Dear Republicans: Women using birth control (AKA "sluts") can also vote.

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Hawkeye thinks that's the title of a new horror film
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The title made me snork.

Single women put Obama on top, in new poll

If President Barack Obama wins a second term, he may have to thank all the single ladies: A new poll out Wednesday shows Obama crushing Mitt Romney among unmarried women by a lopsided 60%-31% margin. Overall, though, the Quinnipiac University survey found the incumbent barely edges out the Republican standard-bearer 46%-43%.

Romney enjoys what Quinnipiac called a "yawning marriage gap" — he clobbers Obama among voters who put a ring on it by 51%-38%. The Democrat beats his rival 54%-34% overall among the unmarried.

In 2008, Republican Senator John McCain beat Obama 52%-47% among married voters, according to exit polls, while the Democrat thumped him 65%-33% among unmarried people. That suggests that Obama has lost ground among married voters and unmarried voters alike. A drop would hardly be a surprise: Americans are unhappy about the sour economy three and a half years after the president took office vowing to fix it.

The Quinnipiac survey found Romney up 54%-35% among married men and 49%-42% among married women. Obama led 47%-38% among single men and 60%-31% among single women. Among the other findings, the poll showed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts scoring better than Obama on job approval/disapproval — 46%-34% for Roberts, and 45%-49% for Obama.

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute assistant director Peter Brown said in a statement about the poll that while the gender gap grabs headlines, "the marriage gap is actually larger and more telling."

"The marriage gap may be related to the different priorities and economic situations of married and single people," said Brown. "Married people are more likely to be older, more financially secure and more socially conservative than unmarried voters. The married column includes more Republicans and more white voters."

"Married voters are more likely to focus on the economy and health care, while single voters are more focused on issues such as gay rights and reproductive issues," Brown said.

The survey found that voters disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy, by a 55%-40% margin. But they don't seem particularly enthused about their choices in November, dividing 45%-46% on whether Obama or Romney would do a better job.

The poll queried 2,722 registered voters the first week of July. It had an error margin of plus or minus 1.9 percentage points.
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Reply Fri 10 Jun, 2022 02:13 pm
The truth about Republican voters is that we do not have enough male voters.

Because the republican voters are corroded with

Religious nutjobs

Zionist Israel = Republican


On the other hand we have this thing call debt and Red China are supporters of "human rights" because in their nation they do not have "human rights" and USA is this bread basket for them to live happy robot lives because they literally have no "age of consent" because they are all "nationalists" where their only concern is not being publicly executed or locked a way and thus "missing" because of "freedom of speech" or "freedom of the press" but again because everyone is being cheap and buying cheap chinar-ware instead of US mad e ( or anything but Chinar-Ware )

Point being it is a strong fact that Chinese supporters are most likely Democratic. They are so unhappy but they rather be this way for the sake of keeping the forefingers out of their nation, but still having consumers upon consumers for their products.

China = Democratic

THAT IS THE PROBLEM. See we are wedged with a problem that depends on where and who you spend your money

Rental = Jew
Plastic = Something from an Eastern factory
Jewlery ( Diamonds etc gold ) = Jew
Bank = Jew
Construction company = Jew
Weapons = Organized criminals, Police raiding evidence locker

Everything else is optional. This is the truth. All you need in life is the three Gs of being a man.

Gun ( defense self )
Gold ( you need money )
Girl ( in fact you do not need the girl. )

However that is not right. You need


And that is what you and every man needs ( and to some extent the opposite sex ).

Then you want to know about women ( or even men ) ??? They need an entire house. However their are vaginas out there that will work with you. But again most women wants a big house, with a big yard, she wants to throw parties, and wants to travel and forget about the world. Of course she has to be the girl that invites her students, co-workers, friends, and pretty sisters to your cock, or has to be giving you something like complete domination over her and family, and maybe even be a finanical invester ( not a financial major ). Trust me the only good girls are the ones who are trained by their parents ( most likely their mothers ). Again they are fixer-upers. ( like a car. )

The same could be said for men. There are a bunch of confused guys ( boys/men ) who can be more then a human vibrator, give her angry sex, and be some what supportive. You sometimes need to "fix him up" so that he would function normal. Why? chances are the parents made him and they were selfish and would not invest into him.

children = people = business = you = stocks.

Once a man Twice a child.

This means your going to age and somebody needs to take care of your business in favor of their opportunities. Like allowing your kids to use your home as a base for them to bring their dates to. Not hey lets go to religious institute and talk about god, but hey lets work on your life so maybe you could get in bed with that heiress to an entire empire.

These are things you should be thinking about. Not Blah blah blah news blocks blah blah Richie-Rich blah blah your brain is being filled with garbage.


You do not want to be by yourself, sleeping with the Mail-lady, or some STD drone. With an empty room with no reading materials, and no memories, and your children do not look up to you.

You want to be with people of your interests, outside, at the ____ club, hanging out with models, and actually being able to say "I help made the world a better place".

You have to angry but peaceful like Bob Ross or Mister Rogers through the whole thing and not turn to drugs, fat, sugar, or anything that burns your life away.
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