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Wed 26 Jun, 2019 11:14 am - Yes, on reflection - now I see (realize) what you mean. When I've seen joiners used, they're used to square the [u]edge[/u] (vs. the surface) of the wood stock. Conversely, a planer... (view)
Wed 26 Jun, 2019 09:14 am - Hmm. Well, this was partially satisfying - or at least the part about how in comparison to [url=]farmerman's[/url] friends, I've still got all my... (view)
Sun 23 Jun, 2019 09:38 am - I've been and continue to be an emerging woodworking enthusiast. That really translates into the fact that while I've still got all my fingers . . . I mostly know nothing. I've... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 09:53 pm - Although there's been a six month interlude since this post originally went up, I thought I would close it out - with the apparent solution, for the benefit of future readers. When we... (view)
Mon 27 May, 2019 03:34 pm - I've got a B&D Edger that I bought used a while back. Other than having to replace the spindle gear once, it's worked well over the years.... (view)
Mon 24 Dec, 2018 03:37 pm - Right up there in one of my regular category of repair projects best characterized as "cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer", I want replace a failed photocell that's part of an... (view)
Mon 3 Dec, 2018 05:55 pm - Just to maybe try and semi-close out this posting - at least until the weather warms up again, here's an update. The "numbskull" omission of not grounding the spark plug proved... (view)
Sun 25 Nov, 2018 12:12 pm - I have an exterior deck door that's constantly exposed to weather and wetness, so both the door and the threshold are always susceptible to water damage. I've gotten a handle on the... (view)
Thu 22 Nov, 2018 09:08 pm - The more we exchange "off-topic" about the other posting [u][url]([/url][/u], probably the more confusing this gets for [u]anybody[/u] else who... (view)
Wed 21 Nov, 2018 09:26 pm - Dang, I've experienced my regular failure - of not reading things thoroughly. I totally missed both the suggestion and the option of wrapping the drive belt. My boss at work always likes to... (view)
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