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Reply Wed 22 Jan, 2014 06:24 am
BRRRRR .....

I don't envy you the cold weather you're getting at the moment - awful to go out in that raw coldness - especially when you've had a bout of illness. Here in the UK we are in the midst of an unseasonably mild winter - this time last year we had deep snow and it was freezing hard.

Don't envy you your heating bills either - staying warm is a costly business these days. Power companies here in the UK are constantly putting up their prices - the advice of those who 'know' is to switch suppliers. Switch suppliers - to whom? They all increase their prices eventually!

You ought to start a thread about your problems with the heating on various floors of your house - there's usually some expert on hand to give advice. I found the thread about leaving taps dripping overnight (to stop pipes and tanks freezing) pretty useful and have bookmarked it for when we eventually get our 'normal' weather - bound to happen at some point.

I've often wondered about just how much information our brains can store without freezing or overloading in some way. I visualise a huge computer in one's head - gradually filling up with more and more and more ....... pity we can't CClean and Defrag regularly, just to keep them running more efficiently!

Glad to hear you're over the worst of the bronchitis. Pity it's left you with a residual cough though - sooooo annoying. What sort of appointments are you talking about people cancelling? Work related?
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Reply Thu 23 Jan, 2014 03:40 pm

Hi there Glitter, I have to say, again this morning you made me laugh whilst "trying" to reply to a thread, seems you have a few admirers here Wink

A couple of years ago I went off my tree at the ETSA supplier, $1200 for a quarter WT? So I can definitely feel for you over $458 for a month. It sounds as if the wires are crossed somewhere and that middle floor is shut off and it's the third floor that is on, I guess bringing someone out who handles air cons is expensive but maybe just a call out? The ETSA bill sounds as if something is wrong and no doubt bumping the bill up dramatically.

I think we retain mentally things that we want to, whether it is something we are worried about or something we enjoy and we don't retain anything else because it's just too much Smile

You never mentioned if you are keeping warm.. It's worrying with bronchitis and don't worry about people thinking that you are using illness as an excuse, that's their problem. Bad Customer Service to start with they should have said, "Sorry to hear that, get well and we will re-schedule when you are ready"...

Talking about peeves .

The Tennis was on in Melbourne whilst we were there, everywhere we went " Are you here for the Tennis? " NO.. just here, because we wanted to be.... By the time I heard this question 10 times and entered a clothes shop to hear it for the 11th, I was ahhhh well..... In any event, she wouldn't get it, she asked I said no, so she asked again, I said "no" again so then she said, "well everyone else who has come into the shop is here for the Tennis"... And, so I left the building. I mean what?

Some people have no skills whatsoever, but I love Melbourne.

So how is Von, Dutchy, Sturgis, Cherrie and the lurkers, always watching, judging Wink

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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 03:09 pm
Hello all, pretty sure all symptoms of bronchitis have been erased. Still pretty cold but last winter was very mild. Daylight is lasting longer, looking forward to Spring. Some birds have returned to the area, last week I saw a Bluejay, a Mocking bird and about a dozen Robins. The mocking birds usually make/ or refurbish a nest in the Crepe Myrtle, you can always tell when babies hatch because the birds dive bomb the dogs and sometimes us.

I've been feeling better, but my poor husband has an UTI. Took him to ER last night, got some antibiotics and took him to Urologist this morning. Yesterday morning he told me he felt like he was getting sick, but went to work anyhow. Called him at 2 to see how he was feeling, he said he felt terrible. If my husband says he's sick, he is really really sick. He agreed to come home and I called the salon to cancel a 2 o'clock manicure for today, and was reminded of the 24 hour cancellation period. I reminded the receptionist that I was giving 23 and a half hour notification. Then I asked her, would you postpone medical treatment for your husband because your nails were more important.

I know the Salon owner, so I called her after I got Rodney home. She understood how ridiculous it sounded to say, I'd love to take you to the doc, but you'll have to wait until after my manicure.

