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I was taken back while watching/listening to Meatloaf and a few others belch out "America The Beautiful" with Romney on stage the other day. Ann Rand listening to that would have been flabbergasted and dropped the aspirin held tightly between her knees.

My purpose for making such a seemingly disrespectful thread title is that I am ashamed of the America I see as portrayed by The Tea Party and the Republicans. Lady liberty has Stockholm syndrome from being abducted and used so disrespectfully by the conservative right wing party.

We are a nation of immigrants, that is except for the indigenous people who have to sit back in their powwows and observe such a spectacle.

My father was a Norwegian immigrant, he came over to the Unites States landing on Ellis Island in the 1920's.

One of my father's first jobs here in the US was painting a house. I recall him telling me this story from that time. He was up on the ladder painting the house and the man who hired him was talking to his friend below, he said, "This stupid square head does not know that when he is done painting this house I am not gong to pay him." My father quietly set down the paint brush, climbed down the ladder and told the man, in English, "If you do not pay me I will not paint your house."

The American people do not know that when Romney is elected president he is not going to come good on his promises. The American people do not in general speak the same language of corporate greed that Romney and the Teapublicans speak.

The man assumed because my father was a Norwegian "foreigner" that he could not speak English. At 17 years old my father could speak 5 languages fluently .

Just like Barrack Obama, I am second generation American. My father was a Lutheran but he often spoke of the old Norse folklore with a great zeal. It is not like the Vikings were terrorist or something... (cynical)

Thus I grew up with this sense of pride in my heritage. No one has ever doubted my patriotism to this country and I have always been accepted by my peers as an American.

If I were to run for president no one would doubt my citizenship, although I have been back to Norway on visits with my parents. They took me to see the old pagan Viking ships in Oslo when I visited as a child. Never has my loyalty to this country ever been questioned. Yet, I do harbor a certain love for the "old country" as I was also raised a Lutheran.

This brings me to speculate why Barrack Obama has been give such strife over his citizenship. The Republicans claim they doubt he is a citizen. Why? Well, like myself, Barrack Obama is a second generation American on his father's side but he is also black and has a heritage from Kenya. Obama spent a short time in Muslim schools just as my parents home schooled me in the Norse mythology. Today I proudly don the name RexRed (Erik the Red) to honor my viking forefathers. Even so I am above reproach.

Yet Obama is railed upon day in and day out over his upbringing. They say he is a Muslim, even though he spent many faith filled years in Christian religion, just as I have. They say he is Kenyan born, yet all of his birth records say he was born in the US. No one has ever doubted my birth records even once.

I can only think this has nothing to do with his up bringing or his allegiance to any religion. I tend to believe if I were to be in his shoes not a single word would be said about my old Norse heritage. No, this all has to do with Obama and the color of his skin.

Barrack Obama naturally wants to see that other blacks have a fair shot at the American dream. There are no slums of Norwegians living in poverty in this country and Norwegians were never used as American slaves either...

Barrack simply wants to ensure that, figuratively, when the average black person finishes painting the house they get paid. Often this is not the case, blacks are often imprisoned for minor infractions and stopped and frisked by New York cops for being "suspicious". Even though they have just as much right to this land as any white guy. If you're a young black kid with a hoodie you might even get shot to death in Florida for going out to buy some Skittles and an Orange Crush.

America the beautiful is a land of inequality and hatred. While foreign immigrants come to this country with PHD's and speak English well... most Americans cannot even use proper English grammar in their own native tongue.

Bill O'Reilly was talking about immigration reform with black Columbia professor Marc Lamont Hill. While posing a hypothetical, O'Reilly said to his guest "Say you're a cocaine dealer, and you kind of look like one a little bit,"

Who is the stupid one, the man that the bottom of the ladder who knows one language badly and is a money bag shyster or the man on the ladder who at 17 years old knows five languages fluently? Most immigrants are skilled and highly educated.

The mindset of the Republican party is one of elitism and racist privilege. It is the height of arrogance to be turning the land of the brave (Indian brave) and the melting pot of the world into a wonder bread factory.

We are a land of immigrants and we all harbor a preference to our own homelands. For the republicans to have used this "Obama is a Muslim from Kenya" line is disingenuous, disgusting and treasonous to our own Declaration Of Independence that clearly states that all men are created equal.

Especially to hear it out of the mouth of a casino mogul whose hands are drenched in organized crime. Google "casino organised crime" and Donald Trumps picture comes up. Not to forget to mention Sheldon Adelson and his wealth derived from criminal activities.

These same Republicans use the Christian Bible, which is full of the exact same socially repressive laws that Sharia law is wholly based upon is criminal to say the least. To say their false religious myths are better than anyone else's because I they are white and privileged is preposterous.

Science takes a back seat to illogical religious fear-mongering and we are going to trust Romney to fix the economy and take our country forward? I see Romney as only setting us backward from many years of social progress.

Being a country of immigrants we all come from various background and we have all retained a residual of our heritage. Rather we should all be rejoicing in our diversity. Barrack being a Kenyan should enrich our county's heritage not subtract from it. This should be a reason to celebrate and revel in his unique culture!

It all comes down to the almighty dollar and the Republicans want to hoard the money for themselves and they don't even want to pay the middle class even if they earned it. They want to take even our jobs and abscond with them so they can make even more of a profit. They hijack religion and use it like Taliban terrorists to impose restrictions on human rights...

So they take American jobs and give these to the Chinese who allow their workers to be victimized. The Republicans do this, not out of the goodness of their hearts toward the Chinese, but only to victimize and plague the Chinese for their own personal gain. They have used the media to lie and deceive the American public to gain favor.

Then they have the audacity to butcher the song "America The Beautiful" so badly that my ears threw up... and I am sure Ray Charles is turning in his grave over this appalling spectacle. This is not "America The Beautiful" they are singing about this is "America The Ugly" mirrored by their own greedy and racist self image.
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Lustig Andrei
Reply Sun 28 Oct, 2012 05:54 pm
Is there a question buried somewhere in that autobiography?
Reply Sun 28 Oct, 2012 06:38 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
It is a discussion not a question. Smile
Reply Sun 28 Oct, 2012 07:52 pm
It seems more like a very long monologue then a discussion.
Reply Sun 28 Oct, 2012 08:01 pm
i knew somebody who got monologue once

i think from kissing
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Reply Mon 11 Feb, 2013 05:10 pm
Oh beautiful for oil spill, for nuclear waste dumps...
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