MC Ultimate Challenge

Reply Thu 2 Aug, 2012 11:52 pm
Hey Yo'
This goes out to all of you MC's out there!
I'm MC e-duble
I've never lost a battle before in my entire life. Ive rapped with pros like MURS and Fashawn and they couldn't come near this. So if you think you got what it takes bring it on!!!! I'm challenging all you rappers out there!
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Reply Fri 24 Aug, 2012 07:36 pm
Apparently no one wants to start so I'll open it up

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana
I'm hot on the mic like the sun in a savanna 
More aggressive than the battle over Fort Sumter
Mess with me your a calendar
Your days are numbered
Got a photographic memory that was never developed
I can't quit the game I'm already enveloped
I've won all my battles never once tasted defeat
That's cuz I'm a boiled egg
I'm hard to beat
I know I'm amazing no need for compliments
Practice safe eating 
Always use condiments
I'm sick of people looking at me strange
Just cuz I took a blind man to a shooting range
I'm messed up on the head I feel my brain blistering
I killed a def man cuz I thought he wasn't listening
Shot a hyena in the leg cuz I thought I heard him laughing
My parrot listened to rap and 
started cursing at me
One time I broke my leg and sat in the hospital
Threw a penny at two Jews an got caught in the middle
Hooked up with this one chick and said I would leave her
If she don't take prescription pills to cure her Beiber fever
Ate a Leprechauns Lucky Charms and took his four leaf clover
Curiosity killed the cat but I ran it over
G-unit might be tough but I'm the hardest
I scream at Picasso like I'm the artist!!!!!
love Pollo I'm so pro though
Your chicks crazy El Pollo Loco
MC's say they're sick take medication
I'm focused on my rhymes like a Buddha doing meditation
I've housed you with hospitality
Time to pay the rent
Just like an A/C I need time to vent
Heart cold as an Eskimo feelings deep as the sea
Can't keep up with my flow you can't be like me
You write notes I slaughter beats
You write songs I write a master piece
Stole Lady Gaga's meet dress and ran through Jurassic Park
Put on a blind fold and read a book in the dark
I'm crazy as hell but that's what makes me unique
I'm not the type of rapper that tries to be G
I'm the type of rapper that's  proud to be me
That's me
A true MC
From the 213
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Reply Sat 25 Aug, 2012 10:17 am
i obliterate your so called presentation with agrivated annotation, eliminate your so called dedication with concentrated domination, this is my decleration, an exclamation leaving an indentation ending this altercation and receiving adoration and affirmation long past its experation date so dont agrivate, ajitate or irritate me then anticipate me to exonorate and give you a clean slate rather ill eradicate eliminate then obliterate screaming check mate i just won the word war!
Reply Sat 25 Aug, 2012 05:13 pm
How am I supposed to battle you if you misspelled Agitate?
You seem to know alot about anger problems. When was the last time you had a date?
Plus your format is off, have you ever wrote lyrics before?
You better up your game because I'm starting to get bored
And talk about variety you went off of one rhyme
Look, either add some more bars to your **** or quit wasting my ******* time
Obviously your new to battles let me show you the ropes
Not the basics I mean the ones you should tie to your neck and choke
And do you know what annotating is? Your adding to the text
So you'd be taking my badass punchlines and helping me make them the best
Okay, I'm flattered you tried to rap but this just isn't your thing
Instead of working on rhymes you should keep working the register at Burger King
Or where ever the **** it is you have a job
Or are you the type of person who still lives with his mom
If your not gonna present a challenge don't bother trying to write
You couldnt make a bed rock, So how the **** you gonna rock a mic?
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Reply Tue 28 Aug, 2012 10:41 am
Who's next to battle me?
Reply Thu 30 Aug, 2012 05:47 pm
i'm new so...i guess i'll try
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Reply Fri 31 Aug, 2012 12:35 pm
i would like to battle...you go first
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Reply Mon 3 Sep, 2012 10:45 am
Some new challengers. Cool . Thanks for the reply. And even if you ain't good just give it your best

