i am writing about my Discrimination aganist me as Latino in Detroit,MI

Reply Thu 29 Sep, 2011 12:37 pm
i have to sleep on The Street of Detroit,MI to get away from The Discease Black African Americans and White Klu Klux Klan menbers in The City of Detroit,MI and also The Crime of The Itallion Mafia that is in Detroit,MI with The Asias that is peddling Indoenia Drug in Detroit,MI last night i when to Cobo Hall Convention Center to sleep on the Terrest and Patio when i got their after i came from a Racist Party Store on West Fort Street i when inside the Party store to purchase a Faygo Root Beer when i light skined black Africna American came up from behind me and start talking loudly to frighten me and ran away from me i see these camp right outside the party store all night long and all day everytime i walk pass that Party store on Wes Fort Street near The Racist and Klanmen Union and workers who are intentionally pollution the environment putting out Sut And he worse Diesel Exhaust on The planet other Austrilia itself that think is one bad places with Exhaust Air Polllution and other pollution in The Environment of Planet Earth so i when to payfor my store item of faygo root beer The store clerk over charge me for the store of Faygo Root beer of Origional price of Dollar Forty and nine cents of a Dollar of Sixty Cents so i pay the price and lefth without incidents and when to Cobo Hall Convention Center Terrest and Patio to sleep and seat down to read a book because i have gave up on American Propaganda Television and News of Mediorcur Sports and Sport Teams in The United States and Propaganda Television Sitcoms and Quis show and idiototic Talk Show on American Television when a Guardian Security came up on The Cobo Hall Convention Terrest and Patio and toll me i had to leave so i did without incident and walk down to The Precinct to write down some The Racist Klanmen Detroit Police Department Police Cars and Motorcycle because their are people who are parking and running the Vehicle Engines under a Tunnel that leads to The Precinct and The GM Rennaisance Center Building The Home General Motors putting some the worse Air Pollution in The City of Detroit,MI and special they have Klu Klux Klam Rally When you see big Gray Hound Bus Line bus running up and down Awater Drive and Civic Center Drive and parking under the over pass or tunnel that lead to The GM Rennaissance Center Building and reving up the big diesel Bus Engine and putting diesel exhaust Air pollution that is The i have ever breath in fill with sut and mercury and carbin dixocide then i when up to another building to sleep and i heard car and truck driving up and down the street all night long to put out Air Pollution intentionally to make Hazzardist to breath The Air and Atmosphere in Detroit,MI when i got i when to The St.Paul Jeusit Cathelic Church warming center to eat and get a shower to decontaminated from the Air Pollution in Detroit,MI but i could get a shower that i been asking all Week long so i also i notice the The women and men who are White Caucasion with a tan and also black African American who had contaiges Disceases like Chicken Poxx and all sort vanereal disceases like Gonnorrihea and Syphilus,Herpias,Hepatitis and Yeast infection and also babber infection and also stavation with untreated Disceases that they are hanging around Health people to sipent some of people with good health immune system i have compliant repeatly about this church in Detroit,MI East side i also notice seening a Big Curse line Ship A Carnaval Ship Docking in Winsor look like Brittish ship or Austrilian ship so i just want to put that out to other Latinos and Hispanics in The country then i decided to go to Pharmacy or Free Clinic to fill my Presciption of breathing inhaler because the other breathing inhaler i have someone at work tamper with and change the Medicine inside the breathing inhaler so i did want to risk myself and use tamper with medicine i have reported it to The U.S.Government website a Email Compliant to The Consumer of Protection of The United States i am warning Latinos and Hispanic that Detroit,MI Toxic Dump for Losers that can't spell and Terriorist who want to push The Third World on Latinos and Hispanic that want Education School and also work for their people and clean living environment my personal opinion is to boycot Ford Motors Company and also Henry Ford Health System Hospital and also The Red Cross i think Latino and Hispanic should be doing their own research into Medicine and produce nontoxic drugs to The Human Body and the Environment and human mind not Drug like Peneceilyn that is over used for Discease that can be control or Cantane
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Reply Thu 29 Sep, 2011 01:44 pm
Don't you have a van you could write all this on the side?

Reply Thu 29 Sep, 2011 01:47 pm
I'm sure it was hard enough to transcribe it to this forum from its soggy bar napkin origins.
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