Am I crazy if I have a government in my head (hard to explain)?

Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 05:32 pm
I call it my "self-government", and it consists of me and me alone, but it's a very well-defined government that consists of "laws", "cases" (which act sort of like federal laws and can control multiple laws), and "interpretations" (like the Supreme Court and determine if something is unconstitutional or not). I have a Constitution which I'll copy/paste below, which has been in effect since 2010, but I've run the "government" since 2008. Nobody else knows about this, but I have a feeling it's not something anyone else has. I'm not religious, but I follow my self-government's laws and advice very closely. To clarify, I don't feel as if somebody else is making this government, I know it's all my doing (although sometimes I surprise myself when challenging a law or case I've passed, and I actually make a decision that I don't agree with, but I enforce on myself nonetheless because it is in the Constitution). I don't apply these laws or standards to anyone else, and I'm pretty sure there's actually a case somewhere that states this. It feels sometimes as if I am my own country, and it's sort of for my own amusement, but it's also something I follow. Anyway, sorry for rambling. Here's my Constitution:

Constitution of the Self-Government of [My name]

In order to create a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable life, I have created my self-government, which is bounded by the articles of this document.

-Interpretations serve the purpose of interpreting this Constitution.
-Interpretations hold jurisdiction over laws, cases, and other documents of my self government.
-An interpretation is effective until it is removed or modified.
-Interpretations may not, in either theory or practice, add or remove areas of this Constitution; they are only meant to interpret its language.

-I may create cases in order to create guidelines for multiple laws, or to perform actions not authorized by laws, such as adding exceptions to another law or taking large-scale actions.
-Cases hold jurisdiction over laws, though they are bounded by this Constitution and its interpretations.

-Laws may be created for any purpose allowed within this Constitution, though all laws are bounded by cases, interpretations, and this Constitution.

-No document of my self-government is permitted to conflict with another document of the same type.

-This Constitution, cases, laws, and interpretations shall be considered documents of my self-document.
-All documents shall be stored using a cloud storage service.
-Documents published by my self-government are in my domain. I may back up, print out, or cite these documents for any reason I see fit.

-This Constutution shall include a code of conduct for my self-government's actions.

-Documents passed by my self-government shall go into effect the instant the document is saved unless otherwise specified.

Each and every individual, including myself, has certain rights that may not be taken away by any means:

1. The right to speak, think, write, or express anything that is not harmful or intended to harm any individual. To harm does not necessarily mean to offend.
2. The right to peacefully protest actions of either my self-government or an external government for any reason, at any time
3. The right to either speak or remain silent at any time
4. The right to openly exercise any religion, if desired
5. The right to water, restroom usage, food, and air at any time, free of charge
6. The right to love any human and for two or more individuals to form any sort of consenting relationship without government interference
7. The right to peacefully question any form of authority without punishment

In order to establish limits of power, I hereby guarantee that my self government will at all times follow this code of conduct:

1. No document shall be passed that violates a human right under any circumstance, including emergencies.
2. No document shall be passed that is designed only to punish, avenge, or harm either myself or others in any circumstance.
3. No document shall be passed based on either religious beliefs or beliefs that harm either myself other individuals.
4. No document shall be passed that prohibits reviewing, modifying, or removing any case, interpretation, or law at any appropriate time for any reason.
5. No document shall be passed that prohibits, discourages, or otherwise blocks either the language and grammar of self-government documents or the learning of a new language.

-A weapon shall be classified as any object that is designed to cause physical harm to myself or others.
-Any object I touch or control with the intention of causing harm to myself or others shall immediately be classified as a weapon.
-I may not own operate, or touch any weapon unless I am under immediate, life-threatening danger or in a closely guarded demonstrational environment without intent to harm.

-No document shall be passed that allows my consumption of:
A) Illegal recreational drugs
B) Alcoholic beverages
C) Tobacco products

-No document shall be passed that prohibits, discourages, or otherwise blocks my right to use any form of transportation with the exception of gas-powered motor vehicles except for health or safety purposes.

-No document shall be passed that requires certain forms of media to be censored in any manner.

