Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 08:22 am
@Joe Nation,
Al Gore comes to mind right away. I am sure that there are lots of other examples. I suggest you make your list by starting with a list of Congresspeople you liked and seeing what they did after they retired (or lost an election).

Even the good guys have to have something to do after they leave public office.
Joe Nation
Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 09:46 am
Good idea.

I have a half-baked theory that no one elected to Federal Office, nor their spouse, nor any member of their senior staff should be allowed to become a lobbyist for a period of five years after leaving office. (That would prevent weapons manufacturers etc from dangling the promise of a fat-paychecked job in front of staff members' faces as they try to get particular legislation introduced to the House committees.)

Joe(We really like working with you, Max, and after this is over, we want you on our team at BigFatMedicalDrugServices.)Nation
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Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 10:47 pm
@Joe Nation,
Joe Nation wrote:
...Joe(Inhofe should be slapped hard)Nation

Yes, he should. And you'd be the person I'd choose to do it. C'mon now, don't try to tell me you wouldn't enjoy it.

E(After you're finished, you hafta hold him so I can have a turn)va
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