IRS Protest Tomorrow

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Drip, drip, drip.

Megyn Kelly is reporting that it was not just James Rosen who was targeted by Obama’s Department of Justice.

@MegynKelly on @FoxNews now reporting not just Rosen targed by DoJ; 3 Fox News staffers.—
Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) May 20, 2013

Not just one! Three Fox News staffers in DoJ sites reports @megynkelly #fb—
johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) May 20, 2013

Now @megynkelly reporting @JamesRosenFNC, another FNC reporter and producer were targeted by DOJ—
Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) May 20, 2013

Evidently, two reporters, including James Rosen, and a producer were targeted.

William LaJeunesse identified as other @FoxNews reporter who was monitored.—
Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) May 20, 2013

Producer Mike Levine (sp?) 3rd Fox news person monitored.—
Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) May 20, 2013

"@PolitixGal: Fox News Targeted by DOJ – 2 reporters, 1 producer. Story on FoxNews right now w/Megyn Kelly." @SpeakerBoehner @GOPoversight—
GearUp2016 (@Bird_song555) May 20, 2013

Now @megynkelly reporting 3 Fox News reporters were followed/investigated. #DOJ out of control.—
Melissia For Real (@ProudoftheUSA) May 20, 2013

@megynkelly support you and fox news!! Keep telling the truth.. tell me doesn't this feel like watergate!—
Hubert Llewellyn (@HUB1981) May 20, 2013

According to @megynkelly no notice was given to the reporters or Fox prior to the warrants. This administration ignores rules & laws.—
Melissia For Real (@ProudoftheUSA) May 20, 2013

@michellemalkin @megynkelly just reported William LaJunesse (sp?) & a producer also targeted. Chilling!—
Amy Lynn Atherton (@SageChemist16) May 20, 2013

This truly is beyond chilling.

#DOJ targets journalists at @FoxNews… There needs to be a special investigation.Where does this end? @megynkelly—
C Miller (@CDMiller1) May 20, 2013

Kelly is outraged and rightly so.

You can see the disgust in Megyn Kelly's eyes right now. #AmericaLive #DOJ—
Blake Elliott (@TheBlakeElliott) May 20, 2013

[email protected] is mad. This will turn out badly for the @whitehouse. @johnnydollar01—
Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) May 20, 2013

Megyn Kelly is livid about the Rosen scandal. #Good—
Nels (@debitking) May 20, 2013

@megynkelly is PISSED about DOJ investigating Rosen. As she should be.—
Tired Mama (@TiredmamainNC) May 20, 2013

How many more shoes will drop?

Twitchy will continue to monitor this story and update with further developments.

Update: Fox issues a hell of a statement.

I have a statement from Fox News re: James Rosen being targeted by the DOJ: mbist.ro/18Z5SOl—
Alex Weprin (@alexweprin) May 20, 2013

Fox News is out with quite a statement. ( mediabistro.com/tvnewser/doj-a…) http://t.co/TYskLt0puN
southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) May 20, 2013

Update: Watch Megyn Kelly’s report:

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Chicago style union thuggery orchestrated from the White House down.
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Big Tea Party IRS Protests Planned for 5/21

I'll bet these are gonna be huge. You remember, what was it, Chick-fil-A. Remember those protests? Now, it's one thing to go defend Chick-fil-A. But these people, I'm gonna tell you, these are fearless people. Under normal circumstances do you realize how foolish it would be to go protest the IRS? (laughing) Unless you're wearing a mask. But I'll bet this is gonna be huge. It's entirely possible that people are going to see once again just how big and how deep the Tea Party is. Now, the regime and the media do their best to write 'em off as burned out, has-beens, fad, shot in the dark, big claim to fame, and now they're gone, they vanished, they're not factors anymore.

I want to see what kind of action this gets. I guarantee you within the Tea Party network that the word of these protests has been going out for a day or so now. And there's not a single person in the Tea Party that doesn't know about these. And there are a lot of places in the country with IRS offices. Originally it was just gonna be the Cincinnati office, but now it is spreading and will encompass many more. So we'll see, but I have a suspicion that it could be pretty significant.
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H2O MAN wrote:

Parasite, you are one of A2Ks usual suspects.

Are you one of those wimps Spurt?

I suspect you are since you claimed you knew where certain terrorists were walking around but you haven't gone to take care of them. Instead you spend all your time whining about the President. Very wimpy on your part Spurt.
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Tea party protesters chant 'Stop the IRS' in Cincinnati


Tea party group rallies in downtown Bellingham to protest IRS

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I think the Tea Partiers hate America.

They hate the government, poor people, taxes, minorities, immigrants, et al. I think they should all emigrate to Switzerland or Afghanistan.
Reply Wed 22 May, 2013 12:52 pm

I think you just lost all credibility here, assuming you ever had any to begin with.
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