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Reply Mon 17 Mar, 2014 04:37 pm

Geez, glitter, get well post haste, please. Do you know what did the dastardly upthebazoo?

Memories of myself having projectile vomiting (leaped to the shower area, mostly made it) while at the same time, same bathroom, within seconds, having the worst diarrhea ever. Or diarrhoea. Talk about a bad date. That was in '71.

Mine was from raw oysters that I politely tried at Mismloya beach on the Mexico coast. The fellow I was there with, a doc, still a pal, all these many years, and I met two m + f lawyers from Mexico city, at a time of year the beach wasn't crowded yet. Nice convivial conversation, and they wanted to treat us.

I haven't been near a raw oyster since. Obviously not their fault.

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Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 06:20 am

Foundy, the report that you linked is about a month old and they have changed the way they are doing things now. Firefighters are only allowed in the mine for 2 hours at a time, then have to have a 2 hour break away from the mine. The fire is under control now, but they are saying it could still burn for a few more weeks yet. In another part of the mine there is a fire that has been smouldering for 40 years - no, that's not a typo, forty years - and has flared up now, so while they have all this specialist equipment there they are going to put that out too.

I haven't actually been down there yet so I'm not in any danger. I really hope to get there, because I have done Incident Control Centre support before, but not Staging Area work.
Reply Wed 19 Mar, 2014 03:28 pm

I can see you absolutely LOVE your work Cherrie, that's awesome.. Passion is a wonderful thing to have I think.

40 years? Like a volcano that hasn't erupted just boiling away slowly scary really.

I hope you do get there then given they seem to be taking precaution for people's lives just sounded a tad scary to me.

Oysters - LOVE them too Osso, Tom-Patrick - bacon, black sauce, tomato sauce, grilled.


Goodness, there was three flocks of white galahs this morning, talk about noisy but beautiful.. I would say around 300 of them? Just watching some ahead, waiting for one flock, then turning around and joining them and as they got further into the distance, flapping their wings they looked like tiny stars in the sky flickering. Best thing I've seen in ages.

I think we forget to look beyond sometimes.

Anyone seen anything they class as spectacular recently?

Reply Mon 24 Mar, 2014 06:48 pm

I don't know about spectacular, but speaking of birds, now that the weather is cooling down a bit I am seeing quite a lot of lyrebirds again. They seem to prefer to be out when it is a bit dark or overcast. But I'm fairly sure they are where the expression 'bird-brain' comes from, they are not the smartest creatures. I often see them on my way to work, they will be on the side of the road scratching in the dirt, perfectly safe where they are. Then they look up and see a car coming and decide the other side of the road would be safer. So they start running across, but when they get about halfway they suddenly realise they were fine where they were, turn around on the spot and race back. So when I see any beside the road I slow right down, because I know what is going to happen.
Wombats aren't any brighter. They will start to cross the road and then just stop right in front of you.
Reply Wed 26 Mar, 2014 07:01 am
Sturgis wrote:


the popular three steps forward, two steps back, which is still a forward of one step which is where the positive enters into it.

Glad you recalled those old math lessons too! Saying there is always a positive in a negative reminded me of how two negative integers add up to a positive integer. (and they were sure I wasn't paying attention back then)

Got some licorice in as well so that'll tend to the sweet tooth Back later...

MORNING (how does this actually work?)

math and licorice

a good study desk combo

not much of a writer lately

seems like life is all about summaries lately

maybe it's all that time isolating in dance?

time to put it all back together

hugs and friendly handshakes to all
Reply Wed 26 Mar, 2014 03:28 pm
They are strikingly beautiful birds I think. Same problem here but with foul pigeons. I do the same which really can be a dangerous thing on a main road Smile

My Mother called my ex-husband Wombat. Was never sure why I mean he was shorter than me? His answer to her the very first time?

