Non-Working Radio & Equalizer / Jeep Grand Cherokee

Reply Mon 16 Jan, 2012 11:21 pm
I own a very lightly used '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, which has not experienced any significant mechanical or electrical problems in the time I've owned it. This model came with the Gold Infinity AM/FM Radio w/Graphic Equalizer and Tape Player.

Just in the past week the radio stopped working for some reason. The strange thing is that the radio, clock and tape player all still seem to be drawing power and displaying their function on the LED displays - but there's no sound (and yes, the volume is turned up). I checked all the relevant fuses and they all seem to be solid. The one thing I did notice which might give us a clue, is the tiny LEDs at the end of each of the equalizer sliders are not lit. And since the problem seems to be an issue of sound and not whether the radio is actually working, what does this tell us? And if it is some problem specific to the equalizer, and the equalizer is integrated into the radio - what's the fix?
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Reply Mon 16 Jan, 2012 11:33 pm
that's lasted a long time for a factory radio. the EQ in my truck has been dead for a decade I would guess...

I have a guy that fixes stuff like that, but unless you are really attached to the factory unit, for about the same money you can have something much nicer that is new...
Reply Wed 18 Jan, 2012 08:39 pm
Hmm, okay. Maybe there is still some reason for hope this time.

I almost wonder whether the equalizer is really still fine in this case, because I thought I noticed that the radio display was acting "funny" (it's only really noticeable when it's dark). The radio LED display appears to be alternately displaying either the time, an FM station, or the FM station and the tape status display. So, something strange is going on here, and I'm almost wondering whether if the radio/tape interlock is somehow hung up, and is preventing the tape audio output from disengaging and allowing the radio audio output to kick-in (in the past, I've noticed that there's "delay" in the switchover to the radio when you eject a tape). This is all mostly conjecture (and maybe with a hint of wishful thinking . . .). Am I barking up a dead tree?
Reply Sat 1 Jun, 2013 06:08 pm
I thought I would add to this posting, since we got something of a little bit of weather that wasn't too hot and not too cold - which motivated me to go back and take another look at the non-working radio, especially since I thought through and eliminated a few more possibilities that has narrowed down the problem.

Through some "fiddling around", I've ascertained that the cassette tape deck is working fine - except for the lack any sound being produced. The fact that the lights on the equalizer are not lit, lead me to take a look at the equalizer unit (which is located underneath the lift-up rear seat). After disconnecting the two modular plugs and removing the unit, I check the continuity on the unit - which looked good. I also tested what appeared to be the two power leads (with the ignition in the Accessory position) - but no voltage registered. So, there appears to only be an upstream power issue, that is preventing the equalizer from functioning - although I couldn't locate anything in the user's manual that seemed to link a specific fuse to the equalizer. Other than running a pair of positive and negative power wires back to equalizer, and splicing them into the dead power inputs - what other options do I have?
Reply Sun 16 Jun, 2013 10:30 pm
Adding another further thread to this, so that others may benefit. I may be at the end of my realistic options on home repair on this car stereo system. I managed to "hot wire" current to the equalizer circuit board underneath the backseat - but it was a no-go. Apparently there's a deeper problem upstream, probably in the actual stereo unit itself. And while the unit is getting power overall, there's clearly some other problem (power-related or otherwise), which is affecting the equalizer unit - and preventing the power and audio output from being routed to the equalizer circuit board (processor?), which ultimately sends sound to the speakers. Unless I can rectify the "behind the scenes problems" we may be at the end of the road on this now 18 year old stereo system - which really did produce some really nice sound. As someone upstream noted, I got my money's worth.
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