Of Redskins and the American Dream

Reply Thu 7 Nov, 2013 10:54 am
A white man and an elderly Native man became pretty good friends, so the white guy decided to ask him: “What do you think about Indian mascots?” The Native elder responded, “Here’s what you’ve got to understand. When you look at black people, you see ghosts of all the slavery and the rapes and the hangings and the chains. When you look at Jews, you see ghosts of all those bodies piled up in death camps. And those ghosts keep you trying to do the right thing. “But when you look at us you don’t see the ghosts of the little babies with their heads smashed in by rifle butts at the Big Hole, or the old folks dying by the side of the trail on the way to Oklahoma while their families cried and tried to make them comfortable, or the dead mothers at Wounded Knee or the little kids at Sand Creek who were shot for target practice. You don’t see any ghosts at all. “Instead you see casinos and drunks and junk cars and shacks. “Well, we see those ghosts. And they make our hearts sad and they hurt our little children. And when we try to say something, you tell us, ‘Get over it. This is America. Look at the American dream.’ But as long as you’re calling us Redskins and doing tomahawk chops, we can’t look at the American dream, because those things remind us that we are not real human beings to you. And when people aren’t humans, you can turn them into slaves or kill six million of them or shoot them down with Hotchkiss guns and throw them into mass graves at Wounded Knee. “No, we’re not looking at the American dream. And why should we? We still haven’t woken up from the American nightmare. By: Marsha Pluff
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Reply Thu 7 Nov, 2013 11:38 am
In my opinion, the history of Native Americans in the U.S. is different than the history of other people that suffered atrocities, since there might have been less contact between white Americans and Native Americans, than other non-whites and white Americans that had any positive aspects. The alienation towards Native Americans was fairly common in 19th century America, and to "feel their pain" now might require becoming very aware of how little compassion white America had for Native Americans. That can tarnish the American Dream, since that dream is dreamt by decent folk, according to the dream makers.

It might be too harsh a reality to fit in with the self-image of white America?

However, at least America is not trying to erase the memory of America once being a land inhabited by only Native Americans, since the Nazis were hoping to kill all Jews, and then have a museum for an extinct race?

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Reply Thu 7 Nov, 2013 12:57 pm
So long as the few who remain on the reservations, living in poverty, separated from the rest, they may never wake up from the nightmare.

Also, we do not teach about the suffering of my ancestors the way the schools teach about slavery or genocide by Nazis.

What is left of the American Dream is achievable to anyone who wants to go for it. To those who want to sit back and be "takers" and live at the mercy of Govt handouts, that American Dream will never be realized.

As far as the term REDSKINS is concerned, it is offensive to me. It is also a stupid name for a Team that says they use it to honor Native American. Then call your team the Washington Natives.
Reply Fri 8 Nov, 2013 11:55 am
woiyo wrote:

Also, we do not teach about the suffering of my ancestors the way the schools teach about slavery or genocide by Nazis.

Your ancestors suffered in the entire hemisphere. The Spanish, and then Mestizos, fought with the Indians. The simple truth is that the European culture was not about to leave an entire hemisphere for Native Americans to live in accordance with their traditional ways. It is all about real estate, in my opinion. So, atrocities happened, since Native Americans did not see that theirs was a losing battle. A Native American today can choose to dwell on past injustices, or live in the society that now exists. Don't forget there have been Native Americans that have lived very nice lives by not dwelling on the past injustices, and using their talents. Roy Rogers comes to mind.
Reply Wed 13 Nov, 2013 02:48 pm
That is pretty much what I said. The same can be said for African Americans.

I will say this. Change the name from Redskins to something else.
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