"Eats roots and leaves". Lucky my Mother had a sense of humor Wink
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Reply Wed 26 Mar, 2014 03:30 pm

Dancing is better for the soul than writing and from what I see, amazing fun as well .. Smile

Handshake? Reminds me when I list a property to a couple, I give her a kiss on the cheek and then shake his hand and say " Don't know you yet, sorry about that" they always seem to laugh Smile

Oi, Sturgis, up-date x

How is everyone?
Reply Thu 3 Apr, 2014 03:55 am

Been neglecting this thread - so not fair!!! Sorry First Word!!! and all who sail in her Laughing Laughing Laughing Oops - silly season starting early - must be because our clocks went forward an hour on Sunday - that's enough to make anyone turn silly.

Yes, Sturgis - updates please - how are you? We worry so much about you when you are missing in action - who else is there to nag us when Dutchy's laid up and you are away - we need you here, dear friend, pronto!!!

Hi Foundy -Hi Cherrie - Hi Glitterbag - Hi Bill - Hi Spades - Hi Rockhead - Hi lurkers and loiterers everywhere (we know you are there) - Hi anybody else that I might temporarily have omitted. AND HI DANNY AND ANNA - out of sight but not out of mind!

And lastly, Hi trolls - you may not be typing but .......... http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/rage/troll-typing-by-feet-smiley-emoticon.gif
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 02:35 am

Poor First Word, is it a male or a female? I haven't quite worked that out : ) Wait, sail in her, a female, wait oops silly season hey it was April's fool the other day darn we missed it, I could have said I was pregnant or something Smile

It's verrrry scary in the morning here, Cherrie may feel the same pending on what time she wakes up. At 6.30am I can't see a think it's so dark, we are the reverse from you Von.


I know full well that Dutchy would be peeved that you aren't standing up for the MEN on this thread, I mean you two tried, you really did, frightened to do it alone without his back-up? I can see him laughing and saying no way WITCH, he can do it.

Actually, speaking of. His son and family visited today, they are about a 6hr drive from him not so by plane. I imagine he was in his element and looked pretty sharp for the Grandkids, wait he likes to still do that for the Nurses Smile I can't visit yet, I have developed a cold/flu, not sure Sad Though 2 days of 12hr shifts might have something to do with it. Yet, we go on. Just don't want to give this to Dutchy understandably.

That Troll thing typing, I have no idea where it came from but it's doing my eyes in Von : )

So I'm going to start another little part of a venture for my business wish me well, meanwhile I paint a house to sell, that rhymed? Mine anyway to much of a burden, so much maintenance, rent is good but just too hard, I'm too old. Did I say that? Must be the tablets sniff, sniff.

Yes, Von who is everyone ? Sheez, Dutchy WILL sneak a look here and there I know he will, being a Witch and all. And, I know this is well HALF his thread now, not whole, I'm the BOSS, yep Dutchy Smile But, I also know he'd be pleased to hear how everyone is EVEN if they are sick STURGIS.

Sooooo... Please continue don't make fun of my cold/flu or else !!!
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 04:10 am

Make fun of your cold, Foundy - would I http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/sick/blowing-runny-nose.gif do something like that. http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/sick/cold-smiley-emoticon.gif

Here's a nice doctor to tend to your needs http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/sick/doctor-smiley-emoticon.gif

Only logged on for a few minutes - have to go out into our smog (has it been on your news - we have pollution from the Continent hitting us from one direction and Saharan sand coming another way - we're going to be wearing face masks when we leave the house if this carries on! (Joking, of course, but hey - it is pretty bad out there). Cars are coated in white sandy dust!!

Popped back to say Hi to Ossobuco - omitted you from my last post - sorry about that Osso, I've probably missed out someone else important too. Hi ehBeth - Oops my memory!!!

Be back later - meantime, where is everybody?

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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 12:23 pm
Hi Vonny, I'm here today for awhile. My 6 year old Vizsla has become very ill, they think it's either a liver inflammation, or liver infection or hopefully not a serious liver disease. Our previous vizsla lived to be almost 13, I've never had a dog get this sick at such an early age. We do have more than adequate vet care in this area which can provide sophisticated tests, care and surgeries. When my Sadie had disc problems we had to shlepp her out to Virginia for an MRI. I don't tell folks how much money we have spent taking care of our dogs, because they will tell me I'm nuts. Maybe I am.

