen to hairsplitting legalese apologists who scramble to justify why it's ok to kill obnoxious kids.

I wrote what I did because I think the law in Florida is crazy, and a product of the gun nuts. However, the law is on the books and Dunn will certainly take full advantage of it. I was discussing this, I think, intellectually, and certainly not to justify Dunn's actions. I think the man was half drunk, which made him act out. He possibly thought he was acting within the confines of the stand-your-ground law.
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@Finn dAbuzz,
Finn dAbuzz wrote:

I thought you only peeked at what JTT writes every rare once an a while. This is the second current thread in which you are snarling at him.

I recommend you put this guy, as well as Izzy, on ignore. They are both slimeballs. You will feel better for it.
Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 06:55 pm
Advocate: I recommend you put this guy, as well as Izzy, on ignore. They are both slimeballs. You will feel better for it.

It is really incredibly amazing the number of Americans and the frequency of that they jabber on about IGNORE. Not to mention stunningly hypocritical.
The folks from the land of free speech, the grand debaters, the ones who mouth the platitudes about how it's important to hear all sides.

Advocate put me on IGNORE because he didn't like to hear uncomfortable truths about Israel.

Of course you will feel better for it, wrapped in your little cocoon. What a waste of a life!!

Oh, bye the bye, Izzy is a slimeball. Smile
Reply Sun 2 Mar, 2014 07:07 pm
But, it must be noted, Izzy does describe some very uncomfortable truths about Israel.

He goes silent much much worse things done by the USA.
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Reply Thu 6 Feb, 2020 11:14 am
Stand Your Ground is utter hypocritical bullsh!t nonsense.

As a defense? It only works for white males. Definitely doesn't work for females.
Brittany Smith Loses Her Stand Your Ground Hearing

Reply Thu 6 Feb, 2020 12:35 pm
I was also incensed by that case.
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