RE: Parasites of Genocidal nature.. Can you grasp the truth?

Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 11:55 am
I have halted my search for another answer, to show you this, since I am further insulted by parasitic life's endeavors.

Parasites of genocidal nature exist on earth, if you read every post I placed on here in those terms, you will see I am trying to get a voice heard, the site mods do however delete words, though mostly they seem to have not touched the spelling etc, I am in no way 'learned' in university terms. Or the MOD has more than mere knowledge and grip of my PC, perhaps they have pre-post alteration, perhaps they know and are curious about an argument which is rarely presented due to it's unfeasability of presentation, the rest as me remain mostly silent. Or perhaps this is all a Freudian localised poke of an issue failed to be seen? On servers isolated?.


The Genocider amongst you has, to my direct experience, preference in these notions.
1. A new world order, which is older than the hills, has been in motion for centuries and creeps onto you, which you can not halt.

2. The inset explanation in all realms of society that life which struggles is to be classed as 'the enemy' this usually entails calling them pedophile or
building a likeness to the easily believed notions that even the aged and gentle are 'psychopathic' upon thier acquisition and fight... "Infidels" the foreigners scream, yet 'infideletion', is not your biggest concern... Infidelity is merely the bow on a gift of pure outflanking upon you all.

3. Your faith in systems which allow direct inter management is spoon fed to you all, you must sit back and tolerate it, even I must, though we can only hope in unison, they are attempting to end problems, not create that final world cage, where thier 'bliss' was the holiday they earned by following simple rules of loyalty and spite (bi-proxy these days mostly, perhaps they calm?).

4. He pushes the notion of forced 'sterilisation' or 'vasectomy' Including the notion of 'pedophiles are only into kids and for the rest of thier lives' ... Not for the reasons which make sense, but rather because above that, there is a state of potential desecration upon the writhing, stupid children, who believe what they see and cause them so many problems. (A spanking young monkey?.. you irritate!) No doubt a great many of you find that bracketed part amusing, yet you fail to see the horror it stems from, or the agenda which allows it!.

5. Since the 'Holiday boy' is harder to acquire due to the lockdown we have managed between us over many millions of Psych ward hours!, Harder to get to wander around the globe in immunity, raping little girls left right and center, the 'kid in a box' is hoped for.. At home in stead of such old ways. They can achieve this under your nose, without your knowledge amidst an easy childhood 'learning'. Agendas directly creating this are 'autism', 'lunacy', 'retardation', 'trouble causer mentalities'.. Etc... Not all by far, are what they seem, though I assure you, a vast percentage are in forced difference, to what they could have been, if these agendas were not present. (Put some clothes on your little pink elephant by the way... We no longer require him built, though since his attacker is in the ancient termed 'ether' or in his body, you will look the guilty old ...).

6. The more you hate boys for thier actions, the easier it is for this objective to come to fruition, the more you believe girls should thus be blamed too, the more they can raise the hatred of the boys despite you look elsewhere and calm. Due to the worsening of the world and the 'Oh .. Hell, the world and ALL its people screw up badly.. I don't know what to do' springing up more clearly, mankind thus becomes the animal, furthering the belief they can put forward, that, 'Humans did this sexual deviance any-way'.. Before you start masturbating over your acquisition of the species, please read on and grasp the purpose of this document in the conclusion below.

7. School for these people often is filled with the belief internal that, 'that ones dead, and that ones dead', if you see, you then have bullies.

8. The ones assigned to be allowed to write, are shoveled abruptly through this system online, in sporadic 'get up and do it, it's your only chance!' fashion. With a laugh upon them , since the world has clearly been taken. The system of vanishing thumbs downers means we cannot win, as the notions to be put forward are never put forward correctly when doubt is placed upon the mind at the same time we try to write, doubt that telling people who are calm is correct. Thus the world will never learn anything and we are forced to rely on the oven, we are forced to live to be raped then incinerated, because the world cannot handle the truth. It is similar at the police station, when God seeks out our flaw.. IE: 'if the world is chock full of rapists, would you carry a knife?'.. We are again told 'they are all like that and we are to be burned'.

9. There should only be a rare few want to hear absolute truth now, perhaps 10 people if I am lucky... Is that worth being raped once and dying for?.. I do not know. What I do know is that the 10's of thousands of hours I have endured this treatment, should not have happened.. If you are going to assign the genocided lives of rape and debauchery you must terminate thier minds.. We did not want this, we fought hard against it, hence the following conclusion happens instead, Your little boy had higher hopes than leaving the world this way!. Your little girl?... Well, in many cases, perhaps her too, though it seems many release thier vagina to the demons and thus thier souls and minds are not violated in ways horrific. (they roll over like bugs).

Conclusion and intricacy.

I am only willing to spend the 5 minutes most thumbs downing ignoramuses spend on this, on this myself... We are failed today by them, we are failed again by your agreement that its allowed and we are failed by Satan and God alike as 'toys', is what people are.

