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Been reading some of the old posts on First Word and remembered how sweet Spades was - I do miss him, wish he'd return! Crying or Very sad

Good to know that Dutchy is okay and that it's only a change of phones that's stopped him from posting - hurry back, bossman, we need you here! Laughing

Great to see cherrie posting - even if she does think I'm a prisoner on Cell Block England!!! Rolling Eyes

I wonder where you've been, Ms Foundy! You're being rather mysterious at the moment - mmmmmmmmmm - curiouser and curioser - as I think someone said in Alice in Wonderland .......... or something! (Late here, my head isn't screwed on right at this time of night! Surprised

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Tis the season to be shopping tralalalala lala la la ... Not just all work for this woman.

I often wonder about our Spades, he was a treasure.. Hope he just quit the internet and is doing well.

Speaking of WELL hope everyone else is doing great or better, that's all we can ask.

RAWAII has learnt to jump (on) not off, but (on) the bed, bless Wink

If you could wish for a Christmas wish (Chandlers) what would it be?

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What's in the bag with the Question on it? Lots of mysteries around nowadays - a strange world we inhabit on the internet. How can you tell what's real and what's not - who's genuine and who's not? I guess you have to take a lot on faith - trust your instincts and avoid scams and scammers. Scary old cyber world.


Glad I found A2K and First Word - makes me feel safe to have people like you and Dutchy and Sturgis around - and now cherrie, monica and glitterbag - Bill too when he visits.


Spades, bless him - I do hope he is well and happy wherever he is.

Dutchy - where are you? Have you got your phone sorted out yet? And how are your heels now - hope the infection has lessened.


Sturgis too - any more super recipes for me? Or suggestions for new vegetables to try? Squash is certainly something we'll often have on the menu from now on - very yummy as you said. I do hope your legs are a bit better and no recurrence of the swelling/bleeding.


The weather here is getting more wintry each day - the forecasters warn of Arctic conditions heading this way at the weekend. Snow flurries in places - gosh, I hope they don't mean here!

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AWEEEEE, Is this real? I don't care , I dunno, they look cute ..... Smile



Well trolls travel around the world you know, not sure where this Troll landed. That's usually the word for someone who is an attention seeker, or trying to advertise something, another Forum, or website to purchase their wears , or plain liars pretending to be someone they are not.

I don't know Von you bring a good point to the table, BUT I have met a few of my internet friends, or know for a fact they are real, due to facebook, but I don't trust anyone until they give me reason to, remembering I am a Mod / Admin somewhere else and I remember vividly the best Con woman, well we believe she was a man, and so did the other Forum, what was her name? Sidney (......) I have to say though I did have fun playing investigator and what I found out, though extremely smart, didn't leave many, almost no tracks but I got wind of one thing and it lead to another .. Anyway I don't wish to waste my time on that anymore "unless" I think that someone may be after one of my "friends" then it's different, I used to also Manage an Investigation Firm and have friends all over the World... That probably was my favourite job, well until now with Real Estate, well no I still loved that job.. . Wonder what ever happened to her... I mean him.. If I ever crossed paths with (him) again, I'd be searching without him knowing or with him knowing, because I would easily recognise (him). Oops side tracked..

Ahhh, it takes all sorts in this World, you know me, I accept everyone for who they are .. Unless they lie then forget it, what I hate the most.....

I just spam and ban, no I mean ban the spam Smile Now and write on a few threads of "help" that be me, still CW but this place, well I forget I am meant to be over there Smile Must be you lot Smile xx


Bacon spam?


Wonder if anyone can see anything other than an Eagle? HELLO BOSS hurry up and get your internet back on, people miss you. Talking about missing?

Daisy? Where are you? Being artistic I bet you can, we haven't seen you for ages and I think Danny said he sent you a PM to say he is ok, and back but haven't heard from you either?



For you Sturgis, (VONNY'S WAS SO MUCH BETTER SORRY ) Wink ok you have also been missing what's up? I wanna know!! Please don't tell us you have had to go back to hospital, just that you have been tired... Thinking of you.

