The American System of Governing is Broken

Reply Thu 17 Oct, 2013 11:59 am
The Heritage Foundation, two nights ago, forced John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to withdraw his CR which he did. In the finality, to avoid a Debt Default, Boehner with the aid of House Democrats and a few House Republicans, were able to vote to have the Dept Ceiling lifted and the re-opening of the government.

Just before the House vote last night, the Heritage Foundation forced some House Republicans to VOTE against opening the Federal government and to vote against the lifting of the Debt Ceiling or else be" primaried" (primaried now used as a verb).

Some Republicans did exactly that, vote AGAINST the lifting of the Debt Ceiling and the opening of the government. These Republicans who follow another drummer are working for outside organizations as opposed to working for the American people who voted them into office, and they are hurting Americans and indirectly the global world. They (the Tea Party and outside contributing pacs) have already harmed our economy and so far we have narrowly escaped a second downgrading of the US Credit rating! The other day China made the statement "it is time the world became DE-Americanized." Wow! America is seen as dysfunction by the world who is losing its respect for us. How is it that the Tea Party can gain such control over the Congress so that it can crippled us at the whim of one of their members (Ted Cruz) who dislikes an established law that has been upheld by SCOTUS?!

Many Americans lost big time during this last UNNECESSARY government shutdown which has a ripple effect, and some were not able to get their checks, or sign up for benefits, etc. The Tea Party, the Heritage Foundation and organizations of like ilk are like a metastasizing cancer eating away at the center of the American government.

Eventually, these predatory politicized rapacious groups hopefully will disappear, but at what cost to America? And what did the Tea Party and its ilk gain? The consensus is the Tea Party lost big time!!!!!!
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Reply Thu 17 Oct, 2013 09:48 pm
Moment-in-Time wrote:
The other day China made the statement "it is time the world became DE-Americanized." Wow!

The Chinese military is just upset that we are developing powerful new weapons with which we can defend our allies from Chinese aggression.

Moment-in-Time wrote:
The consensus is the Tea Party lost big time!!!!!!

I'm not sure about "big time". But I'm sure that if I truly believed that Obamacare was really bad for America, I would be feeling unhappy that I failed to block it.
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