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My mother still insist on her old film camera for taking photos. Is film better than digital photography? I’ve only used digital camera’s for taking photos. I feel they capture light and color better then the old film cameras.
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2011 06:11 pm
Honestly, the photographer makes much more of a difference than the equipment.

Use whatever you're the most comfortable with. The difference is negligible.
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Now digital cameras can in theory surpass film in terms of photographic output because of the level of megapixels and newly advanced processing chips.
But don't think of it in terms of simply a war between film and digital.

Remember the lens and 'shutter speed' are king no matter the format.
In a digital camera, the processor is where the shutter speed takes place. The greater the processing speed the better the shot us when capturing fast and moving objects.

The cheap film cameras many people owned couldn't handle photos with a lot of motion very well. The longer the shutter remains open, the better the resulting photograph will be when dealing with low light situations. So unless you have the film camera on a very stable tripod, the photograph will become too blurry with the inevitable shaking of the hand. While in new more advanced digital cameras are built with ever more effective light sensitive processors making low light shots manageable and clearer and easier to take.

I wish I could make myself clearer but I'm getting so frustrated typing on this iPod Touch screen. I HATE not having a computer at home! Mad
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Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2011 06:31 pm
One tool is not better or worse at this point. Whatever instrument a skilled photographer has will be the right one - for them. For every-day usage, digital cameras allow you a really good chance to get just the right shot as you can edit to your heart's content and even re-shoot .. more than once.

The marginal difference that film USED to have over digital cams has been minimized. Point and shoot (not SLR) cameras can make excellent 11x14 blowups that look very good. An example of a good resolution digital camera would be on that would make a file about 12 to 16 megapixels or greater. That is the point that in most cases will yield a picture quality about as good as film..all the other things (lens quality and programming issues) being equal. The previous example was dependent on a camera of each type selling for more than $500.

Now if you're talking about the quality of your images versus the quality of her camera's images. In that case then there's a whole different discussion that would occur.
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The best photos are the ones you take. I prefer digital because I can take a ton of photos and select the few I like. Also, I don't have to worry if the film loaded properly, or if I brought enough film. Unless you plan on doing the processing yourself, I don't see the advantage for the weekend photographer.
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