Glitter, is also a-wall. And, we know Cherrie will be back Smile

There has to be one good thing that has happened to each of you in the last week, what is it?

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The kittens are absolutely adorable. Did you query if they were real? Gosh - so much turns out not to be real, even on A2K! I'd never heard of a lot of the terms like troll, bot, and photoshopping until this year - still not sure what the first two mean! Oh, I have an idea - people who come onto the internet with evil intent, to take bank details from innocent people and companies, or to befriend vulnerable people and try to get them to give money for various reasons? Or to sell products - fake medicines that can endanger lives? Good job you found the Sidney person out - what were they after, or did you never discover why they did it?

Photoshopping is new to me too. I've found photos of scenery and animals on the internet and posted them on various threads, only to be told they were photoshopped! Oops - one was a bit obvious, a castle on top of a narrow rock - ridiculous when you come to think of it, but some are quite clever trickery - well, they fooled me! Now I'm starting to look twice at every photograph. I believe that photos of people can be photoshopped too - now that is something that could be used in fraud - and apparently that's one of the reasons so many youngsters self-harm and get bulimia - they want to emulate the slender and flawless pictures of celebrities - whereas those 'slebs' might, in truth, be far bigger and flawed in real life before photoshopping. Poor kids!

Here's the 'castle' image that fooled me - Embarrassed Gosh, how stupid of me! I did say that it looked fake, but let's face it - for a few moments I was fooled!


On to happier things! Or funnier! Spam - seemed very popular in old Monty Python sketches, and was even the basis for a musical, Spamalot! Ugh, looks and sounds revolting - don't know if you've ever tasted it! I think it's something eaten in wartime Britain - not really something I'd care to add to a menu!


Your eagle foxed me - looked hard, but failed to see another image -


Googled it in images and it came up with Tribal Eagle Tattoo - is that what it is or am I missing something? Rolling Eyes

Good thing that's happened to me this week? Foundy, it's only 10.20am here on a Monday morning - give the week a chance to get under way Laughing Laughing Laughing


Oh - just seen that you were a PI! What a fascinating job. You must have uncovered some strange things in your line of work. Did it involve internet crime or more mundane stuff, like evidence for divorce cases? Must have had its funny moments!


Looking forward to Dutchy returning - hope not long now. Sturgis too - hope you aren't back in hospital!
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Day, but a good one I think. 30 or something, possible showers, working from home, take my time ...YAY!!

Oh who knows they may be photo shopped lols, I am sure too that if I posted them in a thread on animals "someone" would let me know Smile Which is fine, I've also been told Von so don't worry about it.

What I love about A2K is the wise.. No fools. Actually, the later is not true but I don't call people names.

Did I find out what Sidney wanted? I found various characters, a male and a female, all associated to one name, a young girl, very pretty, long brown hair, full of life, and a man who lovedddddddddd guns, was very wise, well spoken, knowledgeable, used words I had never heard of and a whole trail of lies, photos, that didn't belong but were claimed etc. What did she/he want? Attention I think, just a troll.... But, then again, she could have been someone of interest, that had run away and both could have been on the computer, ie) he posing as him and sometimes her... I will never know, but then, as clever and I mean clever as she was, I don't really care it was fun investigating, I like using my brain.... The thing that was eweee the most is where I located her on another Forum, that she ran. Most disturbing, tried to join to let the rest know hehe, but well, as I said, she ran it, knew IP addresses back to front, website figures, etc and said "no" ... Then I just left it, it's their life, what a sad one....

The Eagle, maybe Dolphins swimming? Wink

Ooooh Pftttttttt, it's Tuesday now Smile You could have used last week....

