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I have lived an eventful life. Born in Douglas, Arizona. and raised on a remote ranch. Pre-Vietnam Navy veteran. I've worked in banks, sold encyclopedias, picked cotton, roasted chili, cut big trees, designed and built bridges, worked on the San Francisco docks, apprenticed to a tailor, metallurgist in aerospace companies, performed metallurgical experiments on materials for the space shuttle, been a technical consultant to grant organizations, worked at airports, for police agencies, and as a Senior Management Analyst. Those are just the highlights.

I've collected degrees as sort of a hobby. History, Asian Studies, Oriental Philosophy and Religion, Metallurgy, Mandarin, Law, and Public Administration (MPA) are a few of the areas where I've done significant formal study.

Painting and making pictures has been a constant in my life since adolescence. I studied under Datorro and Tonoff in Rhode Island after RSD denied me admittance. Over the years I've used many different styles, but most often I enjoy working on abstracts. In the 90's my painting had become so Minimalist that it was no longer fun and I gave up painting for several years. When I started working again, I went back to the fundamentals and the resulting landscapes have enjoyed wide acceptance. The LA County Museum of Art was interested in acquiring some of my work under their "Emerging Artists" program when I retired and moved to New Mexico. When I'm not painting, I write short pieces.

I admire the Federalists (Washington, Adams, and Hamilton) over most of the political movements since. By religion, I am a long time Soto Sect Buddhist who studied under the famous Roshi Suzuki at the Bush St. Zendo in California. My wife and I were early members of the old Hippy Movement and founded one of the first Communes in Haight-Ashbury. I am also a Mason. Now I'm mostly a homebody who prefers quiet and solitude.

My wife and I have two grown sons, and two grandchildren. The oldest son is a career Army officer, and the youngest is in commercial real estate in San Francisco. Our health is reasonably good, though I'm very deaf and suffer from diabetes. We live in a wonderful house called Corazon de la Osa, where we are frequently visited by family and a multitude of friends.
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