How is this the free world if nothing is free
We live in a place where pizza arrives before the police
I'm just minding my business trying to get mine
At home doing my thang on the incline
Do what I do simply cuz I love it
Take my level set the bar higher than that then rise above it
I ain't talkin bout weights no mo i hate doin a decline
My homie says im goin to Hollywood he's right
Shades on, hat low shoes tied tight
Find a chick pick a club and dance all night
Drinks in the air screaming "Olay!" 
Whole club watching me jam to some MJ
Can't dance except tonight tryna impress this shorty
The way she lookin at me she knows I'm benchin forty
Liftin up benches with people on it shorty
Get what I want when I want it shorty
Dumbass callin me dumb dumb for doin that dummy
Dumbshit son you ain't bright so you ain't sunny
I get recognized  for not bein dumb
I smartened up no battles I just wanna have fun
Matta fact I'm doin it right now
Keepin this **** runnin but I don't know how
Show me your written rhymes I'll laugh at it
Like a boxer stating he's a pacifist
Oxymoron for your asses want another I'll pass
Aww did I hurt your feelings  sorry I meant to laugh
Haha haha ha ha ha
Ghost ride like Casper goin to Six Flags

Reply Wed 5 Sep, 2012 12:38 pm
your not sick
your not ****
you suck a fat dick
your a fat prick
lol first try
Reply Sun 9 Sep, 2012 09:21 am
That's allright. I've been doin this for eight years so it comes naturally to me. I'm thinking you should work on rapping longer. Give it more structure.

Your about to whiteness history in the making
My only breaking points were the pencil points I was breaking
I'm not Tony the Tiger there ain't no flaking 
You think I ain't legit you must be mistaken
I'll leave you shook,my last victims still shaken 
Don't clash with this Titan or you'll awaken the kraken
They be like "he must be an actor the way he he improvises"
Being a bigger man all comes down to sizes 
This ain't knew to y'all there ain't no surprises
When the sun goes down my Dark Night rises
It's lonely at my level no one can keep up with me
If you ain't good enough to see me I guessed you must have missed me
While I'm out partying at bars handing out Whisky
Your probably at home eating Rice Crispy
Don't get cocky when we battle cuz then you'll get crushed
you'll be walking around hopping on one leg using a crutch 
No cheesy lines I'm busy tryna make chedda
Not like the guy who broke into Pizza Hut and stole mozzarella 
Cant touch me I'm the big cheese
I don't try to I just go out there and do me
Places I wanna perform at just can't refuse me
I'm never over like the show "I Love Lucy"
Nailing a chick like it was a crucifixion 
This ain't a habit this is an addiction
For you judgmental haters here's my jurisdiction
Your about as crazy as a satanic Christian
Reply Thu 27 Sep, 2012 06:28 pm
I got legit flow, yo, a real dancer;
Fred Astair, with moves sicker than cancer.
Looking for god? I'm the one and only answer,
and don't go looking for mercy,
I'll put everyone a y'all on a gurney.
So sorry to have your life end so early
but I'll take care of your mom, no worry,
I heard she like it real dirty!
Psych, she ain't even close to worthy.
Everything she did was a mistake-
look at you- a wannabe with no game
while I've only been in the race a few days
and already I'm storming first place.

Sorry it wasn't the best, like I said, new to the game.

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war child
Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 09:45 am
you need to get real,
indeed, this is the first battle you loose in your carrer
cause i just came here to direct you, like a steerin wheel,
all the **** you say means nothin'
you're as sweet as a muffin,
no wonder why you're quiet broke
you're not real, just a bluffin,
you're just fake as a diet coke
and ain't much you can do a after i drop this dope verse, cause when i spot you, i'll beat you on the head with your own purse,
mce-double, you ain't even seen trouble, cause your eyes will be covered with rubble, after i dig inside your head like a shovel, and leave you puzzled
i flip you upside down, you'll be farting through your muzzle
i can't leave this game,
i'm in it too deep, ain't no lie
but you don't wanna be beefin with me, your years will deplete, like a stock supply
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