PI? The funniest was pretending to be a Prostitute to catch a Work Cover "lier" only I couldn't see him, darn... But, his wife thought it was funny assuming I had the wrong address Smile

I used to love cases, yes there were some Divorce cases I so wanted to be a PI but then, it's a dangerous field, angry husbands, Adelaide is a small place, I chose to just keep the tools I had learnt as part of my life for future Smile

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Your Sidney might have had sesquipedalian loquaciousness - in other words, just been a motormouth who used long words when it would have been easier and better to use short ones. People who do this often over-complicate their speech in the hope that they'll seem more intelligent - a common failing! Or she may have been a confidence trickster - some of them use words as the tools of their trade - relying on what they believe to be their superior knowledge of the English language to make people feel inferior. You make light of it now, but it might have been a bit worrying at the time. Brave you for 'outing' Sidney!


Dolphins swimming - ah, I must go back and have a look at the eagle. See if I can make out the dolphins in it!


Wow, pretending to be a lady of the night - must have been very strange. Don't know if I'd have had the nerve!


Gosh, another day almost over here - and I guess you are already in Tuesday! So warm where you are - it's been a mild December day here - about 8 degrees C, or 48 degrees. I'm not the mathematician that Spades was - he could do very long and complicated workings out to get the correct answer - I just do the baby way - take the degrees C, double it and add 30 or thereabouts! Near enough for me!
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I still recall that last Winston cigarette. How it burned down to the filter as they almost always did, the smoke pirouetting into the air as I crushed the package which still contained a few sticks of imaginary joy. Then it was over, they were no longer part of my daily life. Enough of the advertisement, it's making me all sentimental. Or at least mental.

It's been a trying several days dealing with a few matters which I would rather not and at the same time having some enjoyable times as well. Of course that makes sense...to me.

Going back in time, Thanksgiving day came in bright, sunny and cold and breezy. Not too breezy, the parade balloons were allowed to fly, which I am sure made many people happy. Since my viewing of the parade lasted maybe 3 minutes, it apparently was not going to make me happy. Saw some strange men dancing around at the reviewing stand, decided it was too cold to be out there like that and switched to another channel, then shut the set off.

Deb my housekeeper (part time, I ain't wealthy enough for a live-in maid), surprised me, came by with a full Thanksgiving dinner. She is an excellent cook. Later a couple of friends came by and we had a pleasant visit, there was even butternut squash. (my guests know my likings)

Had to make some decisions, which of course won't mean a darn thing if matters proceed a certain way. Annoyingly cryptic I suppose, let's just say that after 37 years, my breaking point was officially reached. As said though, that could change in a heartbeat because it's not part of me to hold a grudge, especially given the circumstances which led to me deciding I'd had enough.

Again, somewhat cryptic, not extremely however and more than likely there are those who will understand what is being said.

Legs are their usual. Some bleed, some pain, some heaviness. All in all most is okay. Problem spot was seen today, the infection location managed to start up again. It isn't too bad yet, and hopefully won't go into full fledged horror mode. So, between one thing and another, I took a short break from the internet. No hospitals, no threats of going to one either.

Well, enough about me...until a little later.
What has everybody been up to? Yeah, I guess reading through would make sense, so I'll go and do that. Noticed quick mentions of Dutchy who must be half through his crossword puzzles by now as he awaits the hookup of the new internet service. Apparently the internet highway which has been loudly mentioned for years still has some off the road places which are harder to reach.

Who put up those photos of Spam? As a kid it seemed to be something which was delicious, then years later when it was put in front of me, the taste just wasn't right. Actually the taste was awful. Then again, maybe it was just a bad batch.
Perhaps if it had been deep fried...

Speaking of cats...well, it occurs to me that maybe we were...

Loved the adorable pair


Something about cats just puts a smile on my face.

I recall a mention of my new microwave, no it's not red. There was a red, but it didn't seem quite right. Ended up with a very odd one. Odd indeed. A black exterior, with a mirror front. Yup, it's a mirror. Seems to be a funny kind of mirror as when the oven is in use, I can see inside and watch my plate go around. Are all these microwave carousels the same? This one goes to the right in one cooking and then to the left in the next.

