Dream about Black Eyes

Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 08:34 am
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has ever had this dream, or if they have any clue as to what it might mean.

I was running away from something. At first, I remember being with someone in a building that wasn't finished yet. Like, most of the walls weren't finished so you could run through the beams. Anyway, idk who the person was, but we ran off in different directions. While I was running, I ran into a sink and mirror kind of setup inside the building. There was a florescent light kinda hangin/swingin above me. I looked into the mirror and my eyes were black, like everything on my eye was black.
For a split second it scared me, but then if anything I kinda smiled. All the while, still looking in the mirror. And then, I started trying to get my eyes to go back and forth between fully black and normal. In the middle of this, I woke up.

Any body have any clues?
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 10:49 am
Your age?
Male or female?

I had a dream about putting bright blue eye shadow on my eyes while someone was speaking to me. I traced that back to a TV show, when a makeup artist put bright blue on a model.

I don't think there's anything mysterious about dreams. All things can be traced back to our own experiences and thoughts.
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 01:58 pm
most dreams are what i like to call astro travel in which all the things or certain things you have seen thoughout days even weeks or longer come together and you are so to speak living them off. and I believe you leave your body and can travel places you have never been etc. in some instances people have truly Prophetic dreams in which they contact deceased relatives and or speak with God or things that are truly not of this world or realm. in that case they almost always are self explanitory and you understand why certain things happened for you to learn and or you know why certain things have happened because your conscience will explain them to you. and if you need further assistance. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you can interpret your dreams and it will happen.
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Reply Fri 6 May, 2011 02:01 pm
Hey, Iv had a dream not identical but the same aspects, the black eyes and the building. I think its something to do with saying how there is something missing in your life perhaps? I mean Supposidly dreams can be opposite, so for example: If you dreamt of something bad or scary it means something good is happening or going to happen or whatever. Like I had a really horrible dream once that i was at a party and this woman came round and asked me to babysit her baby but to give them a bath. So I ran the water in the sink and put the baby in there and then in my dream I left it there and it drowned I was in such shock I got my teacher to Google it and it meant that The water had something to do with purity and the baby dieing meant that I was concerned about children as a person you see. Hope this helped mabye? Smile
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Reply Sun 30 Sep, 2012 01:56 am
I've been having a dream about a single black eye with a white iris and four green roots comming off of it for years now. Black eyes often mean refusal to see the truth or trouble in a romantic situation...or so I have read. Mine is not my own however.. this eye follows me everywhere, I even see it during the day in broad daylight in reflections and such. It's large and hovers above my head. Idk what it is... People tell I'm a demon...
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Josie Burness
Reply Sat 14 Feb, 2015 06:52 am
I think it might have been just a dream. Have you had any dreams similar? I can pray for you if you want and see if there is an interpretation from God.
Reply Sat 14 Feb, 2015 09:26 am
@Josie Burness,
And the Lord listeneth unto Josie's prayer, and thought....."why the hell should I worry about this, seeing as it was nearly four years ago?"
Josie Burness
Reply Sat 14 Feb, 2015 09:38 am
Ha ha ha!
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Reply Sun 6 Jun, 2021 12:44 pm
Dreams about eyes mean that you have a peaceful life, and people around you are jealous of you. Those who see eyes know how to look out at the world through their windows. Besides, they are people who know how to empathize. Seeing eyes also is about making the right decisions and maintaining these decisions consistently. These people are always on the right path, although someones want them to change their path. Seeing just one eye in a dream points out that you will have a bad future, and you have to cope with so many difficulties that cause you to let your beloved ones go.

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Reply Sun 6 Jun, 2021 01:12 pm

Everyone dreams. You spend about 2 hours each night dreaming but may not remember most of your dreams. Its exact purpose isn’t known, but dreaming may help you process your emotions. Events from the day often invade your thoughts during sleep, and people suffering from stress or anxiety are more likely to have frightening dreams. Dreams can be experienced in all stages of sleep but usually are most vivid in REM sleep. Some people dream in color, while others only recall dreams in black and white.



Fact Checked
Medically Reviewed by
Dr. Alex Dimitriu
Written by
Eric Suni
Dreams are one of the most fascinating and mystifying aspects of sleep. Since Sigmund Freud helped draw attention to the potential importance of dreams in the late 19th century, considerable research has worked to unravel both the neuroscience and psychology of dreams.

Despite this advancing scientific knowledge, there is much that remains unknown about both sleep and dreams. Even the most fundamental question — why do we dream at all? — is still subject to significant debate.

While everyone dreams, the content of those dreams and their effect on sleep can vary dramatically from person to person. Even though there’s no simple explanation for the meaning and purpose of dreams, it’s helpful to understand the basics of dreams, the potential impact of nightmares, and steps that you can take to sleep better with sweet dreams.

What Are Dreams?

Dreams are images, thoughts, or feelings that occur during sleep. Visual imagery is the most common1, but dreams can involve all of the senses. Some people dream in color while others dream in black and white2, and people who are blind tend to have more dream components related to sound, taste, and smell3.

Studies have revealed diverse types of dream content, but some typical characteristics of dreaming include:

It has a first-person perspective.
It is involuntary.
The content may be illogical or even incoherent.
The content includes other people who interact with the dreamer and one another.
It provokes strong emotions.
Elements of waking life are incorporated into content.
Although these features are not universal, they are found at least to some extent in most normal dreams.

Why Do We Dream?

Debate continues among sleep experts4 about why we dream. Different theories5 about the purpose of dreaming6 include:

Building memory: Dreaming has been associated with consolidation of memory, which suggests that dreaming may serve an important cognitive function of strengthening memory and informational recall.

Processing emotion: The ability to engage with and rehearse feelings in different imagined contexts may be part of the brain’s method for managing emotions.

Mental housekeeping: Periods of dreaming could be the brain’s way of “straightening up,” clearing away partial, erroneous, or unnecessary information.

Instant replay: Dream content may be a form of distorted instant replay in which recent events are reviewed and analyzed.

Incidental brain activity: This view holds that dreaming is just a by-product of sleep that has no essential purpose or meaning.

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