If we were all color blind... ?

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Reply Sat 23 Jan, 2021 05:38 pm
OP: Are we all color blind? Yes. My favorite color is blue.
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Reply Sat 23 Jan, 2021 08:10 pm
As you have no free will the meaning you juxtapose over the world is the one you NEED to do and that Nature does through you. You are a walking POV, a witness, a specific perspective of Nature upon itself.
Reply Sun 24 Jan, 2021 01:22 am
Albuquerque, If what you mean is each is having a very particular experience of the world. I would say yes, but there is a certain level of commonality across the board relative to said nature. We, our common biology are the consciousness of the world. the world's way of coming to know itself.
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Reply Fri 5 Mar, 2021 08:18 am
Okay, so not simple red-green but actual achromatopsia. For purposes of discussion, these are not genetically unable to see colors but whose color receptors have somehow fallen dormant.

Well, I suppose it would be no different from the human populace being unable to see and hear God. Except we would have no means of even imagining the word "green" or "blue." If we're being honest about who Jesus is, he is sorta like a man from a duplicate race of humans, who can see colors , trying to teach others how to use their eyes properly . Or a returner to Plato's Cave who saw the sun.
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Reply Mon 8 Mar, 2021 08:04 pm
If it takes "intellectual apparatus" to detect any sensory data, that to me is circular, and thus confining one, or many, as a matter of fact, to boundaries self -imposed. This is exactly where my "theory of brain" comes from. Yes, I fully agree, "philosophers love to make **** up", lol, but I would also bring to the table that the entire "scientific method" does the exact same thing; thereby indoctrinating the masses, under the guise of "higher education". After having offended most minds on this subject, I take your continuum theory one step further, and dissolve opposites.... All just head games, if you ask me. Consider, if there is such a thing as Reality, and therefore Truth, then the Experience of lies does not legitimize their existence.... Nope. Just means we give them life....
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