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Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:14 am

Forgot the budgie!

Budgie - hurrah - darling little birds. We had one many years ago - a wonderful little chap with masses of personality. Wish now that we'd had two - they are sociable little creatures, two would have been nicer I think. I believe there is less chance of them escaping and flying off if they are a pair? But less inclined to talk if you have more than one. Looking forward to seeing photos of him/her/them.
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Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:15 am

Man you need sleep beautiful............

Ok 60 - 80 is better than 100....

Maybe lesson later? Eggplant that's Greek or is it Smile

L5 Disk has gone goodness me, trying to get over a cold, think I have enough, well I am going that's it, if I can walk LOLS. Only in my life.

That is my favourite saying this year.


Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:39 am

Last time 60 to 80 was forecast it reached over 100 - so I'm not holding my breath!

Sleep - what's sleep? Hah - one day I'll catch up on it. Meantime ... but moving on ... sorry to hear your back is causing you problems - take care!

Sturgis - where are you? Ages since you posted on First Word - or have I missed something? Cherrie - Glitterbag - Monica - quiet out there - hope you are all safe and well.

Dutchy - how are you doing? Lovely to see your name everywhere on the A2K games threads.
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 03:27 pm
100 ahhhh

Have to admit, I've been doing a lot of afternoon sleeping but I am feeling MUCH better for it... Na, it's just the nerve near an injured disk, seems ok this morning, not sure what I did yesterday, I certainly wasn't hanging from a chandelier or something Wink


Is that all? Think so...........................................




Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 03:34 pm

Wow indeed, Foundy - some incredible images! Hey - is that Sturgis on a Harley-Davidson? Laughing
Hope your back is lots better. Mmmm -yes -we believe you, ahem, no swinging from chandeliers eh? Bet you didn't know we had a camera rigged up in your bedroom yesterday! Laughing

Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 03:36 pm


Where are you going with my bird cage? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 03:56 pm

Went to get you a couple of budgies! Enjoy!!!

Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:03 pm
Aweee DARN, now I have to get two as I see that Gift, as a sign hehe.
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Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:04 pm

Yes, I'm sure we can some of us recall with mixed emotions those days spent at summer camp. Two weeks out in the wilds of Connecticut with at least a hundred other children and those poor unfortunate counselors.

We were stuck those weeks in an area known as Glenwood. Don't laugh or say anything or I'll be forced to sing our theme song (which frighteningly enough I still remember).

Strange place, camp. Mercy was bestowed upon me as I never returned there.

Not entirely true, I did end up spending a 4 day weekend there a few years later with a church group. It hadn't gotten any more exciting. They still expected us to cook over an open fire or in a trash can which substituted as an oven. Water came from somewhere although I have no idea where. Maybe we lugged it up from the creek or caught it in barrels when it rained. I have no idea.

Eventually someone came and got me and I went home. Or did I? It's been several years so there is confusion as to where my body landed when finally they freed me from my two week sentence. Perhaps cousin Obadiah came and fetched me.

No, it was in truth the strange church lady who got stuck with the task. She was a little odd. She drove a car but that's about all that my mind recalls. No idea of the model, year, color. Good thing she did too, since, to the best of my knowledge I don't have a cousin named Obadiah.

Oh wait it was a 4 door sedan.

Was not a happy camper.

The weather here has been less than idyllic. Between the cold and snow and the mixed rain/snow/ice events most people are well through with winter. Too bad the various groundhogs and hedgehogs and warthogs have told us there'll be an extra 6 weeks.

Oh goody!

Been a little off to the side, things in my brain, thoughts that sideline me. Nothing major just the way I can get at times. Realize there may be something more, just not aware yet what that may be. Then again, maybe it is nothing.

Saw the doctor, apparently I will live. She asked if I wanted a referral to a neurologist. Decided to wait a month or more and see what happens. Shaking a great deal at times, then it seems to ease. Bothersome perhaps; but, nothing that I'd figure as fatal. (and I've watched medical dramas so clearly I must be a medical genius myself, right? I said, RIGHT?
Harumph! Nobody is agreeing with me.)

Eventually I will get the referral and deal with whatever they decide to do....likely more prodding and poking and ziillions of questions. Bliss.

Have been seeing about the weather over in England. YIPES! Does not look at all nice. Hope it settles down there soon.

So just what were you doing Foundy to end up with this back pain? Sure you say that you weren't hanging off a chandelier, but where's the proof? Where are the photos of you not doing that? Personally I think you were sliding down banisters in the places you were showing as a way to let people know they could extend the life of the stairs if they used the railing.

Not much to say around here, just wanted to check in and notice what was happening here.
Hope people are well and keeping out of trouble.

Back later...
Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:20 pm

Oh, I can't resist the opportunity to post this song -thank you Sturgis, for (unkowingly) giving me the opportunity ....

Summer camps are more of an American thing than a British - although I did go pony trekking for a couple of weeks every summer - guess it wasn't all that different.

Sorry your health is still giving you some anxious moments - let's hope they get the shaking and suchlike sorted out before much longer - you had enough to put up with last year, be great if you had a healthy spring and summer this year -build you up to face the winter months better.

Weather here is just too awful -gales blowing even as I write - it's like living in a washing machine - in the middle of a spin cycle at the moment! "Now is the winter of our discontent" - let's hope it's made glorious by some summer sun! What can we do - sing?

Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 07:24 pm
Hi all, jut to let you know I'm still around albeit in Hospital. Going through lots of tests again and presently am on a course of antibiotics. No pain and feeling good except my inability to walk. Due for cat-scan today.
Waves from downunder
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Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 02:40 am

Well my recall was floating on IDK, a raft made of logs. A few of us sounds like fun yes? And then came Pamela Finger, yep poor child and her Father was a teacher, looked like you Sturgis!!! Wink But grey... And poor love got picked on so yep, I was her friend. But, not THAT close sheez... As she fell off into the water and I reached out for her and she PULLED me under, then climbed on ME to get to the surface to live.... Whilst I am down there somewhere, fighting to get her off me ,get OFF me... Phew, she climbed back up and I became free.