Have been shopping about for a new sofa. The current one is some 30 years old and needs to be replaced. The back part on the right, sags. Yes, you read correctly, it sags. This after it was opened up and had more stuffing stuff put in. Then there is the left cushion which sinks to the floor when sat upon. Most people just grab that as the first place to sit. The cushion cover has also begun wearing thin. Strangely, when nobody is sitting there, the cushion miraculously rises back to a level just about even with the rest of the cushioning on the sofa.
Anyway, I've seen a few sofas in red of varying shades, and am leaning in that direction. Hopefully a more subdued shade of red. More on this as my decision becomes final. Before that though, there are other things to take care of.

For now, I will depart, at least for a few hours. Hope all is well, will try to read the posts made since last I was here and hopefully make some response to them. In the interim, what was that I saw? Did Foundy finally admit that men are in charge? Well, at least Dutchy is. She refers to him as BOSS!

Okay that's it for now, I see the witches are ready to come at me with those pesky brooms. Maybe they won't find me if...wait, can't give away my secret location...

Until later.

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With me, the last cigarette was a Lucky Strike - sigh! Long time ago! It still amazes me that I ever managed to stop smoking. It took all of my willpower - wouldn't care to go through that again!


Bad days that were enjoyable too? A bit of Yin and Yang perhaps - or not. Hey, have you read the following -

"Yin and Yang illustrated from the Tao Te Ching

When people see things as beautiful,
ugliness is created.
When people see things as good,
evil is created.

Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other."

I like it anyway! Very Happy

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? And you have Christmas and New Year still to look forward to? Doing very well for holidays in your neck of the woods! And to top it all, you have a housekeeper (part time or full time, she's still staff) - lucky you. Thanksgiving dinner sounds as if it was a big success! Glad you had such a nice time with friends.


You've hooked me on butternut squash - had it again this evening in a chicken, Puy lentil and butternut curry - totally delicious! It took an enormous rage of herbs and spices to make it though - just as well I've been stocking up on them. Had to buy a spice rack today - silver to go with my microwave combi oven - rather smart! Tomorrow I'll have to decant my collection of spices and herbs into the glass jars and label it all up - be so much easier than scrabbling round in a drawer every time I'm in the kitchen. It only holds sixteen - will see how it works out then buy another.


Decisions - cryptic - breaking point - grudges! Sturgis - it sounds like the plot of a murder mystery - do tell more! Or not, if you prefer ...... but it is rather naughty of you to be so tantalising Rolling Eyes Laughing - as in a good novel, it leaves the reader gasping with curiosity as each chapter unfolds!


Oh your poor legs - how they do torment you. Seemingly a little better for a while, there is hope - then back to square one. But you sound positive, so with luck you won't have a bad episode and can stay out of hospital this time. I do feel for you though - how are you sleeping? Sleep well tonight, Sturgis, sleep is healing.


A mirrored door on your microwave? Ohhh - very trendy! Don't think I've ever seen one. Must be weird, coming face to face with yourself superimposed on a salmon - or can't you see the contents of the oven when it's on cooking mode Laughing


I haven't really looked to see if the turntable goes to the right or to the left when it's cooking food - must try to remember next time I use it. Rolling Eyes

Wow - shopping for a new sofa too - and possibly in red? Sounds gorgeous. What colour carpets and walls? I have light beige carpeting throughout the house, cream walls, cream sofa and armchairs - it helps offset the darker hues of the furniture in woods like mahogany and oak - including a 19th century church pew (!) - and to 'lift' it all, I have deep red curtains and cushions. Plus red roses weekly - my little extravagance! A red sofa - mmmmm - there's food for thought - it would look rather splendid!

Pesky witches eh! Have to get Foundy to deal with that remark! We're going to have our hands full when Dutchy gets back, especially if you two team up again - yikes, better start stirring the cauldron - hubble, bubble, .........
Reply Tue 3 Dec, 2013 03:35 pm







If one acts on illogical thoughts of the past, or feels that a pattern has not changed that should well, can't because it's too late, then one deals with that and changes like a heart beat Wink

Sounds as if you got a little bit spoilt Sturgis Smile So you should have, I'm pleased.... especially about the non threat of having to go to hospital again yay!