And the Lord? the lord?.. Your church violates me twice without realising it, Christening me, then saying 'the lord' exists... It violates me eternal with the inquisition which seeks to hammer out the truth, even when it has been presented.. I do mean the real inquisition, not the earthly representation.

Anyway, what they do, which falls flat to you it seems, is they hold your little boy or girls mind still, whilst they make them a beast and then wake them up to the nothing that happened, thier prostate is virtually dead to them in thier terms, love, if any is presented upon them, outward, to bond, is overwhelming and destroying of its 'lifelong' capability, gained through evolutionary advancement.. Generally tey are forced to 'love' some whore or rake, who is also a toy and not there for more than ten minutes at a time.

Filthy old men and women who believe they comprehend the situation are left to rape and torture kids and leave men and women in a 'funny' depression, partial insanity belongs to all your spawn.

When they hold still your mind and **** your soul, as peaceful and hopeful amidst the flow of Ghia that it was, the horror that you are merely a toy is all that they enjoy presenting.

Whilst foolish people believe the lie external that you are a psycopath, angry witch or nasty man. Every 5 minutes, many many days.. sometimes every few seconds, its 'why do you resist?.. Join us!.. **** the worlds children.'

By the time we are too far gone to worry about a nuke blowing this parasite factoy apart, we are left not wanting anything out of life... The psychological milling which persists for up to 14 thousanbd hours, leaves even the latest movie releases dead and pointless, they all further the agenda of 'keep and **** minds then burn them ands move along'. Not directly of course, many are very inspiring, but they miss out all this point. Avatar is the stupidist movie I ever watched the first 5 minutes of.. You allowed this, you are vile and you will all eventually die with your genocide toy perpetuation.

Hopes of my species being anything in this universe is shattered... You know what the world says in other areas, just look at the best movies, we almost had it all, we almost survived this place.. We almost were 'human'.
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Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 12:03 pm
Conscious awarenessess up nostrils, tuned to those parts of God which match their frequency.

End my mind first or stop!
Burn the ecstatic hopers of '****' or we bomb your poxy little country properley. And we spare no lord!

End of days mofo! When Hell is truly presented, that the dead walk the earth will arrive in the light of day with a flash and a bang!

Also we are reaching a state of trust to acquire the respect to use EM phase weaponry on all offending Gods. (ignore the strange colors, keep calm and carry on!) I said 'reaching'.. Why do you not listen to the majority? lesser God, amongst only men!
If you wish to bliss up and down, do so with the rats in the sewer, you vileness... Or find love elsewhere!
Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 12:20 pm
Love with each other or those people who hold the condom as the greatest invention man ever thought of, unnatural creators of lower life! In my airspace!

And that you people find a mind 200 years old would not endure a life of pain for 100's of hours with virgins as a boy, only points out you know nothing of your enemy! Or his capabilities!

Still you sit back and let pedophiles be created! Out of those children you pretended you cared for, who's minds were pure and ready to learn the light!
Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 12:37 pm
Let the first one to say 'you just die'.. suffer a wait for thier end!
That is my concern!

Still you wish it could be you, squashed up the back for a peep show upon the vile toying with humans as though they are meat!
By your own rules you should be sectioned!

We gotta build people to be raped and die, because even God himself is ignored, for you fear the guy telling you the aspects you should be learning under your God!
Firesnake virgo 77 out.

Pentagram Die, though you live eternal!
Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 04:07 pm
Since you people cannot see your sons are taken and isolate the parts which refer to the other guys and gals around you, as bullies etc.. The pentagram will continue to issue these wicker men, since you fail to see that older minds can hold younger minds still and not remembering a crime is possible, rapes and beastly behavior that wickermen are held out to rebutt will continue... You seriously think I would bother telling you this if I was not 100% honest and actually on your side?

Silence is just easy, silence I had, with no indication anything was going on in my life, in fact they tell me they plonked me down in this community and have done other things.. I do not know if other men are guilty or this larger mind has switched me off and done something, which I never did....

Where is my / your evidence?
That is my last attempt, if you do not have the IQ required to navigate to see possibility you will be chaffed.
Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 08:26 pm
Not complete.. Not complete by far, my apologies.

That energy phase of usual soul and mind which speaks of 'truth' and 'wisdom' as though God given to the rats, that sprout from biological random squeezes in patterned repetition, is true and is right... That the enemy seeks to find the center of such a mind and rape out all the innocence, shames me for my species.

The pain is lasting, the effects are too quickly reached as conclusion.
It is disgusting and vile that you would consider forcing minds apart for your sexual and genocidal preferences.. To be you is to be doomed... To be killed for meeting you is to truly find wisdom, in the presence of fools! I hope your carcass falls apart that bit earlier...

I am a fool for dying?
No you are a fool for hammering away the possibility of not having genocide, keeping your sanity and living any-way. Sexually deviant minds, presented us with at least twice as many problems in the last 2000 years... A thought and a moment of silence perhaps, for those who were presented 2000 times as many problems, each much like the last.
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Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 08:32 pm
i'm more concerned with parasites of a genealogical nature

but hey, they're family, right?

Merry Christmas
Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 09:02 pm
Merry xmas Smile
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