Was this video of the 911 plane doctored?

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@reasoning logic,
I think you r not alone
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Reply Wed 22 Aug, 2018 08:36 am
45 minutes? Really? Which part of it do you question the authenticity of? Let me know and I'll think about watching that portion of the 45 minute video.

Forty five minutes is way way way too much for an American brain, is it?

Wayne Dyer's quote comes to mind.

"The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about."

Here is a short video that you can walk it thru second by second. All you need to do is stop it at 9 seconds and you can see a "missile" or the purported plane's nose, a total impossibility that the plane's nose would penetrate the steel/concrete structure, TWICE, and still be perfectly round and not damaged.

The missile that hit WTC 2 in Slow Motion


Or it's something else, but the truly salient point is that none of these things are at all possible according to the USGOCT.

This evidence, in and of itself, shows the USGOCT is totally false.

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