Hopefully within the next hour our vet will call with the liver values, I'm praying the values have dropped. We made an appointment with a liver specialist so we see him Tuesday. We are not sacrificing care for loved ones to take care of Sophie, so we shall see. We will do what's doable to make her comfortable and hopefully recover, but we will not allow her to go thru extreme surgeries that will do nothing but create agony for our pup. I'm hoping for a clear roadmap, but our last two dogs we held on to for too long, because it's so hard to let go, but we promised ourselves we will do what's best for our dogs and not let them suffer because we don't want to let go. People who are ambivalent about pets think we are crazy, but our dogs are part of our family and we are their pack. My Grand daughter loves our dogs and Sophie is pixelated with her. She will actually roll on her back and whine for her attention, until Gia comes over and hugs her or rubs her belly.

OMG, now I'm getting a sugar headache over my own maudlin long winded pity party. I'll be back later.

Also I'm especially keen on hearing about Dutchy, is he getting appropriate care? How is he feeling? I miss trading innuendos with him, and hope he gets comfortable enough to chase our skirts again soon. Later A2K pals. GB
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 12:48 pm

Hope is the word that immediately springs to mind upon reading your post. Oh GB, how awful that your beloved Sophie has become so very ill. Six is still such a baby age in a dog - far too young to have a life-threatening illness - poor Sophie. And poor you. I hope and pray that it is just a liver inflammation and not some awful disease. It sounds as if you have a good vet - fingers crossed that when they call it will be with good news.

I agree with you about not putting a dog through extreme surgeries - but it is so very hard to make that decision. Has to be done though. Let's hope it's not a decision you'll have to make for Sophie -she's so very young.

Nothing crazy about loving a dog to the sort of degree that you obviously do. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life - and that of my husband too. Our dogs are our family!

Foundy has posted about Dutchy - here on FW I think, and on Yabber Liner. Not been here much myself today, so I must catch up. I think he's doing well though.

Good luck with the vet/phone call/Sophie.

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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 02:42 pm

Basically when I can, that's about the time I will resume posting somewhat regularly.

Currently in a small medical weirdness which has sidelined me daily (and nightly too). Treatment on legs changed, seems to be working. Other medical things popped into the mix, tired, lacking ambition at the moment. See doctor early Monday.

Nothing much to add on me. Hoping Miss Foundy gets past her cold, try drinking blueberry tea (even if doesn't help eliminate the cold symptoms you can enjoy the blueberry taste and the scare people get as your tongue

changes color).

glitter, sorry and sad to read your young one is having these medical worries. Hopefully they can get it figured out and put her on an easy path to recovery. Keep us updated.

Okay, as usual I am leaving people out I am certain, it's not intentional just a little off at present, it'll pass I am sure.

Good to read Dutchy is considerating a return to the computer, even if only mainly for reading things here it would be beneficial. After all he is The Boss and it's necessary to keep things going here during his absence...or else certain witches shall suffer his wrath!

Foundy, this may be a strange place but see if you can hopefully get a few of these pelican photos to Danny. Not sure why but I keep thinking about pelicans the last several days and something says that he should see some.

We start with the dapper and well dressed pelican:http://static03.mediaite.com/sportsgrid/uploads/gallery/top-hat-logos/pelican.jpg

3 happy pelicans flying over to visit Danny and bring him fresh garliced prawns:https://www.grahamowengallery.com/photography/birds/White-Pelicans-3.jpg

Here we find some Australians dressed in tuxes for a night out:

and here we find some folks discussing Florida life:

That's all for now.

Back later...
Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 02:53 pm

Hi Sturgis, so good to see you, even if just for a little while. Love the photos! England's covered in a fine Saharan dust at the moment so we're all going a little crazy - and you think you have problems! Laughing Which has nothing to do with anything, but that seems to be the effect you have on the ladies on this thread Laughing Laughing Laughing

In truth though, very sorry to hear you are still having medical problems - gosh, you must be so tired of doctors and nurses. I hope your new treatment continues to work and your poor legs get better - must be pretty hard to have to put up with so much pain and worry for such a long period of time. You don't get much relief do you! Other problems arisen? Oh no - you already have more than enough - I do hope they aren't too serious. I'm sure Foundy will have a spell or two in her armoury when she's back (witches can't heal themselves, so you'll have to be patient - let her cold run its course!).

