When President George Bush left office, he has been painting pictures of puppies and raising money t

Reply Sat 16 Nov, 2013 06:58 pm
Nominal christians have long believed that Jews must inhabit their ancestral homeland in order for the battle of Armegeddon to take place. Without going into the scriptural lunacy assiciated with this belief, it is well to point out its association with other errors such as the "rapture".

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Romeo Fabulini
Reply Sat 16 Nov, 2013 09:46 pm
As I've said before, I've never met a Jew I didn't like, they're mostly warm friendly people and I regularly vote Jerry Lewis's 'The Nutty Professor' as funniest film of all time in polls.
Sure, the Jews may have been God's blue-eyed boys and gals in ancient Old T times, but then they went and spoilt themselves by killing his son, oops!
Jesus said:- "Whoever rejects me rejects God" (Luke 10:16), so if they're under God's special protection any more I'm the Queen of Sheba..Smile

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Reply Mon 18 Nov, 2013 11:07 am
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Reply Mon 18 Nov, 2013 09:04 pm
Well, that was pretty much a hatchet piece, and written in appallingly bad English.

As if Setanta would know it was "written in appallingly bad English. This is a favorite trick of this the idiot known as Setanta. And he never explains himself and y'all bow to the grand hypocrite.

And grand hypocrite that he is, he does the very thing he accused the author of.

Editorial Reviews
"An expert updating of a classic story filled with sly wit -- a pleasure to read!"
-- Nell Minow, film critic, The Movie Mom

"I downloaded it to my Kindle and finished reading it today...thoroughly enjoyed it! I tweeted it out this evening."
-- David Perdue, The Charles Dickens Page

"Elisberg's (I mean Dickens's) sequel to A CHRISTMAS CAROL is witty, smart, and hugely entertaining. You don't have to be a Charles Dickens scholar to enjoy this, but the more Dickens you know, the funnier it is. Droll and cynical and even downright magical."
-- Mick Garris, Edgar-winning screenwriter/director, International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Hall of Fame. The Stand, The Shining, Hocus Pocus

"Speaking as a college professor, I have to say that this book is a vile mockery, a travesty and a crime against literature. It's also hilarious."
-- Prof. Ian Abrams, professor of screenwriting, Drexel University. Screenwriter, Undercover Blues

A "tongue in cheek sequel...What fun!"
-- Catherine Barker, president, New South Wales Dickens Society

"Ebenezer Scrooge himself would have laughed out loud at Elisberg's affectionate and witty re-imagining of Dickens. And so, I believe, would Dickens."
-- David Rintels, 3-time Emmy winner. Broadway playwright, Clarence Darrow

From the Author
Robert J. Elisberg is a two-time recipient of the Lucille Ball Award for comedy screenwriting. His screen work includes the upcoming comedy-adventure, The Wild Roses, and co-writing three of the Skateboy movies based on the international series. Elisberg is a long-time columnist for the Huffington Post and the Writers Guild of America, whose political writing is included in the anthology, Clued in on Politics (CQ Press). Among his other writing, he co-wrote a book on world travel; co-wrote the song, "Just One of the Girls," for the Showtime movie Wharf Rat; and wrote the book for the stage musical-comedy, Rapunzel. He has contributed humor and written for such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, and Los Angeles Magazine. He is considered the world's foremost expert on Charles Dickens, except for all those who know more.


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Reply Mon 18 Nov, 2013 09:04 pm
There is absolutely nothing GW could ever possibly do to make some people ever like him.

There is absolutely nothing Hitler could ever possibly have done to make some people ever like him.

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