Well, time to reheat the Chicken Soup and check on husband. His temperature is elevated so he's freezing. How are all the rest of you. I haven't seen Dutchy, hope he's doing well.

One last thing, I've been getting nasty PM's from a member who goes by Finn D'Buzz, does anyone else have problems with him?
Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 03:33 pm
The days are growing longer here too - be so good to see Spring arrive this year - the winter has been mild, but it seems to have gone on forever. No exotic birds round here, alas, just blackbirds, crows, magpies, thrushes, robins, seagulls and so on. Crows are the culprits when it comes to divebombing dogs - two of them have chased Megan all the way down a field on more than one occasion - terrified her!

Sorry to hear about your husband having a UTI - ouch, painful! Hope the antibiotics clear it soon. Manicurists and hairdressers seem to have a lot in common when it comes to being snippy about cancellation of appointments for medical reasons - they don't look further than their appointment books!

Glad you are feeling better in yourself - it seemed to last for quite a long time, horrid for you over a holiday period. How is your heating now? Have you had anyone in to look at the problem with heating on the second floor?

Dutchy's in hospital again - not too well. Foundy and Izzie have posted about it in some detail on Yabber-Liner.

Sorry to hear you've had problems with nasty PM's. People should be brave enough to post openly rather than using the anonymity of PM's if they have something unpleasant to say. Hope it doesn't happen again!
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Reply Wed 29 Jan, 2014 03:34 pm
Hiya Glitter. Glad you are feeling better isn't it funny how that works, one is ill, the other not, one gets better, the other ill. You two are there for each other and UTI would be a horrid thing to endure as well.

Since Mr Red flu out into that beautiful sky, mind you weird, he hung around chirping for nearly 2 days and got close to me, but like a game would fly off to return later, I've had several different birds appear for the daily free mince meat.. One I can't put my finger on, as to what it is. It's a native bird, colour of the branches, but light yellow underbelly. And, it seems to have a tongue LOLS I suppose they all do but when he eats, he pokes it out like a lizard very bizarre .

Mr Rawaii got clipped yesterday, poor love but his fur was matting and it's heatwave material here this week. I think he is allergic to a chemical in the shampoo I would not have though that a professional would use such a thing but I can't put my finger on anything else there. So another straight bath and to the vets today probably for a shot just in case I am right. He's not playing, running, and stops and sits. Ahhh.

Glitter see Yabber Line xxx I was going to post something here but almost all of here as you all arrive, have visited there Smile Something like that. Danny booked himself back into hospital. His blood pressure is low, his breathing not easy and walking almost impossible. This little bug is a bugger.

It increased (his blood pressure) a little bit since he went in, that's always good, I'm hoping in the next 24 they say even more.

I shall be going to see him hopefully on Sunday. Will give progress reports on Yabber.


I don't think I converse much on here where Mr Finn is involved so have to say no..

I thought ignore extended to PM's no? How frustrating ...
Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2014 03:20 pm

One can stand, sit or walk by the sea and ponder. It's the most peaceful place on the earth don't you think...


Then there is beauty in creating, a garden... LOVE


Imagine seeing this many butterflies how awesome!


Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2014 03:39 pm
Beautiful photographs - especially the first - reminds me of a recurring dream I have. Or is it a memory? Must think about it. Love the image anyway!

Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 12:28 am
Sunday morning just past 1 and the weather warmed nicely it's holding in the low 40s with promise of a 50 later on. Should make for an interesting change as there's still some snow and ice around.

Hoping Dutchy is feeling a little better and the same goes out to glitterbag's husband. Meanwhile, hoping Vonny will stay calm and remember we're here for her during the upcoming medical visit. Meanwhile wondering if the weather over by Cherrie, Foundy, et. al is better and not as hot and dreadful. How do you folks handle such intense levels of heat is beyond me. I manage with heat but it is not my idea of fun.

Speaking of which...I said which, not witch, so you ladies can stop readying your brewed concoctions and brooms...
Nice photos Foundy, although I must somewhat disagree on the most peaceful place. I tend to see mountains and forests as more peaceful...although a nice pond, creek, lake, river or huge puddle can make it more interesting at times. Love high hilltops and mountains overlooking vast expanses just to see how much is out there. Gives me a chill sometimes.