Try that for where is the water Wink

CAMP fires .... What the? Oh Sturgis, you haven't lived until you've lived rough. The beauty of a camp fire, well except the food off course, then again, when we were young, we camped by a river and we cooked fish... Now that was awesome.... I would do that again.

Obama is your Cousin? Wink


Not sure what is happening.. .But I don't like it. I just watched our SBS news, world wide and they are talking "everywhere" Japan has so much snow people have died, or been injured 20,000 without power, 1700's was the last time the water levels apparently were like they were in England, Poland has problems, Aussieland has it's highest hot weather and it's here in Adelaide... I can see where this Earth is heading, as predicted ONE day, under water and on fire.

Sigh, at least I won't be here.

STURGIS, this is sad news, so sorry... Shaking all the time or most would be horrible... I just deal with an "injury" can't complain... Though I could tonight so this is my last post... But, I understand, shirt most here would understand, you go to these people and they just do test after test after test and your prodded and stuff and can they do much? IDK... Use your MIND, it's powerful... And, what you know , in looking after yourself but please don't prolong something if it's giving you grief either... Sometimes you have to be prodded lord sometimes I have foot and mouth decease ... But have a think over the next few weeks. We love you and don't want you to go through this... Sad

NAH actually I have chandeliers in both homes, I'm selling one, too hard, tenants , gardens , maintenance, owe the banks, just get rid of it, start again with Mr D... much better idea... But, I twas not hanging, though I would, that would be me to try Smile Have no idea? It's doing it again tonight, referring down my leg... I THINK that because I got a man flu Wink Always happens, if sick, the injuries play up, sorry I didn't have any thing exciting to say as to why Smile


Looked GOOD:) Gotta say Dutchy, Anna looked awesome Smile SHE DID... Younger even.. It was wonderful to spend an hour with you darling. I just wish I lived near all of you, I truly do.

Just keep letting them work it out... and stop making Anna make you food because you don't like "that" food... What was her name? Stacy? The Nurse? Nice and she's single Smile


Ok Red couldn't be replaced what bird can?

But now introducing VIOLET who swings and HARRY well he's such a larrikin I think...


Already, checking out the other birds Wink


Just trying to show the violet under the lemon, really pretty .

Lastly, shorn Rawaii hehe, sleeping


DINNER time late 7.15pm... and relax and early nightttt

Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 10:20 am

But now introducing VIOLET who swings and HARRY well he's such a larrikin I think.

Love them! Laughing They are beautiful. Gosh, Violet and Harry - welcome to Foundy's world!

Great photos. First of many, I hope.
Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 03:09 pm
It's been interesting watching them Von Wink As babies and as they were inside a cage with others, these two kissed each other hehe, I observed for a while, hence why I got them both, but watching them fascinated with the outside world, other birds, air, sun, swinging away which they have had a swing, is kinda cute. THEY are talking away at present... Smile

MORNING ALL !! Well it is from my side of the World.

Be safe.
Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 04:06 pm

Lovely to see a pair - so glad that you decided to get two. They may never talk but they will be a lot less lonely this way! Utterly gorgeous! Wonderful to watch them - you have so much pleasure in store!

Rawaii looks adorable too - little darling!

NIGHT ALL - from my side of the world.

Reply Sun 9 Feb, 2014 06:49 pm

Thank you for dropping by gorgeous Foundy, it was nice to have your company whilst Anna was here, really made my day.

Nurses are nice but not a patch on you two.Smile

Otherwise notmuch happening. Waves from downunder
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 01:25 am

Hello ratbag Wink You're welcome, enjoyed seeing you both as always, Anna has a way of making me laugh so pleased it made your day. x

Haha.. I vouch for that, well as much as Anna looked FANTASTIC...

Me neither it's called work, work, work.... Little birds are having fun, that's good and they are sooooooooooooo cute.... Kissing and swinging, gave them some "real" sticks to sit on and that's where they are, as well as biting it Smile

D is home tonight, BBQ stuff cooking any other way in this weather Smile x
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 03:12 pm

You are probably used to big waves in Australia, but waves like this are pretty new to us here -





And still it continues ....
Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 03:53 pm

Firstly, why on earth would anyone be that close!! I know this is also wrong, but they are spectacular photos, whilst definitely scary.

Goodness me..

I do recall at 11 years of age, a family outing by the sea, for fish and chips, Mum, Dad, my Bro and Grandma and off course me.

Grandma decided to wind the window down to view the waves, they were huge! Don't blame her, I would have probably done the same but right at that split second a huge wave came up and you guessed it, smack through the window and drowned her so to speak. The look on her face? Priceless, I don't think we stopped laughing for at least 1o minutes.

The waves we look at when stormy are beautiful because they are far enough usually away from destruction.

I can only imagine the fear over there at present.

Thanks for sharing Ms Von.... stay safe.

Have to start early today, office calls at 9am....

Hugs to everyone... On the other end of scale here, have to go and water the gardens another 40 degrees next couple of days.

Reply Mon 10 Feb, 2014 04:12 pm

Water the garden - love it - OMG - we're living in Waterworld here!

The sea is always beautiful - and the big waves are exciting - some surfers still managing to go out in one or two locations (shudder - so brave - so foolhardy - such fun!) - but this extreme weather is wearing. When will it end!

Even our fishermen can't get out to earn a living - too dangerous. Farmers can't get into their flooded fields. Transport links are closed in many places. Bit of a mess really.

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