Low Calories Vs. Nutritional Balance

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I hear that.
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Green Witch
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It's the just the reality of what happens to us as our bodies age. Our metabolisms slow down and we shift more to fat than muscle. It doesn't mean we should give up, but rather we need more than ever to eat a healthy diet and keep active. This is an image of a woman from 20,000 years ago:


Art historians and archeologists originally declared her a fertility goddess, but her body type is really more of an older woman, a grandmother. She didn't get this way eating Big Mac's and Chunky Monkey ice cream, but rather mammoth meat and berries. She is a good example of how we are designed to age. Female bodies create more fat to protect weakening bone and our bodies alter as we become less fertile - it's just that damn biology. What's not normal is for so many young people to be getting fat. I think that is part environment (things like BPA in plastics, PCBs in waterways) and part sedentary life-style coupled with easily accessed processed foods. However, for the older woman who does everything right, I think you are fighting nature to become what the fashion magazines tell us we should be in order to look good in some designers' clothing. We all need to start thinking differently and perhaps be a little more excepting of the aging process.
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