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What is the image of God or maybe more importantly, what is the shape of God's image. If we do follow the assumption that we are created in the image of God, well now we can rule out a few images. Like, the triangle, the pentagram, the slider ruler, compass, square, the telescope, and the image of the sphinx. For these images do not conform to the same image as that of a human.

With this idea one would immediately assume God is intelligent. But let's consider it is just the shape alone. Hands, eyes, head, muscular, skeletal structure, other organs and appendages make up the form physically.

So this would indicate that somewhere there is an exact replica of us and not just an "image" of God as we are, but the "real thing" which is "God".

Somewhere in God there would be an exact replica of us.

This then raises the question as to if our physical lives are only a shadow of our actual existence.

This is where the mechanics of the universe themselves become only an image of God. The mechanics need to be crafted as such that they work as predicted to provide an environment to accommodate that physical forms of life. As life is written within the mechanics and geometry of the physical world.

The physical world has its limitations for it corrupts with rust and decays. Some physical elements attract other particles.

What is so special about the human form that makes it so attractive to God over all the other forms?

There are some great forms out there in competition with the human form.

One form is the periodic table of elements. An earth scientist may think that the periodic table of elements might reveal the true image of God more closely than the human body.

Yet a geneticist might think the real image of God might more accurately resemble the innate structure of DNA.

It is worth mention the bond here between mother and child and parents in general.

One might think that we are in the image of God because we all are born with the desire to be tyrannical despots. Smile

Many have likened God to the other creatures, shapes like spiders or sea creatures, birds, beetles, the formless wind, yet the human form God has this affinity with. Perhaps it is both male and female and the all encompassing spectra of needs and desires.

Images, runes, symbols, characters, shapes, icons , of every type have been revered since prehistory. They are conjured and evoked to inspire a response.

But this our image we do derive from primate human species.

What is it about the image of the human form that makes it a better representative of God's image over, the periodic table, or structure of DNA, Maybe the shape of a combustion engine and all its finer workings, maybe the shape of the earth and its finer workings i.e. climate and the moon. One wonders also if God is not just the spirit of the human form. I think it is because humans compete in such diverse ways. We run races for prizes, blue ribbons, gold medals.

So the image of God would be someone who competes in many complex ways..

So one would think of the image of God being only an image.

So where is the real thing? We are to stand in this world as an image of God.

It becomes confusing and ambiguous, and then you get to images of darkness and light and then you consider without light one could not see an image at all. That is unless the image of God emits its own light or radiates.

This could then be traces to the logical connection that we are only in the image of God as lights.

So the image is transformed from the shape of the human form by some divine light shining within.

As if God represents the all collective fate and destiny of all things.

What could possibly make something so powerful as to become God and why would god then create the world in such a fashion as suns, planets, galaxies and tiny earths with billions of souls.

Perhaps the image of God is E=mc2 Or maybe, pi, zero, or one of the many theorems, postulates, axioms and assumptions with reasons that have ever been speculated. Or "one unified theory". We may say the beauty of the human form is also to be speculated about. Is God all about beauty and symmetry?

We may never know the real God or shape of the actual image we represent.
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nice photos rex.
I dont believe in god but they are still nice photos.
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I still seem to be drawn to this thread as if there is something big I forgot to mention.

I guess in writing this it stems from something that I started long ago. Somehow I got it into my head at an early age that there was some sort of symbol or map that one could look upon and use it to guide and direct ones life.

Many people of faiths use various symbols. But which one is the true symbol? For the most part I was convinced it was the periodic table of elements. I was taught about the symmetry of the way the metals and gasses aligned in such a way as to ordered themselves perfectly across the table according to weight and size.

I could not help but try and superimpose this map over my own life and see if it had any allegorical parallels. Comparisons, orbitals and the laws of physical attraction can all be considered relevant.

Then one day this image of God thing came into my thoughts and I realized perhaps it was a human? I needed to superimpose this idea over my own life.

To not only superimpose the human as in some gigantic human in the sky running things idea but also some small human inside me, inside my psyche.

As the periodic table my psyche had every physical element it needed but as a human it had functionality. It had mobility it had emotion it had dreams.

It was odd this inner and outer persona that seemed only natural once the human allegory was superimposed and metaphorically expanded.

We hear writers write about the inner child.

Could there be some synergistic validity to this personification of imagery within the minds speculation?

Our very thoughts and perceptions are genetic replicants of our human form.

We build our straw men and perch them up out standing in their field.

Do we not cast and mold our own words in our own image?

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