Why things are the way they are

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…ands what’s the nature of God

I think that I can offer some guidance to the former if not the latter. So why is there a Universe, in fact why is there anything at all; why does it contain matter and why is there gravity, why does it assume the value that it does; why does there have to be an electromagnetic field and why does it expand at velocity c; why are there humanoids and in fact any life at all

I think I can offer a preliminary answer

After recent news about the Einstein manuscripts going online I recall my own observations concerning relativity many years ago when I understood it better and now I realize that I might have had a handle on things that not even Einstein had come to realize. Of course I‘m no physicist and if I’m wrong about that my belated apologies to the man’s soul

In short things are the way they are because that’s the only way they can be. Specifically I had noted facets of relativity that challenged common sense: In the case of gravity one might conclude, well, that matter pushes space out of the way so the crowding in its immediate vicinity exerts what we perceive as an attractive effect. But what about the limitation of velocity c

Hmmm, all right, space somehow puts up a certain resistance to motion, and that at c it meets a kind of limit where resistance is infinite. Granted my speculations were purely intuitive and wild at best, explaining virtually nothing

But at least they made more common sense than the effect of motion: the compression and slowing of a moving clock. However I noted at the time, at least with respect to the latter phenom that the damn thing had to slow because if it didn’t contradictions entailed with other such effects. That is, if relativity were valid, which later proved to be the case when we could actually measure tdhe changes in a moving object, then the clock has to slow and by the value that it does. So what if all of reality likewise comports

In other words, a change in any phenom or its value will a contradiction making all the rest impossible. In other words, things are the way they are because that’s the way they have to be
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Reply Tue 20 Mar, 2012 12:59 pm
My apologies guys but there’s some sort of glitch that permits two threads to have the same title and so here’s where you want to go

Or at least I hope you will

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Reply Tue 20 Mar, 2012 01:12 pm
Please Admin or whoever’s in charge, last para of OP, "In other words, a change” please substitute “So a change”

And while I’ve got your attention, while I realize that there must be just an awful number of bad people using a2k who would abuse it I hope I have proven myself reliable and so entitled to more than 10 minutes

At FRDB I was able to persuaded them to stretch edit from 15 min to 3 hrs (though they finally banned me because I was such a pest with stuff like this) but because we’re so swamped here at a2k by those intent on Internet Forum Crime I wonder whether it would be possible to extend that courtesy to just me

Tho I realize how complex is altercation of software so if you can’t I will understand

Thank you again for a2k, it’s a gem and I love you all

PS: And then there’s the matter of its refusal to permit scrolling in the Question, Discussion, and Edit boxes…….

Oops just as I was typing the last sentence above, the scroll bar appeared. I only ask if you couldn’t provide it earlier

Thanks again for your attention to my rantings
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