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Gun related laws that the Obama administration chooses not to enforce, why not?

Recent studies show the Obama administration has not enforced many gun laws already on books -- with gun crime prosecutions hitting a decade low in 2011, down 40 percent from their peak under President George W. Bush in 2004, according to federal data crunched by Syracuse University. The SU study prompted 23 House Republicans on Friday to call on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute more people for gun-related crimes.

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The only way to stop gun crime is to find a way into the minds of people and change their motivations, and it does not even matter how many laws are on the books, nor does it matter what level of sincerity is behind them. Me personally, I hae a revolver fifty feet from where I am sitting. If I wanted to, I have the power to bring it in and at least take six lives, maybe more. If I was a cold blooded monster, a sign would not stop me. But these people are human beings I have respect for and would not dream of hurting. The difference is in the head, no matter how many laws they make nor how many guns they confiscate, that is what it ultimately becomes, just a simple fact. Laws cant change the mentality of the man.
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You are correct. A healthy mind does not go on cold blooded killing sprees.
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