Junior in HS Needs Help, Please :( College Apps

Reply Sun 13 Feb, 2011 03:43 pm
Heya all, I am a Junior in High School, and I have gone through a lot throughout my years. I was always bullied, so I really didn't have my head up high, and I never felt like going there, because I felt like what was going to happen was I was going to be made fun of again. I tried my best with all that I did. Right now I have a 2.7 GPA, and have been really stressed, because it sucks that I let people get in the way of my dreams.I have a lot of Extracurriculars, and Community Service, and I have 4 Great teacher recommendations. I want to become a High School math teacher, to motivate kids on wanting to learn and make a safe place for ststudents. I really put people in front of myself.. (I don't know why I just do) because I hate people getting made fun of or bullied. I'd rather see myself bullied, because I know how it feels like. No one in my family really understands what I am going through, and doesn't understand why I am so stressed is because none of them never went through college.

I'll probably be the first and last of my family, including my older brother (who hasn't went) and my Younger Brother (who fails everything.) I just want colleges to see of what I went through and to show them that I am a great competitor for their college. Getting into SUNY Plattsburgh would mean the world to me, and people don't understand this. I've been looking at colleges, and my Guidance counselor is always rude to me (I moved between my Sophomore/Junior Year) because shes Young and Naive and doesn't really understand me. (She just Recently told me, that Its to early to look at colleges Neutral) I always liked my old counselor better, because he was always there for me, and I always had a shoulder to cry on when I went to my Previous High-School. I just don't know what to do and how to show them. I don't mean to repeat myself, but it's just like I let people get the best of me and ruin my life. I've tried so hard to become a greater and better student. (I haven't taken my SATs yet, but Im taking them on March 12th. Does anyone understand where I'm coming from?

So overall I would like all of you to chance me for the colleges I want to go to.

SUNY Plattsburgh
Temple University
La Salle U
Auburn U

Those I believe so far are my top colleges. It just means everything in the world to me, to get into SUNY Plattsburgh. Sorry for all of this long message, but I wanted to really explain my story.
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Hi chris, welcome to A2K.

First, good luck on your SATs next month. Are you studying or taking practice tests? There are books and online programs that you can check out.

Second, it isn't too early to look at colleges. If you've got your heart set on SUNY Plattsburgh then look at this list of admission requirements and do everything you can do to meet all or most of them. SUNY Plattsburgh Freshman Admission Requirements

Don't flip out if you don't get an SAT of 1000, or greater, on your first try. You can take it again and send the higher score. If you've got good grades (your 2.7 is considered a low B- so see if you can improve on that a bit), good recommendation letters, some extra-curricular activities or volunteer experience, and you come in with a decent SAT then you'll more than likely get in to the college of your choice.

You can check out the admissions criteria for any school by googling "school name freshman admission criteria". It's too bad that your guidance counselor isn't giving you much guidance. I've just gone through the process with both of my daughters (current college sophomore and freshman) and I'm more than happy to help you through the process.

BTW, you'll love Plattsburgh. I'm originally from across the lake in Burlington.
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Apart from the 2.7 GPA, the schools would be interested in knowing your mathematics grades and the highest level attained (Geometry/Trig/Calc.). That with a high Math score on the SAT might help.

When I was at your level, I was fairly much lost and confused regarding direction. I'd had the moving situation to contend with and was caught between 2 States (NY and Vermont) Back then SUNY allowed 4 selects when applying (check the schools with good math programs). Worst case scenario, attend a different school the 1st year (try Brockport, Oneonta, Albany as well as Plattsburgh when applying) then transfer after year 1. Keep the grades at the very best in that year, a 4.0 might be nice.

If your transcripts present a clean record where the grades have stayed steady, and at or above average, the chances improve.

In high school I had a college advisor who did his best to disuade me from applying to certain schools. He did this with many students, it may have been a tactic to find if the student really wanted what they claimed they wanted, your advisor may be using a similar method. In any event, apply.

My rather peculiar approach when applying, was indicating that I'd be majoring in subjects that weren't as easy to fill (at that time). By saying that I was seeking degrees in History and Theology I had inquiries pouring in. This is funny and telling since my grades in History were barely average. (B-). My intent fron the start was a degree in Education and In my Sophomore year, I switched the major and all went well. I eventually became a Science teacher.

Stay steady, stay focussed and your goal can be reached.
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I have an A+ in Alg. 2 and Trig.. I also had a A- in Geometry, I had a A in Alg 1. So Basically my math grades have been amazing.
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I wish u lots of good luck, Chris!

Reply Mon 14 Feb, 2011 06:54 am
And I do as well.
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Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2011 01:24 pm
Please let us know how you are doing. Best wishes.
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