Very, very, strange. I was going to ask you if you were going to look for a red sofa, now why red? Then I read and oh my the Witch in me, you will be Smile No point hurting your back on a clump of old stuff, let alone all the mites and carp that would be breading and eating away at something in amongst all of that.... You never did say why you thought the picture I put up was of a piece of carpet where Rubes was..

BAHHHHHAHAHAHA - BOSS!! DUTCHY!!! Get on your phone well another one, and demand instant connection, it's been long enough, please.. Note , please... I don't order anyone around, but nor does anyone order me around, Boss is being polite for now, just wait till he returns Wink

My broom is in the closet you are safe for now, I lie, no, not me, I hate liars it's in the closet for now Smile


Mmmm not much on my side, working as usual, too much as usual, spending too much as usual, well it is Christmas and I want everything to look right and gifts and all...

Got another listing, sold 2, so I think that makes 10 left Wink Right?

Not much to read Sturgis, just talking about past, PI job and thoughts on trolls can't even remember where that all came from....

Been reading also more crime (true crime) my favourite, only via the Internet not via a book, quite interesting, I wonder if he is / was a Serial Killer well more than once is serial but .........................

Post it stickers EVERYWHERE , must organise them into a diary in a minute so I know what I am doing !!!

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CIGARETTES did you have those ? OMG we were children yet, they sold lolly cigarettes to us?

When people see things as beautiful,
ugliness is created.
When people see things as good,
evil is created.

Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other."

Well as a Witch, I get that. It's like the opposite will always try to win, yet the opposite is not of good stance at all... Always a fight till the end, the rest is balancing ...

Mirror Microwave? Heck no, though it doesn't look tooooo bad, imagine the cleaning on-going lols!

So lucky strike the three of us smoked, only this witch is still smoking..

DOUBLE MEANINGS is not what that was meant to be hehe.

Reply Tue 3 Dec, 2013 11:40 pm
We had chocolate fake cigs. They were fairly real looking at first glance, made the same thickness as the genuine item, and clearly were filterless. Years later I smoked filterless for a time in the form of Pall Mall and occasionally Chesterfields. When I changed to Winston, I changed for good. (in between I endured Merit and Vantage among others. Never smoked Camels which was the brand my father bought when he wasn't rolling his own. His hand rolled by the way were my first intro to smoking. )
I am also weird in that I don't mind the smell of smoke from a cigarette, and have no urge to join in. So many former smokers become rabid in their attacks on those still smoking, seemingly forgetting that they once were puffing away.

Moving right along...

Volcano in the ankle area, not the worst, just mildly annoying. What is more annoying is the level of heat being sent up. It's warmed a little these past days, and is slated to warm more through Thursday/Friday before a drop. Thursday expected to get to low 60s. Had the window wide open for a time, realized as night temps take over that might not be the wisest move so I closed it and now am dealing with the consequences.

Glad your sales are going along there Foundy. Success brings financial security which can ease tensions. (or so I have heard)

As to the photo from a brief time back, what can I say, it just looked to me like a piece of carpeting. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Maybe it indicates some of the shabby surroundings I have been in over the decades. Growing up we had a series of hand me down carpets. Yeah I know, most people get hand me down clothes, we had carpets. Always worn down some in a few spots but otherwise very good. My personal favorite was the maroon color carpet. In better shape than most, an Aunt managed to get it to us when the place she worked moved to a new location.

As for my surroundings to place a red sofa, I have sandalwood color walls, white ceiling, a multi color flooring- different shades of brown and a large Oriental style rug in mostly blue and gold with some reds mixed into the design. A red sofa should work fine and will be easier to find than my current sofa which is cinnamon with dark brown trim. It has hideous rolled arms which serve no purpose except to eat up valuable space. It's somewhat nicer part, are a few places where there's some wood showing, dark walnut finish and a solid wood, not a cheap pressed cardboard. Still, it's old and not so comfy any more. Then again, there are humor moments when people sit down and then can't get back up. Wait a second. That's not funny, it happens to me at times.

