French as designated retards at Home Depot...

Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 10:56 pm
This one has my curiousity aroused... Bad enough that we see

Choose a language, English or Spanish...

on ATMs and every sort of swipe card device, but at least it's understandable, i.e. the demoKKKrat party wants hispanics for a voting block and having them learn English and start to function like normal people would tend to defeat that goal.

But lately at Home Depot outlets in particular, I've been seeing a third choice (French). I could understand that if it were just in Louisiana, but i'm seeing this in Virginia, Md. and Texas. The only motive I can come up with for it is that somebody wants to make the hispanics feel a bit better about the whole thing i.e. avoid letting them think of themselves as the planet's ONLY designated retard group.

The most major question in the picture is: Is anybody seeing this one anywhere OTHER than at Home Depot outlets?

I mean, what it almost puts me in mind of is the little children's hymn:

The libtard version of that would be something like:

Obunga wants me for a retard, a retard, a retard.....

Somebody would have to translate that into French and make it rhyme of course.....
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Reply Thu 20 Jun, 2013 07:33 am
I think it's a way for companies to save money by having one product available to the continent of North America where the three dominate languages are English, Spanish and French.

I've seen a lot more packaging with French labels over the last five or so years. Printing one package 3 million times is much cheaper than printing 3 packages 1 million times each.

I'm sure it's the same with computer programming.
Reply Thu 20 Jun, 2013 07:35 am
But it's so much more fun to imagine a vast conspiracy!

I mean, Google has that Google translate service.... it's like they're trying to turn us into a Global community or something.

Mais c'est tellement plus amusant d'imaginer un vaste complot!

Je veux dire, Google a que le service Google translate .... c'est comme s'ils essaient de nous transformer en une communauté mondiale ou quelque chose.

Pero es mucho más divertido imaginar una vasta conspiración!

Es decir, Google tiene que el servicio Google translate .... es como si estuvieran tratando de convertirnos en una comunidad global o algo así.
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