-Any document of my self-government other than this Constitution may be amended or removed in my discretion at any time allowed by my self-government.
-To amend this Constitution for reasons other than grammar or structural improvements that do not change the meaning or interpretation of the text, I shall approve a proposed amendment each day for five consecutive days; upon the fifth day, the amendment shall take effect if it has not been altered or rejected since its initial proposal. Each amendment shall be listed at the bottom of this document with the date of final ratification and a summary of each change made.
-No more than one amendment may await final approval at the same time.
-No single amendment may amend more than one section of this document.

-My self-government shall operate all laws under the current local time of my location.

-In the event of an emergency, any law or case may be passed, or any action may be taken, that includes any provision that, while potentially unconstitutional, does not violate any human rights or guarantees of my self-government.
-An emergency shall be defined as:
A) A situation, which, in order to continue to survive, refrain from serious harm, restrict another person from serious harm, or pass a class, current laws or cases cannot reasonably or efficiently be obeyed
B) A major, sudden occurrence that requires swift action to be taken without the ability or potential logical reason to follow current laws or cases
C) A major, sudden occurrence that affects my own or another human's ability to survive without action taken, such as a tsunami or a kidnapping

10 October 2012 AMENDMENT I: Allows immediate grammar and structural amendments to the Constitution; Requires this and future amendments to be listed with a summary; Prohibits more than one amendment awaiting final approval at the same time; Prohibits single amendments from amending more than one section of the Constitution
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Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 05:55 pm
Ami, positively incredible and I'm wondering if you participate a in anything more remunerative than a remote Internet forum. So tell us; age, sex, nationality, ed., family, work, ambitions etc
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 06:17 pm
I won't go into too much detail, but I'm a high school student in Oklahoma. I'm hoping for a master's degree in Computer Engineering. I have a website and a profile on this (separate) and other websites, but if I told you the username, it'd give away the rest of my identity. Honestly though, do you think I have some sort of mental illness?
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 06:28 pm
I don't. That's not even up there with obcessive/compulsive disorder. It's just a different way of thinking, in my opinion.

By the way, I am not so orderly.
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 06:30 pm
You have a very healthy sort of mental illness keep on that line of crzayness... Wink
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 06:35 pm
@Fil Albuquerque,
It can be an illness and healthy at the same time? Wink
Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 07:02 pm
Certain "abnormality's" "mutations" might first be interpreted as illnesses by the default dominant group, they are healthy when they succeed given their usefulness...I like to believe we all have more or less a similar dialectic in our own minds going on although most of us are not aware of it and certainly not while so young. Who knows maybe this is a sign of the internet generation giving its first fruits... Wink
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Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2012 07:08 pm
i have a government in my head too

unfortunately it's an extremely repressive regime, run by somebody sort of like if hitler and idi amin had a child
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 05:37 am
my first reaction to ur question is to say of course u r then crazy, using ur head to b is crazy enough so declarin being ruled by head amendments is the point that should force u to incarceration since u cant b allowed to declare anything

it is clear what u mean fake nonreligious preachings, meanin their pervert heads ways to reach discrimination of atheists as worse religion
it is too clear how u function too stupid too low too nothing but ****

misters and misses atheists fashion for now, the point of right is to and for and of objective truth existence which exist then by definition already and clearly as obviously not smthg to guess otherwise it wont b a right of obvious for and of and to

a contrario the point is whoever dare to say smthg, so clearly refrainin the first rule to b, the thing any is so never to say

at the end the point is to point the present that would never ever respect anything as it is forever existin only to enjoy the opportunity to step on values and make fun of rights

once that point is totally clear so objective expect the worse as the worse will finally b
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 06:07 am
You're very organized. Are you nuts? Helfino. I would say, though,that amendments and voting and such pretty much beg the question of multiple individuals. Do you feel you have multiple internal identities? I don't really mean Sybil-like multiple personalities. More like (and a lot of us have this, BTW), a face and a persona for work, one for sports (your game face), one for dating, etc.
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:08 am
Honestly though, do you think I have some sort of mental illness?
Not at all. I harbor a similar set of rules though not nearly as elegant

