the meat industry, and the consumers

Reply Mon 10 May, 2004 08:41 pm
Free range eggs, has gotta be a joke, unless you spend time training your xchickens to come in and lay their eggs in egg houses. Otherwise they will lay their eggs in your flower beds, in your mailbox and in your pickup bed. And each day is a new easter egg hunt. We only have 12 chickens (actually 11 cause Jerry Lee is a rooster)
We took about 2 months getting them mammas to come inside and lay their eggs. I dont think I could train more than 12 at a time and Id soon be out of business because Id have no eggs to sell to more than a few people.
Egg houses raise 50 to 80000 chickens at a house.. "Free range" , its a nice dream , but I kinda doubt it.. Even if you had 10 acre lots , youd have eggs all over the place. If they are truly free range, the hens , in good weather, will lay their eggs like a bunch of Kildeer and youll be walking all over and busting them. OR, If youre Amish and have 10 kids to go collect 50000 eggs a day without tiring, then youd mereely be arrested for cruelty to kids once the law found out.
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