So yeah, it'll be a red.

Am also in the market for a counter height table and chairs/stools to go with it. Prefer something with metal construction as wood in chairs often makes me nervous. Always worried that a leg will snap and I'll be tossed to the floor like a sack of unwanted bills. Where is Bill anyway?

A lot of purchases lately, in part because things were going bad for a few years and I was not tending to things. Kept putting it off, and putting it off. Procrastination, it's not just a town in a far away galaxy.

Okay, that's it for now, need to get some sleep as it's past midnight again and I only grabbed 4 hours last night and that was not solid sleep as I awoke a couple of times. Not overly tired so that's a good sign.

Until next time, keep happy everybody.
Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 04:12 am
OMG chocolate? I wish I could find a photo maybe someone else can? They were called " Fag Cigarettes" off by memory the nickname for having a smoke, having a fag. I unfortunately still do it Sad Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But like everyone at some point, we "stop" .. Don't get me started on the money the Government make over this, they think if they put pictures it will deter , strange, we know, but we can't stop until we WANT TO, and they know it. PS I gave up for 3 months loved the smell and didn't want one, I just went OMG thank goodness, I don't want that and felt great. Guess "thank you" after I sell a couple more and am at more ease having owned a Franchise and taken the risk of going alone and pay back the debts, I too can do this Smile

Anyways....................................... My Grandmother smoked Turf, simular no filter Sturgis. I reckon I pinched one or two Smile Ahhhh nearly burnt my throat!

Moving right along Smile

I think you need to view the temperature and match it under that bed of yours, obviously there is a certain temperature you can go with, what is that ? Do you need a wheat bag, or ice, or a wet towel.. Thought.

IDK Sturgis.. It was the carpet but it's dark and fresh.. Mr Rubes died right there I picked him up and took him gently to the laundry covered him and all you know, keep him safe, warm until the next day then carried him to where he wanted to lay under the tree until our Step Dad of D's turned up to help us move him again to his resting place. I wiped that carpet down, actually at like 1.30am.. Over and over so that ..well. And, the next day that appeared. We saw a love heart, so clear it's not funny by D's side of the bed he went...Then when I took a picture to show him of that love, I got that.. I could see the ears, eyes, floppy etc.. So did a few people I showed it too, it's fading now... I was just in awe that you knew. But then again warlock, there is a sense of spirituality with you like it or lump it Smile Red:)

AND wow you know what the way you have described your house sounds awesome I love colours , different, never know your luck in a big city you know I am real, Danny has met me, I may cross your way one day.. And I will bring you squash Smile Amongst other stuff Smile

Thank you re the sales ask Von work my BUTT OFF, with an injury that says I should work 20hrs a week bahhhhhhahahahah never did, never will nanna naps are good . You NEED to try them.. 4hrs sleep pftttttttttt you are distracted apart from here you are somewhere, I used to do that myself, stay here and stop there Wink

Get your house right, you will feel better red is power, remember that for the other matter.

I wish I could give you a cat for Christmas.. Don't know why I said that, well yes I do I mean it.

DUTCHY FRIG IT'S BEEN MORE THAN 7 DAYS, 8 , 9, will ring him tomorrow. Can't be that far way.

Let's remember, First Word. Changed it's first in first served Smile

Na, only good.

Witches are good.

I don't really think they even have a Boss?

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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 04:53 am

There used to be an advertisement for Bisto gravy - oh, many moons ago - which had a lad sniffing the air longingly as he savoured the aroma. That's me when someone lights up a cigarette nearby - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Rolling Eyes For my sins, I still yearn for one, but it was just too hard to give up for me to fall into that trap again.


I changed brands regularly - the ones I particularly remember were Sobranie Black Russian - elegant black cigars with gold tips - thought they were divine.................... how affected was that!


Tried French cigarettes for quite a long time - Gauloises, from memory, then good old Lucky Strike - oh yes, and finished up on Marlboro - I'd forgotten about them. Free from all of them for a long time now - and how glad I am - health reasons top the list, then money - must have spent a fortune over the years!


