Human origins on Jupiter's moon system?

Reply Tue 4 Jun, 2013 09:42 am
Thunderbolts.info and Red Ice both deal in strange stuff. This is the strangest thing I've seen on either of them recently:



If you want to believe that humans evolved from hominids, you need to believe that some hominid human-wannabee:

  • Lost his fur coat while an ice age was going on.
  • Lost 99% of his sense of smell while trying to make it as a prey animal on land.
  • Lost almost all of his night vision at a time when night was the only time of day to be had.....


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Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2013 09:33 am
This one is generally above my pay grade, but I think I grasp two or three of the main ideas in the proposition.

The claim appears to be that the roughly 26-degree axis tilts of Saturn, Neptune, Mars, and Earth indicate that those bodies were captured by our sun as a group, and fairly recently. The sun, Jupiter, and Mercury have near zero axis tilts, as you'd expect for a solar system which arose together.

The next claim is that this indicates that our solar system was originally in two parts, i.e. a bright part including the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury, and then a very dark part including the two rocky planets, Mars and Earth, which would have had to be orbiting Saturn and/or Neptune, at least one of which would have been a dwarf star at the time. The Saturn worship which we see in ancient literature would support a claim that the dwarf star was Saturn and not Neptune.

The final part of the claim is that most if not all creatures on this planet in those days, particularly dinosaurs and hominids, had huge eyes to deal with the extreme darkness, and that humans with their relatively tiny eyes could not have come from the dark part of the system and had to come either from Mercury or from Jupiter's moon system, most likely the later.

Weird enough for sure, but I wouldn't dismiss it as "antiscience" without knowing a bit more about it.
Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2013 03:49 pm
Where are you seeing this stuff. You didn't provide any links.
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