Spawn of the Devil Story

Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 02:19 pm
My 2 cats roland and otis, and ususally positively queer for each other.

Not last night.

otis is the shape of The Refrigerator Perry, and roland is more like Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Last night, before I came home Wally had been playing with otis, and got him overexcited.
Apparantly, the Refrigerator took a flying leap from a significant height at the innocent roland, and landed on him like 2 tons of bricks.
Wally described something like the 7th circle of hell erupting for about 5 minutes. He couldn't get them apart.

By the time I got home, roland was nowhere to be seen, and otis had obviously forgotten all about it.
He spent the entire evening wandering around, looking for his loverboy.

At around 10pm, he found him. roland had hidden under a sofa table, that's covered with a cloth. The sound that erupted chilled our hearts.
We removed otis, but the wailing, hissing, screaming went on and on.
I got a headache from the adreneline rush.

Finally, it stopped, and we went to bed. But it started again at 2pm.

Now I'm wondering if roland sustained some kind of spinal injury, since surely no living creature would make that sound unless they were in agony.

I wanted to wait until morning, but did put in a call to our vet, who is open 24/7. I asked them if they knew of a mobile vet service, since there was no way we could move this cat.
She did tell us to close the other cat completely in another room, or roland would NEVER calm down.

I get up for the day at 5am walk in the kitchen, and there's roland, sitting next to the microwave.

I said "roland! are you all right?"

He said "What?"

Jesus, what a little bitch.

On top of that, he pissed himself.
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Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 05:24 pm
Great story! How I miss having a devil's spawn of my own.
Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 06:06 pm
me too.
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Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 06:10 pm
Love is crewel..
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Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 08:29 pm

Wally gets home about half an hour before me, and let's otis out of the back bedroom, where he was closed in all day, with his litter box, water dish, and some comic books.

No fur flying, but roland had been hissing at otis from afar. otis is totally puzzled by this.

I know roland, it's going to take him days to get over this.

I went to where he had hid out all night, and of course spelled the piss, but also got to find where he took a nice dump too, since he was too traumatized to come out to use either of the 2 litter boxes we have.

I cleaned up, and sprayed some piss smell eliminating spray, but tomorrow I'm going to steam clean that area. I am a nut case when it comes to carpets.
We put otis back in time out, because I am NOT going to deal with roland pissing on something again.

He's want all kinds of love and affection, which he's getting since #1 this really did **** him up and I love him, and #2 anything to calm the twit down.

He's over there licking himself, trying to get the piss smell off him. He probably needs a bubble bath. He smells a lot better than this morning though. I think the smell is embarrassing him. He's such a metrosexual.

I'll give him this much, he's hanging out on non-upholstered surfaces.

Reply Fri 21 Jan, 2011 09:42 pm
Probably tomorrow, they're both going to be wondering what your problem is.
Reply Sat 22 Jan, 2011 05:12 pm
I wish roger.

Here it is, about 20 hours after my last post, and roland is currently sitting in the doorway of the office, growling at otis, who's at least 20 feet away.

he's just being a dick head
Reply Thu 27 Jan, 2011 07:55 pm
1 week to the day.

they finally played for about 30 seconds.

jesus wept.
Reply Thu 27 Jan, 2011 07:57 pm

now they're running through the house together, like nothing ever happened.

good night nurse.
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