Ouch, the ankle sounds painful - but - and forgive me, Sturgis - I kept thinking of you hot footing it to the window to let in icy air Rolling Eyes Laughing Rolling Eyes Oh dear, I do have an infantile sense of humour! Sorry about that! Embarrassed


Seriously though, I hope the pain eases off and lets you have some relief - you do seem to get more than your fair share of pain - so unfair!

Love the sound of your decor - sandalwood and brown go together beautifully - like the idea of the Oriental rug in rich shades too. A red sofa ought to fit into that colour scheme splendidly. Must admit, I rather like the sound of your current sofa - love the colours! But if it's anything like our old one - well, time to go! We had an antique leather sofa and armchairs - great to look at, but it had grown oh so tired over the years. Sitting on it sounds like yours - one sank into the depths! It was a wrench to see it go though - loved the wood carved ball and claw feet, such workmanship from those days! Sigh! The replacement looks and feels a lot better - but such a pale colour is hard to keep clean. Next time I might just copy you and think of red!


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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 05:24 am

Psst ... Don't let Sturgis or Dutchy overhear this, but Sturgis slipped up in his last post! He has an Oriental rug !!! And you know what that means !!! Yes, flight! One up on a broomstick - just think of how much more luxurious it would be to travel in such splendour - sigh! Better zap across there fast and whip it away before Dutchy gets back - just think what the two of them would get up to once they started conspiring again! Yikes Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes

Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 01:51 pm

Had to give you "selected answer" for that one Wink

Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 02:20 pm
BLUSH Embarrassed

Thank you! Undeserved honour!

Just wish that Sturgis would fetch Dutchy back here on his magic carpet! That telephone company are abnormally slow - can't someone put a rocket underneath them? Tell them we need our Boss back - yes, I'll even call him Boss (for one night only!) - if he'll expedite his return! Laughing
Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 02:24 pm
This Witch predicts 'if' not tomorrow, Monday!!

If I know Dutchy and I do, 11 days max for this to occur, he'd be on his Mobile, ringing saying, "OK, WHAT'S GOING ON IT'S BEEN 8 DAYS SO FAR", to which they will say, " I am sorry, Sir, we are moving it as fast as we can, it's not us, it's your previous supplier dragging their feet, we are doing everything we can". And, if Dutchy was English, he'd go "BOLLOCKS"!!!!!

Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 04:13 pm
Good job Dutchy isn't English then! Laughing Rolling Eyes Laughing

Hurrah for tomorrow or Monday - be great to see him back, whenever he decides to return. Get your broomstick out, Foundy Girl, we need to present an arch of honour when he arrives - an arch of broomsticks would be just the ticket!
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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2013 04:56 pm

Psst ... Don't let Sturgis or Dutchy overhear this

Too late!

but Sturgis slipped up in his last post! He has an Oriental rug !!! And you know what that means !!! Yes, flight! One up on a broomstick - just think of how much more luxurious it would be to travel in such splendour - sigh! Better zap across there fast and whip it away before Dutchy gets back - just think what the two of them would get up to once they started conspiring again! Yikes Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes

So now you are geeting worried tha we'll use our upper hand and put you witches back in line. Good!
We won't of course because we men are (usually) decent creatures.

Of course you won't get my rug, it's got loyalty built into it and has an automatic return radar as well if you somehow did manage to abscond with it.

Okay Foundy, you got my curiosity going so I looked up the candy fags and voila there they were. (or at least one brand version of them from Australia)

Dutchy's phone service sounds similar to the monopolistic cable company I am stuck with here. Sure some people can get another service, or use a dish or some other gadget. I'm stuck with one of the worst. They can be called and offer the 'next available' and politely say it's four weeks from tomorrow. Push a little and they get on it quick. (in most cases) Still it's better than nothing or an unreliable antenna. The phone system, although overpriced at least gets a person in within 24-48 hours.

Not a whole lot to say for now, need some coffee and then will check the news. Until my return, keep things running smoothly.

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