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Setanta wrote:
Well, and it apparently has not sunk in with everyone here that the subject is social media and children and how it can affect them. I can't do anything about that, though, and don't intend to worry about it.
The way that social media can affect children
is probably similar to the telefone.

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Some of you might be interested in this article from CNET about a new social network for kids and their families.


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It seems to be mostly about playing games though -- I haven't found any equivalents of wall posts, or status updates, or comments, or messaging.

Here we go:

Ohanarama offers messaging among family members only. The Parent Account holder is responsible for approving individuals connected to the family and able to send/receive messages with children. An individual, adult or child, will not be able to message a child within Ohanarama without prior approval of the Parent Account holder.


That could work.

That seems to be just messaging, though.

Still not sure if it would be an interesting enough replacement for the means of communication she already has -- email, texting, etc.

Also it doesn't seem to be totally free. (You get a certain amount of "neuros" free but you seem to be goosed to buy more.... I dislike those kinds of sites.)

I'll keep an eye on it...
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I had another chat with the little girl who is the subject of the opening post. She told me she had told her mom, but not anyone else--by which i knew she referred to me having told her my name in real life. I told her good, you should always tell your mom about people you talk to online. We discussed Alice in Wonderland, and i told her about John Tenniel and some other illustrators. I had a very stong impression that her mother was with her at the time. I am very gratified to see that he mother takes such a close interest in her online activities.
Reply Thu 28 Jul, 2011 10:19 am
Just like every good mother should! Smile
Reply Thu 28 Jul, 2011 10:19 am
untill they reach a certain age, of course.
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