Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2002 01:05 pm
Oil on canvas (1999)!5Ss5!4TRFRTE01aBhO0C9NXWteATzF0GajoEbl*UN0hC6pUI4hCX7FBvxfPHdYYtZJmn1y83mTGy5G3Y!nBNKc3mQ/Tuscany.jpg?dc=4675399755249195922
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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2002 01:16 pm
Gorgeous!!! Really nice.

And you do that while residing in Albuquerque?? (edited spelling but it still doesn't look right!)


edit -- I love landscapes. That is like Torrox above the coast of Spain where I stayed, but much, much nicer trees and hillsides.
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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2002 01:20 pm
Yep, though this painting was completed in Los Angeles before I retired.

BTW, though I don't want to be crass -- all pictures that haven't already found homes are for sale. All Emailed offers will be considered.
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Reply Wed 4 Dec, 2002 01:54 pm
They say never to drive a hard bargain with an artist. I'm sure that painting is over my head, but I'd love to have it! It is gorgeous.
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Reply Sat 21 Dec, 2002 10:58 am
i love the paradise towers gallery - thanks for the links to the links, asherman.
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 02:55 am
Greetings Asherman
In reply to your question, if i live in?near? new Mexico, the answer is no. However, as a child I had recurrent dreams of myself in the desert, which I thought to be either Mexico or New Mexico?

This piece that you created in intriquing. It appears to me that it is alive and *fighting*, *grasping*, *Growing*? as it enchants the viewer. It likewise, seems to draw the viewer into the conunfrum that is that of the painting.

It appears that it has the beauty and the freedom expressionism, yet somehow, it is shy....and is keeping some secrets in control. Does that make sense to you.

Please know I type these words, not as a crtisism, is a work that makes one feel, think. {I am sorry, I did not read what media it is...From the computer, it appears to be an oil painting, yet with the technique of strong-couloured pastels!}

intriquing. Very intriquing. That is not meant to be a hollow complement.

Looking at the body of works that you have presented here,it seems to obvious to me, that you are growing as an artist. Perhaps, you did need that period of minimalism to arrive at this particular expressive period.

In your painting that you mention, you think it is that not an answer. To think a work is finished, ususall indicates a doubt? No. That could only be for me. When I *think* that a work*may* be finished, it usually means to me, that it is not.....but I am at a quandry to complete the vision that is hidden in my head, my heart, my fingertips, my soul.

The answer,perhaps? would be for you to look at your other works? Yes, this is a dark painting, but dark, in a good sense of colour. To me, it reminds me of a German painting. Dark. Dark. Dark. Yet looking at your other works, what I see that you have, is a sense of light. Yet, does this, perhaps miss that aspect?

I am thinking towards the direction of Vermeer and his wonderful sense of light, which made his dark paintings, so powerful, so mesmerizing. It seems to me, that if you look at that painting from the point of view of introducing a bit of light for contrast, it perhaps may improve the painting. But, perhaps, that is not what you are trying to *say*. that is certainly not for me to say.

It is BECAUSE you have the gift of light, highlighting the darkness, that I am looking for it. perhaps, it is me that is in the dark?

Please know that all of my words come from a good place, wishing the artist to realize the concept into reality. I do hope that my words are not taken as critisism. really, one's works are not about pleasing OTHERS. NO? Is it not about telling the truth.

On a more practical matter, to say that the works are for sale, I do not find crass, at all. That is the difficulty of an artist. One can not live on the satisfaction of accomplished paintings, or art works. One must still lieve in the real world: where there are grocery bills, insurance, mortgages, clothes to wear, teeth to get the idea. AND WHY IS IT, that it is considered poor taste:crassness, to expect $$$ dor your WORK. *WORK*!

Nice to meet you and I am sure you regret the question of geographics.

Best regards!
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 11:40 am

Tuscany seems to appeal to many people. So far no one can afford it, so it hangs in our kitchen.

Deciding when a painting is complete is for me always a problem. They may seem complete, but after living with them for awhile I begin to want to make changes, additions, adjustments. Many years ago I made paintings that I was satisfied with. Some of those sat for years in darkness, and when I returned to them they were in my eyes just so much trash. My wife has strongly object to my destruction of some of those. As I've gotten older, I've become more patient and the time it takes to complete a painting has increased dramatically. During the 1960's I was turning out maybe a hundred drawings and painting each year, now I maybe complete ten.

You sound as if you make pictures. Why don't you begin to post some here?
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