Uncontrolled Thoughts

Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 01:50 pm
As of late, I've become increasingly irritated at my seemingly lack of total control over my thoughts. it's nothing serious: I'm not walking around with an uncontrollable blood lust or fiending for my next door neighbor. I guess I should tell you of a time where it has happened: Earlier this morning, I was thinking of how cool it'd be to fly. However, I'm somewhat grounded in reality so whenever I do think/imagine something like that, I always have the idea that I could've just thought I was flying or I could've been hallucinating and swimming on the sidewalk like an idiot (yeah, my idle thoughts are that realistic lol). So, in my mind, I recorded the event on a laptop then tried to watch it, but the laptop would close (mind you, by this point, I was closer to sleeping a.k.a. the twilight state). I guess it's no cause for alarm, but I would try my hardest to open the laptop but my in-brain body wouldn't do it. It would respond to every other "request" but I couldn't get myself to open the laptop. Now, this has been occurring more and more, and during the day when I'm just watching tv or washing dishes, etc... It wouldn't be that bad but even as I'm typing I still can't open that goddamn laptop (in my head). If it's confusing, I understand. It's like having something on the tip of your tongue but you're having a mental block as to the word or phrase you're thinking off, only it's my imagination/thoughts having the block. I mean, who can't imagine opening a laptop... I really only remember that event since it happened so recently, but it's happened several times before at different times and mind states. Although, I've forgotten what I was actually thinking of.
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Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 03:50 pm
Try more tobacco with it. Also, try getting out, talking to people, that kind of thing.
Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 04:15 pm
lol like I said, it's weird as hell, it's like my brain is hiding porn in different places in my head and I can't access them because it's password protected. "Don't open that laptop, I didn't delete my history", "Don't drink that water, there's porn at the bottom." Don't jump up and down, there's porn hidden under the tiles"
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Reply Fri 30 Aug, 2013 02:35 pm
WAY too much influence from your laptop affecting your reality.

It would be easier if it were a book, wouldn't it?

If that doesn't work, go for a walk and talk to some human beings.

Reply Fri 30 Aug, 2013 04:46 pm
The OP is an attention troll or psychotic, or both.
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Reply Sun 4 Sep, 2016 01:54 pm
I forgot I posted this, but I was just using the last time it had happened because it was the only time I could remember. Thus the metaphor continued. I meant that every now and then, increasingly, I would have thoughts like that where I simply couldn't imagine doing something. Like my daydreams would only obey me so much. I didn't mean to suggest that my laptop was my life, I actually didn't have a laptop at the time lol. It was a part of the daydream. Or nightdream, i guess.

But the point remains, every now and then there's something I simply can't do in a daydream. Like pick up that ball. I really can't remember specifics because they were innocuous things that didn't stand out, I just remember an inability to imagine myself doing them. Regardless of the daydream.

I posted this because I wanted to see if anyone else knew what I was talking about, not because I was going insane.
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