Tea party gets stuck paying for the overboard tea

Mon 27 Apr, 2020 12:32 pm

The Supreme Court has ruled that congress had to pass a formal law change in order to avoiding paying the insurance companies for ACA-obligated transfers.

So it seems the tea party jettisoned the tea but still ended up getting stuck with the bill for it.

Does this set a precedent for the US finally paying for the tea thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party?

If so, there could be a lot of money to be made there, adjusting for inflation and maybe tacking on some interest.
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Sat 5 Dec, 2020 05:35 am
As a person who grew up in Boston, I couldn't help but chuckle about the title of this.

All good points
I don't know in my opinion The East India Tea Company is the tea company that got their tea wasted, they're actually still around & will do shipments to many places but NOT from the US.
Coincidence? of course not.
If anything the British Government should pay for the Tea (Just a thought) as the taxes were extremely high & a number of other factors not to mention what transpired in a bar in Boston before shots rang out starting the revolutionary war among many other things.

I think that the government whether it's the US or any other Government will continue to avoid certain issues that relate to everyday Americans as well as they will fail to see the real problems at hand even when they are pointed out or keep them at bay in some way shape or form.

History backs this up on so many levels in so many events.
Sometimes that's just unfortunately how the cookie crumbles....
Sat 5 Dec, 2020 05:53 am
We shouldn’t pay anything.

You need to get your soldiers off our soil.

Justice for Harry Dunn
Sat 5 Dec, 2020 06:12 am
The East India Company was dissolved in 1873 by act of Parliament.

They’re not still around, and you’re talking out of your arse.
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Sat 5 Dec, 2020 08:04 am
Of course, you shouldn't have to pay but since you didn't understand the manner of my response...
Here's some more. Well... Some of it isn't irony.

You guys also shouldn't pay for Stealing Roman Law renaming it & calling it "The Common Law"

Seriously. Noone should pay anyone jack.
History should be learned from but sometimes people cry when the same thing they did is done to them so... what can I say?
That's not true about the East India Tea company.

You're right about no one should have to pay but that has nothing to do with me & I have nothing to do with soldiers on your soil are they patrolling your city? Did we take full control? I don't think so. But lets be real here about this matter.
It's probably very intrusive though soldiers on your soil right?
I'd imagine it is!
But it's very different than when your soldiers were in Sicily as you guys had no business there, weren't invited yet someway somehow took full rule of Sicily.
My ancestors weren't at all happy about it.
But I really just gotta ask.
How does it feel when another nation is on your soil?
Sat 5 Dec, 2020 08:14 am
It has everything to do with you, it’s your soldiers who are murdering our children.

Sicily was occupied during the Napoleonic Wars. It was a whole Europe thing, and we didn’t stay.

What about The island of Diego Garcia? The whole population was moved out for your military base. That’s happening now, it’s something that can be actioned now, it’s not something that happened in the distant past.

What about Guantanamo Bay? You’re not wanted in Cuba, and they especially do not an American torture/extermination camp on their soil.

America is the greatest threat to Democracy and Human Rights in the 21st Century. Stop whining about the past and do something about it.
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Sat 5 Dec, 2020 08:15 am
Why don’t you ask Harry Dunn’s parents how they feel about occupying forces murdering their son?
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Sat 9 Jan, 2021 10:47 am
Never told you I was Italian because I'm not.
In your logic when someone tells you they are Iraqi that automatically makes them Pakistani
Get into reality.
Stop crying over stupid things & stop blaming others.
Your life might get a bit better.
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