And none of us want to suffer Dutchy's wrath do we? Yikes - Sturgis is well and truly back, whipping us into order.

Good to see you here - even for a short visit.
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Reply Fri 4 Apr, 2014 03:00 pm
Sturgis, I hope your ills are quickly resolved. Being sick for weeks or months at a time is so depressing. I know that sounds trite, but I remember being so tired I would sleep for 3 or 4 days. It was chronic fatigue syndrome, but I was lucky it only lasted 10 years. I don't know how I became sick and don't have a clue why it went away, I'm just grateful. However, many people deal with actual life threatening conditions, it sounds wimpy to complain about exhaustion. There was no pain, except for my dependable migraines, just zero energy that no amount of sleep could refresh. Get well and get back, we have a deficit of testosterone here, need to balance out the estrogen. We're depending on you.
Reply Sat 5 Apr, 2014 03:54 am

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a terrible thing to have. One of my cousins was struck down by it - and she lived alone in Scotland with several dogs and horses. The illness was really life changing for her. Now down to just three dogs, and minus the horses, not easy but she copes.

How's Sophie - hope the results were good from the vet?

Found the following on one of RexRed thread's and thought it fitted on FW pretty well - I'm sure Dutchy and Sturgis will approve!

Reply Sat 5 Apr, 2014 03:33 pm

"Taunt the Witch they said" eh.... Smile I'd like a better looking Doctor too please Von !! Wink

Dear Sturgis, good to see you. Sorry, there appears to be a few extra things now on your list but good to hear that the legs are getting better I think? Smile And we know, when you feel well enough you are here, when not you are not but you can't blame us for checking up on you !!

You need a nice meat pie, with mash potatoes a tad of sauce maybe, and some fried onions... Smile

Reminds me of the blue smarties, I definitely can't eat those, imagine me walking around like a blue tongue lizard? Wink

The Pelicans he'll love and I for sure will print those out. We have had a resident pelican decide to hang about with the ducks lately, in the ponds, perhaps Dutchy's seen that before near his house, as he too has some ponds nearby Smile

Good luck MONDAY let us know x

GS - I sent you a PM re liver problems and my experience with little Missy. I can't recall what the food was either, canned rubbish Smile But, gentle food and she loved it in the end, bless her 17 years of life.

How is Sophie? What was the verdict?






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Reply Sat 5 Apr, 2014 03:47 pm

as in crazy about some person or animal or thing -

love the pelican and spca woman, what a photo.

We had scads of pelicans back at the California coast. How I miss them, how I miss them. My belly can whale about it.
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Reply Sun 6 Apr, 2014 02:01 pm

No pelicans, but we did have a couple of ducks in our garden this morning! We got rid of the pond two years ago, so no idea why they came - but lovely to see them. They stayed for quite a long time too. (not my photograph - I didn't have time to get my camera out).


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Reply Tue 8 Apr, 2014 08:57 am

Medical stuff moving along, saw the doctor and she says other than the ongoing issues my health is good. Okay, it's decent.

New treatment on legs is odd. It's a former of sea algae on these large panels. I still get to itch and have stabs of pain; but, have the new "thrill" of a temporary burning as it starts working. Ya for me!

Glitterbag, I tend not to compare or rate my health (or other life matters) as what I have is my challenge and yours would be yours. From here at least to be honest yours seems worse. Just from the standpoint of the mystery attached to it both prior and during the illness. My current thing was an easy diagnosis, the trouble has been finding a suitable treatment- and they have tried several so far. It is also known to be a chronic disease so my future is somewhat known whereas the chronic fatigue which you had/have seems to appear from nowhere and then defies identity.

Hmm... so much for not comparing. Oops Embarrassed

Other than that things going nice, weather although wet ha warmed which is a great relief.

I would add more now but my fingers are tired since I am using the phone to enter this message.

That said, hope all are well today.

Back later. ..

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