Oh wait, that was the cold water spilling...

So things are what they are here, medically decent for now, a few issues, nothing new, so essentially I see it as being an 'all is good' situation.

Until later...
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 01:36 am
It is in your memory, honest Von it is Smile I was just in the mood to look up "beautiful places/things" this morning .. What is beautiful to one is not necessarily to the other AND STURGIS.. Oh I'll get to you Smile
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 01:45 am

I'll get to that. Sturgis, we have surf, sea, you have lakes, cabins... It makes sense Smile Though we have hills to and did I mention wineries? Maybe, I should post some of Adelaide next week.. Good idea!!

We hit 45 degrees today OMG and I was again out in it... Tomorrow is 33 I suspect 50 is around 16 Smile

Glitter hope your husband is doing better can we please have an up-date? I think Cherrie got around 42 is that right? Thank got the heat wave is clearing for a couple of days.

David worked. Can you imagine being in a Kitchen around fire, in 45 degrees? I bought him an Ale for when he gets home.. They should close....


I've thought about this all day.

(((Izzie))) bless is taking the major blunt because I'm conversing with her and she's doing the writing... I don't feel I can say things the right way, certainly I can speak of my own thoughts, feelings but not to tell a story in the right fashion so please check Yabber tomorrow.

What I would like to say is this.


WAS - say the first word that comes into your mind and I know I've said this before. But, I want to say it again... DUTCHY bless Smile Decided to keep chatting to me, so much so I changed it to Chat room Smile

That's not all though. He then invited people to join here... So off course did I and here we all are, a few but like any thread a few, but the relationships of that are beautiful and I'm grateful for all our little chats here, pictures, laughs...

It's DANNY'S THREAD and has been for a long time now.... Well I think he took over the boat as well over yonder Smile

Anyways........................I now have around 20 pages printed out.

Unfortunately, with this weather, being so hot and all, Danny feels like snoozing a lot and he can't cope with visitors.. I just rang him so did Izzie, and spoke to both of them. VERY Briefly... to assist him.

His Grandchildren are flying over to see him tomorrow I could TELL he was sooo excited ...

I am glad I spoke with him... I told him to tell Anna when he feels up to it and I will visit.

I will be getting all those letter to him by Tuesday they will get to Anna by then... That and his grandchildren is sure going to make him smile.

I am sorry there is no further news....

But I will be the witch flying around the room (which I told Anna to tell him) watching him smile as she assists in reading them out, may take a day or two I mean there are so many Smile

That's it for now...

Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 03:13 pm

They say a laugh a day is good for you Smile

The cats and the birds had me in stitches, and the Husky's well my Kia does that too....


Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 11:03 pm
Hi guys

Just to let you know I haven't forgotten you and miss you all very much. today is a good day as my 3 grand children are here with me. Not feeling to badly, a lot better than the last few days when I couldn't cope with visitors, including dear Foundy. Thinking of you all, cheers and waves from downunder.

The Boss?????
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2014 11:16 pm
good to see you peeking in, beagle...
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Reply Mon 3 Feb, 2014 02:38 am
BOSS Smile

Look what the cat dragged in what a beautiful surprise Smile

I am perfectly fine with your rejection.. Men are like that. I'll live.. And, see you when you are ready..

AWESOME that your Grandkids flew down and SO HAPPY that you are feeling a lot better. There is more to come of those feelings...

BOSS Smile
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Reply Mon 3 Feb, 2014 03:07 am
Great to see you here, back where you belong! We've missed you.