First, I let my Better Half make all the decisions, which is just fine with her because after all that's the purpose of the gynecomorphous set

Otherwise I emphasize the numbers 1 and 3, especially the latter. In our first 15 years for instance, I made it a point at every opportunity to put something away; but when she finally objected that I leave a mess, I switched from one such putaway to three at a time

In my system other important numbers are 6, 9, 18, 27, and 81

(Now, 6 is questionable since it entails the number 2. However it's useful when 3 isn't enough and 9 is too many)

At first my system might seem silly but Ami I imagine some would say the same thing about yours. In my defense, avoiding decisions I haven't experienced a full-blown headache in 60 years
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:25 am
well, prepare urself then to ur end

u r provin that past is forever truly the past, while i prove that the future is what bring up present rights by burrying down the past forever
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:35 am
Self governance is not a new concept. So you are not crazy, you just have too much time on your hands, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:43 am

With my apologies but I could no longer resist
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:44 am
if u govern urself moron how would u deal with others or recognize any glimse of existence which is exclusively the reality of else concept

self is u moron not smthg to rule by inventin its constitution rights
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:49 am
Ab, it's seldom clear whom you're addressing so be sure to use the "Reply" link each time
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 10:53 am
Our faculty of reason enables us to organize our collective thoughts without hesitation. Without self governance, even animals can not survive. Get your facts straight. Critical thinking goes hand in hand with self governance. Lack of critical thinking by general populations and their legislators leads to outrageous ‘con’ behaviors
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 11:51 am
no that is the lie u consciously or unconsciously mean to abuse endlessly

all and any is for a reason that is why the evil one life got the winner prize since past existence is the present killin all
with ur reasons and its reasonnings u r making that evilest could b perfections very much alive, it is anyway truth ways to mean priorities and what come first really ahead by bringing out the worse always there as the only present clear absolute living existence

truth is the only right and fact

in objective abstract terms, truth is simply the value of what is constant alone so what is clearly seen to b considered subjectively as else

what is constant so objectively perceived as an object freedom has the value of existin really so wherever u r it is the present value that clarify and support objects realities and life
but also what is constant is the value of constant value, so infinite present value in superior means of consatnt needs to constancy values for any and everything

if noone was focusin on inventin himself he would b forced to behave as being real then everything would b perfect bc there is no doubt that present exist clearly n absolutely from ever to always while future is the plus a bit beyond it but the present is an absolute actual active source of objective values

what prove what i say being correct, is the true justification of self control, which also prove how u r a liar meaning to abuse what u know by killin its truth

true justification of self control is resistence to evil possessions and forces, as the only way to mean willin to escape powerful abuse on urself rights while sittin upon

true justification of self control is individuality for true existence, so the opposite of self being

self control in truth is about the true self that has no matter form while is relative to truth freedom meaning ur future freedom rights to b present free individual active energy too as the source of free rights supports and realisations

u reverse everything bc u clearly mean to abuse what u know about existence positive constant reasons for eternal lies and crimes instead of constant right healthy wealthy realities

look, when u know smthg how does it become ur perspective alone and not that thing alone recognized existing???

how u become more by knowin smthg existence??? howw howwwwww

if smthg exist so u aknowledge it how dont u become less by being forced to accept then its fact right of existence too
how when u aknowledge smthg existence u become absolutely right in jumpin on it to possess it

u r provin how u belong to the forever past existence which is the biggest monster ever now alive

enjoy ur eternity im sure he got a lot of good surprises for ur tastes by possessin u fully forever
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Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2012 12:03 pm
just to make myself more clear bc i could look like meaning to lie about everything too

for me it is a fact that u cant go anywhere else for sure, but me is also the subject that know how only truth matter so never myself nor my true self even if it could become absolutely right

so for me i post ur ends in the means that only truth is, so even if i die or u or worse to u it doesnt change the fact that only exist and each there must keep repeatin it, u must b slaves to truth i mean truly possessed not ur fun with ur liars gods and ur life through the evilest true existing past one life

truly possessed is that u cant say a word unless it has a connection with truth u do not exist only truth exist capishi\\///
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