Glad you are feeling a lot better now, and great to know you have family visiting.
Reply Fri 7 Feb, 2014 02:53 pm


There are some "awesome" photography in these pictures. Was visiting Izzie's link regarding the floods but came across this one after, WOW. Hope you enjoy Smile

Soooooo, you don't write, you don't call, you don't write. How is everyone? What's new? Mmmmm

D starts his new bar on Valentines Day, may have to go down and visit. He's still at his Greek Cuisine by the sea, but this is a new venture for him. Sicilian . They will be open for breakfast, coffee and take away Sicilian lunches and light meals and wine, wine, wine at night... Only two nights. He's pretty excited and has worked really hard getting the place all ready, once done, I shall post a picture Smile

Me, blah... Working nothing new, with a cold or something but getting better... Thinking of buying a bird on the way home tomorrow, after all I have two cages, sheez ......

Yesterday, my baby Maggie well he's huge but still a baby, I call him my because he pretty much is not scared to walk almost all the way up to me, as he cries for food.... Anyways, he doesn't visit every day anymore which is good means he's getting his own, but yesterday, as I peeked out the window, he was playing with Rawaii's brush .... It's moments like that, that you realise what nature and beauty is all about..............................

Reply Fri 7 Feb, 2014 03:19 pm

PICTURES - from the same BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-26046580 showing just how badly the storms have been hitting some of our coastline. Even worse inland where whole communities are cut off by floodwaters, and where people are being evacuated from their homes, even as I write - and more to come!

D's new bar sounds great - Sicilian is certainly a new cuisine to me - bet it's delicious! Looking forward to photographs.

Oh you must get another bird - such a shame to waste the pretty cages. Red's probably returned to his original home by now, so yours are going spare - what sort of bird are you thinking of getting?

Reply Fri 7 Feb, 2014 03:31 pm

MORE - videos of the flooding http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&docid=D2a_72LhGSDKSM&tbnid=eHmvC0F9UqLFrM:&ved=0CAEQjxw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fuk-25629479&ei=-U_1Uu2vB8TI0QXT3oGIDg&bvm=bv.60799247,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNEFB42rsjuc9A8Z7iXs1ZRr05UQrw&ust=1391894855630061 to give you an overall picture of what's going on.
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Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 01:28 am
Dear Lord. Whilst there is obviously, some immense beauty is seeing the water rise like that, there is much sadness and definite fear.

I went a bit further and saw part of a cliff side tumble.

100 Villages, that's enormous to get to all of those people, trapped... And the height of a car, there, just the ariel showing out of the water... So hope this passes for everyone sooner than later. Thanks Von... We can at least be a part of all of this with you, please keep linking... My Sister lives in Scotland and I noted "welsh" in amongst that mix.

Have to try to put up the picture of their logo, 3 legged lady Smile Big red lips, quite amusing in a yellow background... Smile

Sicilian Cuisine feast your eyes Smile


arancini balls are the bars fav. David has been practising these for weeks and weeks.... Rice filled with meat, tomato base flavours off course tasty with cheese oozing out, they will be also doing those with weekly salads for lunch... Deep fried off course but the salad is healthy:) Nothing like that in Adelaide so here is hoping for them.


Also on their can't find a picture is fried chick pea. They fry them, cut them into wedges, serve in cups, or paper, pour lemon and a bit of salt on them and they are like CHIPS Smile Healthier off course Wink


I am getting another bird tomorrow, you know me, one escapes me, saved then flies then go save another Smile

Maybe a budgie


We have a cage that would be 5 x's a big as a normal bird cage, that would be the one (it) will live in the most, then the smaller if hot or taking (it) outside to talk to the others... I had one when I was younger, trained it even, his name was George. David said get two... I think one then add.. Let me train him a little to not be an escape artist oh that does not work, they pretend and then whooshhhhh .. Don't blame them : )But, why stay in a cage with 20, fighting for food, love..... adopt a bird.

Reply Sat 8 Feb, 2014 04:07 am
Yum - the Pasta alla Norma looks delicious! In fact, every dish on that site looks totally moreish! Good luck to D in his new venture. Adelaide has a treat in store!


The weather is worsening here - woken by hail at 4.30am - wind starting to pick up now - expected to reach 60 to 80mph by noon. Quite bad in Somerset already. Scotland is well away from the storms, but Wales is being swept by gales.

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